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  1. Screw that. I'm rooting for the Colts to win out and Pats to lose out. That puts us at 10-6 and them at 9-7. Hopefully they lose their division and miss the playoffs entirely. I will never root for them to win as long as Brady and Bilechick (spelled that way on purpose) are allowed to cheat and keep their rings.
  2. That Guy

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    Spencer Ware better find his helmet.
  3. That Guy

    Baldinger/big Q/ Miami game

    Can someone better than me grab a frame of that disrespect? Possibly a close up?
  4. That Guy

    Jalen Ramsey Suddenly Might not play VRS Colts.

    I think he's fabricating excuses ahead of time in order to justify the beating his team is about to receive.
  5. That Guy

    Is Kemoko a rookie, or a grizzled veteran?

    That man has seen some things. That thousand-yard stare is haunting.
  6. That Guy

    Carlos Hyde traded to Jaguars

    But do I snag Chubb, Johnson, Martin, or Richard?!? I only have one person worth dropping!
  7. That Guy

    Polian and Dakich

    That seems a little funny to me, because I don't remember Polian being that pro-LB. The only LB I remember him drafting high was Rob Morris, and it seemed like he let a starting calibur LB leave in every offseason. Mike Peterson, Marcus Washington, David Thornton, Cato June...
  8. That Guy

    Leonard named Afc defensive player of the week

    Jonathan Newsome week 17 of 2014.
  9. That Guy

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    I watch football for the enjoyment of it. I enjoy when my team wins and does well. I enjoy when players that I happen to like succeed. I enjoy when the Patriots fail. I would rather the Jags win and hopefully keep New England from a first round bye. If we make the playoffs, IT WILL BE AS A WILD CARD. I have already come to terms with the fact that we will not be stealing the division from the Jaguars this year, so I have no reason to root against them in games that do not include us. I DO NOT want the Patriots to have the top seed in the AFC, so I am rooting against them each and every week.
  10. That Guy

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    If it took a New England win to put the Colts into the playoffs, I would STILL root against them. There has never been a franchise whose conduct has made them more undeserving of any form of goodwill. When I lay dying, I only hope I can muster the strength to curse New England one final time. GO JAGS!
  11. Why does it have to be one or the other? If a player is available, and signing/drafting that player helps your team, why should it matter where they came from? Draft picks are cheaper, but filling a whole roster with players on a rookie deal is unrealistic. What is the real difference between signing a player from free agency and resigning a current player that has reached the end of their deal with the Colts? If they're past their rookie deal, they should still be considered free agents in my eyes. They just chose to re-sign with the same team. Denver had Manning, Sanders, Talib, Ware, Vasquez, Darian Stewart, TJ Ward, Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels, Brandon Marshall... Jacksonville has Norwell, Campbell, Jackson, Dareus, Bouye, Gipson, Church, Moncreif, Jermey Parnell... To say these teams built through the draft more than they built through free agency is stretching the truth a little bit. They hit on the draft for a few years in a row which got them a bunch of real cheap playmakers, and this allowed them to use ridiculous amounts of CAP space on getting the best free agents. The draft got them in a great position, but free agency took them over the edge.
  12. That Guy

    Drafting a RB

    We can't find a bell cow, but we can sure build a herd. Mack was a 4, Turbin was a 4, Hines was a 4, Wilkins was a 5.
  13. That Guy

    Pulse check

    The phrasing of these questions should always be: At what price would you consider trading for "player X?" For Josh Gordon, I'd consider giving up a 2019 sixth or a 2020 fifth. For Khalil Mack, I'd consider giving up whichever of our second rounders comes latest. To say "No, I would never consider trading for this player at any cost" is a little unrealistic. These types of players routinely get traded for well above or well below what we consider to be a fair value. I think one of the greatest traits of Bill Belichick is his willingness to throw out lowball offers. He seems to hit on at least one every single year.
  14. That Guy

    Players on Your Roster Cut Radar

    What rookie linebacker would you replace with this undrafted rookie linebacker?
  15. That Guy

    TJ Green for PR/KR?

    I thought you were going to suggest TRADING Green for a PR/KR, which to me seems like a more likely scenario.