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Colts @ Browns Game Day Thread, October 11, 2020, 4:25pm


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Just now, Coltsman1788 said:

Ballard knew what Rivers was. Have to take the bad along epithet the good.  Fortunately we are only on the hook for this season. That two year nonsense needs to stop.  

This. I think anyone who thought we were going to make a deep run was too optimistic. He’ll be what he is.

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2 minutes ago, Zoltan said:


Disagree, Defense has come back strong in the second half only Browns points so far have been from pick 6 and the Safety. 

They had one good series. Browns have gone conservative now on O. They'll run and eat clock, throw on 3rd. We'll likely blitz now on 3rd when it's too late.

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Just now, csmopar said:

Amazing how the doomsdayers come out when things get tough 

it has nothing to do with doomsdayers . when the team plays bad the fans have the right to criticize them .   when they play good the fans say they played good .   should every one just say good game we will get them next time .  its a forum to talk about the game . the colts are playing the game bad so people are talking about it .  i dont get why that is such a bad thing.

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7 minutes ago, TheBlueAndWhite said:

What do all you rivers defenders have for me this week? No more excuses, he needs to be benched... 

He's obviously having a bad game, but the Browns defense has something to do with that. I  could see Reich pulling him for Brissett in search of a spark, but Philip starts next week without a doubt.

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