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  1. We’re down 10....you absolutely puny here if you don’t get it being in your own 25
  2. Don’t shake your head Reich get in Rocks butt and chew him out for being stupid! Be a coach
  3. Too close to call but Reich doesn’t have a good track record of challenges but not like he has anything to lose being down 21-0
  4. Just forfeit colts. Embarrassed in every aspect of this game starting with a stupid fumble where the guy didn’t even get touched. Reich needs to go along with the rest of the coaching staff
  5. So I think we can both agree the defense absolutely stinks today
  6. Not disagreeing with you but Rivers is mediocre at best. But when we went to run the ball and we can’t like we have all year...you don’t have a chance with Rivers noodle arm unfortunately
  7. Say we end up .500 and pick somewhere in the teens in the draft. What QB would even be available there? I don’t see how you can bring back rivers and we all know what brissett gives us. This is me armchair quarterbacking this situation right now
  8. do you really think Rivers is capable of taking this team to a super bowl? Not even a chance
  9. Rivers is done and I think Reich is done as well. I mean we’re paying Brissett 20 million to do nothing!
  10. Honestly I think we’re at best a .500 team with rivers as our QB...I’m also not sold on Reich and Ballard. Yes we’ve had good draft classes but we’ve been to the playoffs once since that tandem took over. I think signing rivers was a horrid idea when we could have had newton or anyone else for much cheaper
  11. For our line to be praised as dominate...we can’t rush for nothing
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