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  1. It's not like these guys are feeling no pressure whatsoever. They're both kicking for their livelihoods. Their jobs. Their paychecks. Their families. With no preseason games, whichever doesn't make the team will likely be out of the league this year. There is NO shortage of pressure on these two in practice.
  2. He's the highest offensive lineman ranked this year (next highest is Zach Martin at 55). That says something.
  3. I guess as mad as they were when Brees won one for the Saints?
  4. It looks like he'll be #1 by week two or three, though. Mahomes barely makes the cut at 24 years 11 months and 24 days.
  5. Brissett and 34 to Jacksonville for their 2021 1st. I'd bet on that being a Trevor Lawrence pick.
  6. I understand that you like Jackson, but I think you might be overpaying a bit. Brissett and a second to bring a good-not-great player into a crowded room is too much.
  7. I don't know if that was a Rivers highlight video or an Ekeler highlight video.
  8. There are only 20 names listed. We didn't pick in the top 20 picks. This should not be a surprise.
  9. Anyone else hoping we take a look at recently released guard Christian Westerman?
  10. Conditional does not necessarily mean it will go away if he doesn't make the roster. It just means that it can change under certain conditions. Like: It's a round 5 UNLESS he doesn't make the team; THEN it's a round 6. or It's a round 6 UNLESS he starts 10+ games; THEN it's a round 4.
  11. 1. I think CLE will have the advantage inside unless Autry can continue his current form. He's been handling Nelson pretty well in camp so far. The edges should be anyone's guess. Houston will probably win a few snaps, but outside of him both teams are pretty young. Turray and Banogu show promise, but they're both still raw. Extremely raw. 2. You'll be disappointed looking for this. I doubt we'll do much man coverage against Njoku, and it'll probably be Quincy Wilson or a safety covering him if we go man. Reich keeps it pretty vanilla in preseason. 3. Once
  12. As good as Vontae Davis as he is right now? Too early to tell, but probably. As good as Vontae Davis was in his prime? Too early to tell, but doubtful.
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