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  1. Very true KN just came available and Young was in the Rookie Camp
  2. Even if he doesn’t you want to be prepared I think you are correct
  3. Never said JW wouldn’t be fine
  4. It is strange that nothing has been said about him
  5. Must mean no Inman West as very productive in KC
  6. I think he cemented his 53 spot I thinking Ken Dilger
  7. I am watching on the App. since the Colts Network station In Evansville is showing Andy Griffith
  8. Not sure he would be ready since he isn’t in a camp
  9. As @PuntersArePeopleToo said this is not a new rule
  10. I bet the Cheeseheads are organizing a board meeting since Aaron Rodgers didn’t play last night because of back stiffness
  11. What player currently in another teams camp would like to see as a Colt in 2019? WR Keenan Cole-Jacksonville
  12. We can’t forget the Preseason OLs are often patchwork since those 4 weeks are an chance for coaches/players to tinker with things and/or try new things(positions)
  13. It not just the sitting for me I can look up or down at things
  14. I am/was intrigued by the 18 game schedule with the 2 buffer games that was proposed
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