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Colts Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

hahaha...love that movie - especially when their taking the starship uot for the first time.  Haha...just laughed so hard I cried.


Yea, I love it when there talking and Tim Allens just tells them to fire on the ship with both barrels and tosses them the can and tells them to throw that at them also

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    • Yes.  The chart is valid and always has been.   There are always some quirks.  Supposedly PIT turned down some capital to be able to stay in the area to draft Joey Porter Jr....so there are sometimes reasons for the chart to look wonky on any given trade (or nontrade). but its valid for the most part.
    • OK….   I understand that the less imaginative people are going to respond with the Dumb and Dumber meme “So you’re telling me there’s a chance…”       It’s easy and requires no real thought on the subject.  So go right ahead if it makes you feel “special”.     Goodness gracious…..       
    • In the NFL, margins of winning can be very close. So, we could end up winning a bunch of close games and winning 9 games or end up losing a bunch of close ones and win just 6 games. The odds of our secondary holding up with some inexperience in the back end which will matter in close games, and the odds of a run oriented offense being able to come back against better teams by passing the ball both work against us in games where our D and O cannot control tempo. 2 games vs the Raiders and Broncos, we had Stephon Gilmore close out, that experience will be missed, IMO. Plus Darius Leonard is a question mark as to whether he will be able to play at the same high level we know he can. Plus, typically 2nd year chemistry with pass catchers is better than 1st year chemistry.   These are all valid question marks I laid out, that cause me to lean more towards the 6 win side than the 9 win side. Plus, not to mention, when teams had to step on the gas vs Gus Bradley's D, they typically did. We are playing with house money, anything can happen and I will enjoy every small victory within a game that shows progress and good football even if does not lead to a W, I will leave it at that.
    • Unfortunately in Canada only NFL rights to all games goes to DAZN all these year I have been watching only the games that are televised locally specially prime time games but I think I am really excited to see Richardson and might sign up DAZN. Beside that I am not sure what Media Options you are referring it like OTA and access etc then I dont think I will pay for. Sorry
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