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Colts Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread


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Just now, cbear said:

Can't watch only listening to this game but how are their receivers getting so open?  Announcers making it sound like it's busted coverages. 




D has been sleepy, we're not good at man to man and the zone coverage has been lackadaisical. We miss Walker over the middle, I think #53 continues to get exposed somewhat in coverage. 



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1 minute ago, our_dbs_rock said:

Anyone watching the Eagles/Texans game?  Texans grab foles helmet earlier and drag him to the ground.....no call.  Eagles hit Watson as he throws the pass......flag and free 15 yards.....  The officiating is awful

Yeah I saw the same thing.  I'm yelling at the screen and for some reason the ref's aren't hearing me.

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I remain optimistic and confident the Colts will flip this game around and pull out a victory.

Giving up the 1st down on 3rd and 9 in the NY side hurt but we have the 2nd half to win this game.


The same to daring Eli to pass and he is burning us which is perplexing considering they don't have OBJ.  We got Barkley contained so far but with his talent, have to stay focused on him


I just hearing Kelly is out with a neck injury.

Hopefully we can get a FG before the half.  Luck almost threw and 2nd int.

C'mon Colts.  Ebron out now as well.

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