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  1. I have the RSN package In the past we have just been outside the market here in the Pocket We are considered in the St Louis and Cincinnati umbrella
  2. It looks like I will be able to watch the network but not the games on Direct Will listen to the games that I want to on SiriusXM
  3. hope both were done with the NFL
  4. Basing the value of a QB based on salary is faulty logic
  5. Just heard the same thing last week when I was in Nashville
  6. Football is a team sport and unless you are a PM type a qb can only not do as well as the other 52 players on the roster
  7. I guess the Seahawks and Chargers did it all wrong signing a vet doesn’t prevent drafting a QB but actually frees CB up
  8. Didn’t work to well for Andrew long term and in Arizona for long either
  9. Until CK actually earns the right to dress for a real game he is a non factor
  10. Signing Rivers makes since because it doesn’t make the 1st round pick a QB must
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