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  1. I haven’t posted here for a minute but I’d like you to go look at the Bills game and see how far Philip carried this team with sub par WR group .I think he needs to come back to Indy for any shot this year period .But management must make upgrades at WR at the Deadline or I’d turn down Indy and wait for a much better scenario .Colts better make the call or they are done .
  2. Terrible step back at QB from total class act Hall of famer who they low balled to a total Gutterball mental midget.
  3. He should beg Rivers to come back period .He should go get a LT replace Ya sin and make a JUJU a huge priority.
  4. Team better be begging Rivers to come back .11 win seasons are not easy to do especially when the WR group was wildly inconsistent and the OL had musical chairs going on at LT .Rivers was AWESOME this year he’s better than Donald and Stanford
  5. They are a talented team who we need to game plan for .We must get pressure this week on the QB we must stop the Run better.The colts need to start stretching the field TY looks open a lot in the seam and Pitt is legit Redzone and possession receiver .Phil needs to trust these guys and so doesn’t Frank ....Folks something special may happen this week if Phil can get more time or frank plays two TE sets with a FB back as extra blockers .This is on Frank is he an elite Coach ? Is he capable of scheming around losing our best LT ? This is time to shine here.
  6. Winnable game if Run game is clicking this week and Dforest is back if neither working look for Rivers to implode throwing balls up and acting like a child like he always did for Chargers when things where less than ideal for him .Prediction is we win by a Figgy as time runs out .Need a lot to go right this week.Lose and things may spiral down hill never winning another game .
  7. Robinson from the bears now please .
  8. Need a significant move just to be a 500 team .Frank is out coached nearly every other week his Defense and Oline is middle road his WR group has no number one who can dominate a game our vaunted Oline has been * poor .I am very disappointed in the lack of urgency with this owner and GM .I see this colts team as little more than a tease and not a great one at that .This team should be in alllllll in mode but nope they just sleep walk through the trade deadline so far .You guys will murder me for this post but I’m sick of this I’m out until I hear this team actually cares about making a run .Last post until something significant happens .Good Luck I’m out .
  9. TY Hilton is cooked done gonzo .Either we make a significant Trade for an elite WR or we get Clowned the rest of the season bank on that .
  10. Trade him NOW for an elite WR send a draft pick with him
  11. No playoffs without a trade for an elite WR .7 wins tops .
  12. Not enough talent to compete with the elite teams sorry !! Either get a trade with elite WR or seasons a joke going forward .
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