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  1. Vinny was signed before him, right?
  2. That Guy

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    We need more than two starting-caliber safeties. 'Flus liked the multiple safety sets.
  3. I thought the trade for Howard was interesting. I didn't realize he was on the block. Miami might be needing a new QB as well, and Flores and Chad O'Shea are familiar with Brissett.
  4. That Guy

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Lose the asterisk.
  5. Why does this mock make me think of Grigson so much? It's like he's over-thinking each and every pick.
  6. Thanks! I'm worried that both my 4th rounders won't make it. Apparently Hanks is doing well in the practices this week. I'll probably have to choose new prospects for my next try. That's part of the fun of these, though; it's fun to see how players rise and fall. I think a lot of us wanted Leighton Vander Esch in the third this time last year (I know I did).
  7. But do we want hookers that make our opponents pay on the back end? Wouldn't it be better if they made them pay up front? Where are all the Hooker D-linemen?
  8. What can I say? I'm a fan of Hookers, and I'd kindly ask you all to stop judging me.
  9. It's definitely true that I made it a focus, but I think our roster warrants it. We only have Hilton, Cain, Pascal, and Fountain under contract right now (not counting practice squad). Inman deserves to be re-signed, and I see three players coming in to compete for the spots opened up by Rogers and Grant. I'm not against switching a WR acquisition for a TE acquisition, but I definitely want to add more weapons on offense. I wouldn't mind Baker or Oruwariye, but I still think Murphy is the best fit for what we showed last year. I'm still not sure if 'Flus was fitting his scheme to our talents or if he wants to play zone 90% of the time. If we're staying with our scheme from last year, I think Murphy is the perfect corner. And when I started researching for this mock (maybe two weeks ago), Sweat was my first target (and a realistic option)! That all went straight out the window.
  10. Cap numbers not included because we're in a position where using all of our CAP is impossibly unlikely. Front-load all of our contracts to take advantage of our current situation and make sure we'll have enough space in future years to retain our youngsters. Priority Re-Sign: Mark Glowinski - OG - Solid starter who helped us out when called upon. Pay him a moderate contract. Clayton Geathers - SS - I don't care what PFF says; this man is worth more to our defense than what their rating shows. Likely Re-Sign: Dontrelle Inman - WR - Solid veteran Evan Boehm - C - Great backup to have Adam Vinatieri - K - I don't mind going younger here, but keep him if he wants to play Margus Hunt - DT - I get the feeling this is who will be able to play for years, and he'll just keep getting better Pierre Desir - CB - Pay him even if we only plan to use him against Houston Luke Rhodes - LS - I guess we need him Matthias Farley - FS - Forgotten due to injury, but a great third safety to have Free Agents: Grady Jarrett - DT - Falcons - If he hits the market, we pay him what he wants. Front-loading the contract should benefit both of us, and we should be a fairly attractive destination this offseason. He's a young difference maker, and he would help cover our lack of a true edge rusher (I don't see Lawrence, Clowney, or Ford hitting the market; and I don't want Clark due to his domestic violence arrest). Bradley Roby - CB - Broncos - Would be great in our primarily-zone defense. Still young and shouldn't demand too high a price considering he's never been the best CB on his own team (backup plan is Jason Verrett). Shaquil Barrett - Edge - Broncos - Under-utilized in a crowded edge rotation with Miller, Chubb, and Shane Ray (who is also a FA and a backup plan). Adam Humphries - WR - Buccaneers - Great slot weapon, and we need to give Luck more help (backup plan is Devin Funchess for the outside and get a slot in the draft). I also want to make an attempt for KJ Wright - SLB - Seahawks, but I don't think we get him. Draft: We're gonna go BPA throughout the draft, but my mock is going to be a little more targeted. Ideally, we leave the first two rounds with an edge rusher, a CB, and a WR. I was hoping for Sweat, Byron Murphy, and Deebo Samuel; but that's no longer an option. Round 1: Byron Murphy - CB - Washington - An excellent zone-cover CB. I know this position isn't necessary for our defense to run effectively, but he'll make the whole team better. Round 2A: Jaylon Ferguson - DE - Louisiana Tech - He knows how to get to the QB. Would pair well with Turray after a few years of both of them learning under Robert Mathis. Round 2B: Parris Campbell - WR - Ohio State - Has the potential to be great, but needs a better QB. Slips because of his hands, but that problem isn't new for Andrew Luck. Round 3: Amani Hooker - SS - Iowa - I love how our defense played when we had three safeties on the field, and I want to strengthen that formation. Round 4A: Trayvon Mullen - CB - Clemson - Definitely has the skills to develop in our system. Round 4B: Terrill Hanks - SLB - New Mexico State - I like Walker love Leonard, but we need a strong-side playmaker. Round 5: Olisaemeka Udoh - OT - Elon - Tackle project who could become a great RT. Round 6: Hunter Renfrow - WR - Clemson - Slot WR with a lot of talent. Round 7: Lanard Bonner - OG - Arkansas State - Ballard loves to build the trenches, and he wants 10 starter-quality players. After a few years, this guy can be number 6? 7? Point is, we're getting there. Roster: QB: Luck, Brissett, Kaya RB: Mack, Wilkins, Hines WR1: Hilton, Inman, Fountain WR2: Campbell, Cain WRS: Humphries, Renfrow TE: Ebron, Doyle, Alie-Cox LT: Castonzo, Clark LG: Nelson, Haeg C: Kelly, Boehm RG: Glowinski, Bonner RT: Smith, Udoh DE: Sheard, Turray NT: Hunt, Ridgeway, Stewart UT: Jarrett, Autry, Lewis, Ward DE: Barrett, Ferguson, Muhammed SLB: Hanks, Adams MLB: Walker, Franklin WLB: Leonard, Moore CB1: Murphy, Wilson, Mullen CB2: Roby, Desir, Hairston CBS: Moore FS: Hooker, Farley SS: Geathers, Hooker, Odum
  11. That Guy

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    Missing time doesn't really influence their ratings. Players are only graded for their performance on the field. Playing while injured can drop a player if their performance dips, but missing time does not negatively influence their grade. Castonzo is also playing a position that seems to receive higher grades. He's only 13th or so as a tackle, while Big Q is the third highest guard with a similar rating.
  12. I like that this thread started with us picking at #6. As the thread goes along, we just keep moving back. All the way to #26.
  13. That Guy

    KC paranormal

    I get the feeling TY the Ghost is gonna have a good day!
  14. Hopefully, he's named in both! Colts beat the Chiefs this week. Chargers beat the Patriots so bad that Tom Brady retires right then and there. Luck is named a replacement for the false GOAT. Colts beat the Chargers to make it to the Super Bowl!
  15. That Guy

    What we need do to beat the chiefs

    Chiefs haven't been the same since Hunt got kicked out. They lost a major act in Andy Reid's circus, and they don't have a replacement. They are definitely vulnerable.