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  1. Well....that was ugly defense. Granted they were playing zone and way off.
  2. Gotta finish in the red zone. I’ll take 20-0 all day long but have to finish in the red zone. Looking good though
  3. Saw the colts ran the ball only 8 times in 2nd half. Reich just kills this team with going away from the run. If I was Taylor I’d be *
  4. Middle of the field was wide open! Brady is the king of this and rivers isnt. Guess that’s why Brady has 6 rings and rivers will never have one
  5. Agree! Reich better have his seat on fire after this debacle. I’d keep Ballard for another year but he better prove something
  6. You’re ok with possibly 4 years missing playoffs?! Haha...don’t set your standards too high sport
  7. I’m done with this team until we get a new QB and some coaching. Reich is never consistent and this team never finishes! Another year missing playoffs and no QB to take over for old man rivers. Poor management and coaching across the board
  8. Thanks rivers. This team has no business being in the playoffs. If they miss playoffs if fire Reich and Ballard. 4 straight years of no playoffs. Plus just beyond inconsistent
  9. I know rivers has had a decent year but the dude is guaranteed for turnover in the worst possible time. There’s a reason he’s never been close to a super bowl and never will especially at this age
  10. Ya sin playing 19 yards off the ball on 3rd and 1! Get thrbhell out if Indy! You such
  11. Even if we make the playoffs we don’t have a chance at the super bowl. No where near good enough and consistent enough
  12. What the hell! Why eve throw thet ball! Horrid! Rivers at his best. Throwing stupid throws for no reason
  13. I’d be ripping someone’s * on the sideline right now the way we’ve playing this 2nd half!
  14. Haha! And just like that! Let’s be honest I knew this was gonna happen! Pathetic!
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