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  1. That is a Speedway Town Board and Marion County Decision Speedway is an excluded city and therefore not truly under JHs control
  2. It would be the town manager, Town Council, and County Boards decision
  3. When I used Street FAs(veterans) I am talking about the guys who sign Futures contracts
  4. @CurBeatElite The tape also show why they were street FAs and signed Future Contracts The Colts already cut multiple ones to get to 80
  5. I enjoyed the rule but grew up around it It makes the Coaches and D step up their play
  6. Jacksonville does Gardner Minshew
  7. Not good news for the Mets Yoenis Cespedes is AWOL in Atlanta and Jed Lowrie has been placed on the 45 day IL after only 7 AB so JL made 2,857,142.86 an AB @NFLfan
  8. A few years agoI tried to post “We need a RB” but because of auto correct it came out much worse try typing with one hand as well
  9. @w87r @2006Coltsbestever I haven’t played any Fantasy Sports in 5 years
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