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Colts Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread


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3 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Our young guys needed this. This will humble them for next year and teach them a lesson. Playoffs just aren’t in the cards this year. There is no evidence that our defense is going to turn up and stop them.

Plus I just don’t see them winning a playoff game.

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just get ready for next season i hate to say it but the defense cant stop them today at all . if the colts do not get a touchdown here its over. even with a miracle these team is gonna get crushed by the titans next week playing like this they have a great defense and the playoffs teams like the pats and cheifs with score 70 points on us .   we need better weapons for luck and corner backs are the biggest weakness and  nose tackle we got a lot of money in the offseason  i done getting upset better to just prepare to lose

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6 minutes ago, Flash7 said:

The good and bad with our defense:


1. It's a simple defense that allows our players to read/react and play fast.


2. It's effective against bad QBs, however, it's simple for veteran QBs to figure out. 30 points given up against Eli.


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