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  1. Finally somebody that is objective. Honestly, without injuries we are average to above average, but injuries are a part of the game, yes everyone has injuries, but even before our DBs went down, we were 0-2, now we are 1-4. Face it, we need more pressure on the QB, Okereke is terrible in coverage or against the run, so we need another LB and we need one more provennnnn CB and another safety. So we are 4-5 players away from being top 10 team. It's not hard to accept once you realize it. I hate it, but it's reality.
  2. I would upgrade the pass rush with Shaquil Barrett, get a true #1 WR in Chris Godwin, cover safety in Anthony Harris and yes, I would go after Dak at QB.
  3. His position is one of 3 I think the Colts must address on defense to reach the next level. We must get more pressure on the QB, by upgrading on Houston/Turay, also Ok/Walker upgrade needed, as well as either a CB or a good cover safety to go with Blackmon (going to be great). The good news is that we are 4th in cap space, so we should be able to upgrade fast.
  4. Rock just was victimized on too many big plays. Carrie and Rodgers look to be at least as good with experience, but yes, we need one solid CB and possibly a safety (not impressed with Willis in passing coverage). Hope we get Rhodes back, and of course Moore. Blackmon will prove to be an excellent safety in time. But we need a pass rusher to make all these DBs look better. Too many times, the DBs looked bad bc of no pressure on the QB.
  5. Any coach makes mistakes. The thing is that today's mistakes were glaring and obvious. 3rd and 1 with a hot RB and the best Guard in the NFL but run wide? I just think Taylor gets one yard in 2 tries behind Kelly or Nelson. Also, the the extremely bad challenge that may have cost us the game. (Going for 2 was bad but was made up for later, so that cancels that out). Frank should know better on all of those, clearly. Regular mistakes are understandable, but those 2 glaring mistakes probably cost us the game.
  6. Really like Philip, but this is a good season to go out on. He was more than decent throwing for 4,100 yds and relatively few interceptions, and he will be HOF for sure. But I hope he doesn't try to come back and have a very weak season. We need a #1 WR (TY was great for several years but we need a WR that can take the top off the secondary). With a good QB and WR hopefully from free agency, we will have an awesome offense.
  7. We really need to get over this ''homer'' attitude of overrating our own players just because they are Colts. Hooker is mediocre at best, in fact only Moore is above average of all our DBs. They make average QBs look good and make great Qbs like Brees break records (29-30 attempts). We need a lot of help rushing the passer for sure, but the DBs are collectively not good. A lot of help needed there too.
  8. I like Brissett's attitude and apparent work ethic, plus he played here in NC in college , so I really pulled for him, but honestly he is average--not bad, but average. You can build a team around him if you don't mind being 7-9 to 9-7, but honestly, the Colts can't build around him. Only Joe Burrow would be the franchise type coming out this year and Trevor Lawrence next year. Neither of which will we get a shot at. But we do need to make a change, unless 7-9 to 9-7 is good enough for the fanbase.
  9. Been watching NFL for 53 seasons now. I have never seen a better O lineman...bar none literally. And I am detailed oriented and watch the O line more than most anyone.
  10. 7 sacks per season and 1 QB hit per game, no thanks. If we can't get someone to help out with 6-7 per season for less than the Clown's $, we aren't as good as we think lol.
  11. Totally get this Chad. Good job. I have often thought that some on here would argue if you said on a clear day the sky appears blue (appears). Good going.
  12. Been a Colts fan for a long time and try to be optimistic, but we're stretching here guys. We are 1-5, losing to some pretty bad teams. At some point, Bill Parecells was right, you are what your record is, but I guess trying to look at anything semi-promising is good at this point.
  13. I'm usually an optimist, but as Bill Parcells said, you are what your record is. 1-3 for us right now. The NFL is full of close games. 1-3 is 1-3. Did anyone expect different this season though, with like $53M left on the table under the salary cap, so that we can build for the future? It's hard to build for the future and win now as well. $53M brings in 3 game changers, but choosing to build for the future may pay off. Who knows.
  14. The CBA installed a limit on rollover and invokes a penalty at some point for unused cap space. When does that kick in?
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