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  1. I'll be completely honest here: Favorite - Malik Hooker I bought in to the hype about him being the next coming of Ed Reed. Least favorite - Darius Leonard and Braden Smith There were players still in the board that I wanted. I've never been more happy to be wrong than my knee-jerk reaction to these picks.
  2. Stewart. I'm gonna make a distinction here that he's the most underrated but not the most underpaid. Anyone who can dominate a SOLID Tennessee line and stop Derrick Henry single handedly at the goal line deserves to be known. Buckner taking the double teams has allowed Grover to take his game to the next level.
  3. My post was saying that he proved TJ Carrie's point that the game mattered. I don't get what you're arguing here.
  4. I think you actually proved his point. The thought was that resting for the game was more important than winning that particular game, but the game of rest mattered greatly.
  5. I'm going with: Trade in the first: Yes Round 1: A: Teven Jenkins - OT Oklahoma State B: Gregory Rousseau - DE Miami C: Caleb Farley - CB Virginia Tech' Round 2: A: Samuel Cosmi - OT Texas B: Carlos Basham - DE Wake Forest C: Pat Freiermuth - TE Penn State Round 4: A: Walker Little - OT Stanford B: Amon-Ra St Brown - WR USC C: Josh Palmer - WR Tennessee Round 5: A; Pauson Adebo - CB Stanford B: Ifeatu Melifonwu - CB Syracuse C: Payton Turner - DE Houston Round 6:
  6. Starting with close to $46mil in cap space, the first priority is setting $18-21mil aside to extend Leonard, Smith, Nelson, and Hines. That leaves us with only $25mil to play with. Restructures: I believe we have been waiting until we could make our trade final in order to restructure Carson Wentz's deal. Over the Cap says we can regain $18mil in space from that move alone. That brings us to $43mil in space. Resign: Mo Allie-Cox RFA: $2.2mil this year - Developing nicely and worth keeping around Zach Pascal RFA: $2.2mil this year - Good depth and borde
  7. I thought so as well, but I wasn't sure. I thought it was Cam Heyward twice and Jurell Casey once?
  8. That'd be a LOOOONG list. I still believe in giving credit where credit is due, though. If they got past Big Q, they might be worth looking into if they become free agents. The way Q holds grudges, he could probably tell you the three off the top of his head.
  9. Does anyone know who got the three sacks? I seem to remember Cam Heyward for Pitt getting the better of him at least once. I think he gave one up against Ten once as well? Anyone have the list?
  10. It's not like these guys are feeling no pressure whatsoever. They're both kicking for their livelihoods. Their jobs. Their paychecks. Their families. With no preseason games, whichever doesn't make the team will likely be out of the league this year. There is NO shortage of pressure on these two in practice.
  11. He's the highest offensive lineman ranked this year (next highest is Zach Martin at 55). That says something.
  12. I guess as mad as they were when Brees won one for the Saints?
  13. It looks like he'll be #1 by week two or three, though. Mahomes barely makes the cut at 24 years 11 months and 24 days.
  14. Brissett and 34 to Jacksonville for their 2021 1st. I'd bet on that being a Trevor Lawrence pick.
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