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  1. That is often the problem with stats
  2. I just had a flashback to the Middle School Playground
  3. I put very little stock in what talking heads say
  4. I was referring to the WNBA game about to start that features a fellow Tiger
  5. It will depends on what happens for the next few hours for me
  6. I Know you were I couldn’t find a Gif of Carrie Nation
  7. I think the Irsay Trade Tweet Thread has it beat
  8. Not me but I had a relative die of Lung Cancer caused by Smoking and his career
  9. WNBA picked a bad week for semi-finals Ouch
  10. With every day the memories of S. Morris get bigger
  11. 4th String before the Luck Retirement
  12. The Middle school behavior is what I was targeting
  13. And yet he is getting a NFL salary Please stomp the negativity
  14. Now Goodbye it is WNBA Time Go Aces
  15. For all the people bad mouthing JB A Friendly Remnder from TigerTown
  16. Kind of why I said drafting a QB is not a necessity but an option
  17. I still remember the draft that Kiper got mad because the Colts didn’t draft Trent Dilfer
  18. On the field play only gets you so far in the NFL
  19. The Colt QBs of the 80s and 90s make Gabbert and Bortles look like Hall of Famers
  20. Need you need to stop being ultra critical Jax felt very differently about Foles
  21. Kelly is like a stock He could be Apple or he could be Enron
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