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  1. The defense has tightened up in the second half, just a shame we couldn't get a drive going. It's to late now I think unfortunately. Stinks
  2. I can't believe its almost have time and zero first downs
  3. it's got nothing to do with being a dome team, getting out played everywhere
  4. I'm feeling good about this one, It will come down to the last 2:00 and colts win by a field goal
  5. Our Pass defense leaves something to be desired, It seems we have some blown coverages and the zone always has holes. Pressure and contain on Patrick is our only chance to limit there scoring, That and a heavy dose of Mack
  6. I'm in for a 4 quarter game and see us winning by a field goal. In for a 4 quarter gut ache. Go Colts!
  7. We are running out of bullets to shoot our selves in the foot
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