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  1. Rivers will be top 5 as follows 1 mahomes 2 kid on Ravens 3 Brady 4 Rivers 5 kid in Seattle
  2. Run first ? Yeah maybe 20 percent the time .LMAO
  3. This man loves this game and you would love to think all do but truth is Phil is incredibly rare .
  4. Doyle job is protect Rivers and catch make third down conversions.He is a great fit if he’s healthy if not won’t bode well for a Super Bowl run.
  5. MPhil never had a great Oline .He did have great skill players but he never had a good coach or GM or Owner his best coach was 1 year of Marty shotenheimer and he was a fumble away from beating Brady to go to a Super Bowl ....they lost 2 games that year .....they fired Marty three weeks later ....next coach ? Norve Turner the worst Headcoach maybe ever next A rookie milky toast wet behind the ears nobody .Then a RB coach good ole never head coached over his head Always outcoached Anthony overrated soon to be exposed Lynn .Philip Rivers is the greatest QB to ever play in SD he’s highly underrated go watch the miles of Highlights and comebacks he’s a second ballot HOFER easy .
  6. I truly believe it’s up to The Oline and Dlines on just how far this team goes .The skill positions are plenty good enough to win a super bowl .Coaching And both Lines will tell the tale .Rivers will bring a top 5 passing game and they may have the best 123 back combo in all of Football.Frank must make the most of this team it may be the best he ever has .
  7. Jackson never played to the 40 speed at his combine ...always a tick slower .Go look up his career highlights with Rivers and tell me he doesn’t remind some of you of our Brand New WR .Big Games ahead .
  8. Know Steve well living here in N.C. he’s a great guy intense and has a sneaky DRY humor lol Steve’s hating on Pitt for two reasons both funny 1 Steve was called slow and a huge underdog going into the pros Pitt is tall and Athletic and sneaky fast lol Steve then says he was avoiding the Utah game with Pitt because he flat out DESTROYED Them lol .Guys lighten up everyone knows the player we got he’s not a burner but the most NFL ready WR in the draft .He will kill it with Rivers think the Next Vincent Jackson .
  9. Clowney Would make a very big impact on this D .I am in the camp of are we all in or what ? I mean you go get Rivers then get DBuck and you won’t make a serious play at a player who may make a pivotal stop in an AFC championship vs what ? Are we all on Chris or what ?
  10. Once a team has an injury Jacoby could fetch a third or a player .
  11. I see a WR who high points the ball NATURALLY perfect Redzone player for Rivers .Great Draft for Chris
  12. Damn good player Chris picked up very good draft happy so far .
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