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  1. 1. I think CLE will have the advantage inside unless Autry can continue his current form. He's been handling Nelson pretty well in camp so far. The edges should be anyone's guess. Houston will probably win a few snaps, but outside of him both teams are pretty young. Turray and Banogu show promise, but they're both still raw. Extremely raw. 2. You'll be disappointed looking for this. I doubt we'll do much man coverage against Njoku, and it'll probably be Quincy Wilson or a safety covering him if we go man. Reich keeps it pretty vanilla in preseason. 3. Once again, I think Reich's vanilla coverage schemes should give CLE (especially Landry) a clear advantage here against the Indy defense. The CLE corners versus Indy WRs should be a lot of fun to watch, though (even with Campbell out). I expect Hilton to put on a decent show; and Cain, Johnson, and Fountain should be the names to look out for against the CLE backups.
  2. As good as Vontae Davis as he is right now? Too early to tell, but probably. As good as Vontae Davis was in his prime? Too early to tell, but doubtful.
  3. Besides the upcoming suspension (that seems more of an accident than a malicious attempt to cheat), has Lewan been suspended before? I never thought of him as a player with "issues."
  4. To all those wondering about the players who dropped in ratings, the Madden team mentioned that they were "expanding" their rating system. Where it pretty much used to be 99 to 60 (ish), it'll now be 99 to 30 (ish). I'm not saying our LBs aren't rated lower than they should be, but there will be plenty of teams with starters in the 60s this year.
  5. I stand corrected. Maybe they weren’t attributed to bad play on his part (batted at the line or knocked in the air by the receiver)?
  6. Are you referring to Manning's performances in the article? The article is about single-game grades, and Manning didn't throw a single INT in either game.
  7. Thanks! So we're practicing against two free safeties. That might actually be good practice if there's no tackling going on, but I think we're going to want more of a traditional SS by the time the pads are being put on.
  8. I don't think this is entirely about Geathers. I think it's a combination of Geathers and Farley both sitting out. Who do we have starting at SS in practices with both of them out?
  9. Not until he tosses The Duke!
  10. His proposed NASCAR package isn't too far away from our starting four last year who did an AMAZING job stopping the run.
  11. I think Warner is picking Super Bowl winning QBs (obviously besides Mahomes who he can't keep off the list and remain credible) because it makes his own legacy look better.
  12. They might as well just play five down lineman at this point.
  13. If we lose anyone next year, we wouldn't get the comp picks until the 2021 draft.
  14. Then please go ahead and start listing names! We can always use more all-pro players!
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