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24 minutes ago, Indy_Mike said:

You mean that guy that said I want Mo Cox?:lol:


Another guy said that Cox is better than Ebron, but me, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Mo Cox.

Able to find soft zones in opposing defenses.

Thrusts himself repeatedly into game action without dragging his feet.

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    • Andrew will never blame the o-line. Andrew was always team first and putting blame on himself. Just go watch the Saints game in 2016. Nothing about that game was Andrew having time to throw.
    • The rankings I quoted are PFF, and based on sacks and pressures allowed. It is what it is and all teams/OLs are graded the same. If you want to discount stats, OK.   I'd also add that in 2016, Luck had one of the highest time-to-throws in the league, meaning the OL either held well, or he hung on too long. In short, you can't have it both ways.    Again, not putting this all on Luck. But it's obvious to most he could have been a lot better protecting himself.    If you want to discount PFF OL ranks, or his time to throw, I'll leave you with Andrew's own words in 2016.....   "You are going to have a clock in your head regardless of how much you are getting hit or not hit or sacked or whatever that is," Luck said, via ESPN.com. "Again, I have said this before, I don't think the sacks are necessarily indicative of how well our offensive line is playing. You can probably blame me for holding the ball too long. It is that clock developing in the game."
    • He looked really good game one, when he had both of his catches. He had 2 catches in 2 targets, both being 1st downs.  He only got one more target (in game 2) the rest of the season, and never got substantial snaps after week 2. It's probably fair to softly assume that playing early in the situation (horrible OL, Wentz being new and beat up) was not an easy feat. Over the next 7 games, he was inactive twice, and only 10 snaps on O in the 5 games he was active.    I think most expected that he'd take time to develop. I was very surprised with his use and productivity in game one last season.  Given his college history, pretty obvious he'd need time on routes and footwork/hipwork. Hoping he had a productive offseason with a good trainer. He got elite traits, so if he can polish up, there's a lot of upside. Great hands, good ball tracking, can climb, etc.. Just needs to round out his game. It'll be interesting to see who sticks in terms of Strachan and Patmon. I don't think both will fit on the 53. 
    • If the line was middle of the pack (which I don't even buy) it's because Andrew got out of the pocket and avoided pressure not because the line was giving him time. I'm not saying Andrew didn't hold on to the ball, but to try to say the o-line was actually getting better is completely misleading.  The line was constantly changing with little to no consistency outside of AC. Mewhort helped, but was constantly getting hurt. For god sake, he had trash like Stalae, Mike Mcglynn, Leraven Clark, Hugh Thornton, and Khalid Holmes.
    • I'm not putting it all on Luck. But it's no secret he could have done more to throw the ball away. And when your OL is middle of the pack (like 14 and 15), saying "worst" is just too much hyperbole. They were the worst in Luck's rook year, but after that, they started improving. A few years, the improvement was stalled/slowed due to a lot of injury which caused up and down play due to poor depth. Could the OL have been better, sure, without a doubt. But Luck also created a level of risk all by himself. 
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