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  1. Jim Thorpe But it is hard to compare different generations
  2. IMO the one year deals of Day, Rhodes, and Carrie are a side effect of the unique Off season
  3. He was the Primary Punt Returner for part of his time at Ohio
  4. Friendly Reminder from Tigertown His stats might be skewed since he spent 2 years in Cleveland
  5. I have been around sports since birth in every position but Varsity HC
  6. I understand but the situation Jacoby went through was different than a regular stater being demoted
  7. They are adults I have a feeling it will work out As I said earlier I have feeling the brain trust will want someone with NFL starting experience based on the signings and PRs age I would prefer someone who has proven himself as a good backup over an unproven talent since it appears that the a Colts are trying to win this year If JBs contract was for multiple seasons I would be all for an release or restructure This whole discussion might be a moot point if the brain trust are lucky to draft a QB or a vet becomes available after June 1st Roster decisions were the one thing I always hated about coaching
  8. A lot i of times it has happened esp. if a team is confident with the current set of starters
  9. I used Lengel and Pitts because their names were easy to remember/spell I think CK is very talented but I am not a big fan of his off the field antics Might be my upbringing or that I am a Kentucky fan or that his uncle was a Bill Who Knows
  10. I hope he doesn’t have to play D snaps but as a ERFA this is a good move until or if the brain trust can find a replacement who is a good/great on special teams and adequate on D snaps
  11. They can and might As a ERFA this was a no brainer
  12. I like the Ruiz pick could help lessen the loss of Haeg and Andrews
  13. Making a point based on a players roster status in March is like crowning a champion after game 1
  14. The same reason Matt Lengel and Lafayette Pitts are on the roster The current roster cap is 90 I said that with the signing of a 38 yo PR and some of the moves CB has made I feel the brain trust wants someone with NFL starting experience at #2
  15. @aaron11 Sadly roster development takes in a many factors During my playing and coaching days I can name numerous instances of more talented players were placed lower on the depth chart because they were less experienced and/or ill suited to the scheme. For Example Pn the first DC of my senior season I was the number 1 Center but by week one not only was I not starting I had moved positions
  16. CK doesn’t have the NFL was experience that I feel the brain trust wants in a backup so that could be a moot point
  17. What happens with JB might depend on who is available at the June 1 cuts and CK future might depend on if FR and CB decide to draft a QB or sign an UDFA I have a feeling that FR and CB want a backup with some starting experience in case Rivers is washed up and the team needs to make a change
  18. I didn’t realize me being a crusader was such a problem It is called being a teachers kid in a small town
  19. We will miss Haeg not sure about Andrews
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