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  1. Tired of being the laughing stock
  2. We just gotta look at the tape and clean a few things up, Get right back out there next week.
  3. #FACTS , This is not a winning team. Hard to watch yet I will never stop watching
  4. Just a losing Football is the problem, Some teams are winners and find a way. This team does not
  5. So we gave them a Touchdown drive... Prevent D is useless %99 of the time unless theres 5 seconds on the clock
  6. Great play by Leonard, Winston looking like a fool
  7. More appropriate offensive calls on that drive
  8. From a great first few drives to getting starched on these last two..Ugh. Running game is slow so far to
  9. It's a good thing LOL, Wish granted
  10. That was the most pathetic blocking I have ever seen on a Field Goal attempt, Just never seem to be prepared
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