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  1. I’m still shocked we don’t on side kick that! That was a horrible decision on Reich part!
  2. Can’t stop anything! That’s why you onside bc you know your defense isn’t gonna stop anyone!! Stupid decision by coach there! Absolutely stupid not onsiding! *
  3. At least everyone else on the AFC South is stinking it up as well.
  4. Had every chance but man did we screw the pooch every chance we had! If we’re gonna suck might as well just have it happen early. Too many mistakes! Constant issues!
  5. Nice whiff margus hunt! Make a damn tackle
  6. Defense has to actually get a stop for a change but they have been so bad. They can’t get off blocks at all and the zone is just stupid
  7. 1st and 15 and they run all over us. Shocking
  8. They are so wide open it’s comical! Are we even aware we are playing defense
  9. What are we doing on 3rs down! Bailing down the field! I could have thrown they blind folded! Eberflus is awful along with this defense!
  10. Gonna be .500 if we’re lucky this year. Defense has regressed so bad! Last year was definitely a fluke. Better than they used to be but still not good
  11. Somehow we’re only down 14 and we’ve been getting dog stomped all game. Get a score and catch some damn balls
  12. Good thing they dropped that bc Desir was nowhere near his guy
  13. No way we won with this defense. They can’t get off the field at all. Could be 3rd and long and we still can’t stop them. Huge chunk plays all day
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