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  1. You keep taking weapons away from Rivers every single week .I don5 think this team even understands they either trade for a WR now or fade into an 8 and 8 season you all will blame on Rivers .Go get a freaking WR and stop ignoring the talent that has been lost this year !!!!! I’m sick of dumpster diving !!!!! Show us you are going for it .Im sickened by the lack of knowledge of how far this team is away from a Supebowl with these injuries.WAKE UP BALLARD or QUIT !!!!!!!
  2. This jack Doyal is made of glass.I would like to see them in double TE sets for a week or maybe two until Jack made of glass yawn ...taps out once again due to boo boos .Trade for a WR who can stretch the field who cares about Doyal ? Not I
  3. Team has issues with TY and now with Campbell out ? The offense should start Marcus immediately.I want Mo TY Marcus Pitt to see heavy reps this week .But sadly is Marcus just on PS ?
  4. Pittman .... can Pittman be Rivers next Vincent Jackson ???? If so that’s pretty huge .A lot to ask for a Rookie but I’m really pulling for more .
  5. All of you are great fans and I’m always impressed by what’s said here with that said Marcus Johnson should be starting for the Colts if we won’t make a move on a WR .Rivers will make Marcus look like a young TY .I say we are 7 and 9 now but I’m saying as constructed.I loooooove MO for Phil I love TY if he would catch the ball I like a couple other receivers ....I would love to see Marcus and TY and MO if this is what we are ....I want to cash in Guys !!! I want to make a significant play for a WR .Antonio is the best on the current market .I would absolutely invite him in with Rivers and lea
  6. This is a 7 and 9 team as constructed.Fine live through mediocrity and not roll the dice .See. What that gets you .Just be safe right ????? What a cowards way to live .
  7. .....guys this is Go time we must cash in NOW .I don’t give a rip about anything but sundays and guess whAt ???? Team chemistry and Philip Rivers is not an issue .Rivers is an elite leader he would take Antonio and pray with the man trust me on this .Dont discount this .
  8. Yup I’m going here .Antonio Brown and Rivers would be absolutely lethal combo .I do not care about anything but winning a ring so with that said ?Do we really think without a significant trade or Antonio Brown Do we think it’s even possible ? Truth I say this team does not have enough talent for Rivers to compete for one.So this begs the question ? What the hell are we doing ? Kicking the can ? I think you have to go all in this year and I’m seriously questioning this team right now .
  9. Frank is a below average coach with a below average Defense and a fragile dropsy number 1 WR .I would say this is definitely Rivers last year this team should have been much better coached and schemed up .I have NO faith in ole Frankie .
  10. Until TY Drops Hilton stops choking we won’t win more than 4 games
  11. Reich is just not good enough so obvious.
  12. Eason Suuuuuuuuucks .Rivers is a HOFER and you want Eason ????? How about the WR on this team Mr TY Drops Hilton ????? That’s our #1 WR mr chokes the gimp .
  13. Real shocker Mack gets banged up and TY chokes ? Nahhhh about as easy a. Call as it comes .Reich is overmatched fraudin coach .
  14. Both are so overrated by this fan base it’s comical.Reich is outcoached almost every single game and the GM lol guess he thinks TY Hilton and Mack are pictures of health year after year huh ? Absolute certainty they get fired if they don’t make playoffs lol this is Paethetic honestly letting Gardner destroy this team .Humiliating
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