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  1. He didn’t fit into the “plans”
  2. I haven’t had a chance to look at the whole list of QBs that could be available but outside of the cream of the crop it will take a few years if ever for guys to be NFL ready I have heard a lot of talk of using the high #2 on Tua or Love
  3. At this point the Colts might not get the option to draft a QB
  4. I liked JT Had a very good supporting cast too
  5. Playing with unexpected starters is the definition of being undermanned Desir missed multiple games
  6. I remember him more through his nephew Gunner and the fact that my longtime college roommates were East Grads
  7. @2006Coltsbestever Here are a few one hit wonders Rusty Hilger Ricky Turner Terry Nugent Matt Kofler
  8. Columbus East Grad Blair Kiel
  9. The lifers around here know the bad side of QBing in Indianapolis
  10. With the Tua injury not sure anyone would be available for the Colts
  11. Hoosier Hysteria started tonight Princeton Community under a new coach beat County rival Wood Memorial
  12. Looks like the Cubs are interested in Whit Merrifield Very Strange start to the off season
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