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  1. Grover Stewart looks like ndamunkong suh a little bit. Just wish he played like him. We need a true DT/NT, I’d be surprised if we had a run defense in the top 15 this year.
  2. First of all, Grover Stewart and ridgeway are lost causes. Autry is more of a pass rusher then run stopper. Lewis is a 270 pound defensive end. You really think those can help us stay in the top half of the league in stopping the run?
  3. Defensive tackle was what we needed. Draft isn’t over I know. But we had a chance to fix an important spot on the defense. Instead we get two linebackers. Depth or not. We really needed a DT
  4. It’s not “unacceptable” just stayed up all night for nothing really lol. I did want n’keal Harry or Jonathan abrams.
  5. Talking about frank clark. I don’t think he’s worth a first, but for a High 2nd, yes!
  6. Negative, we need a number one corner. A safety and another pass rusher
  7. We improved a bit with funchess but that’s it
  8. Guy never seemed like he was in a shell to begin with
  9. I would only re-sign castonzo if he ends up being one of the top 10 tackles in the league this year
  10. We’ve improved with funchess, but that’s it. We will get more guys, still solid defenders out there. Jason varrett although returning from a season ending injury last year, will be good if he’s healthy
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