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  1. We really need to get over this ''homer'' attitude of overrating our own players just because they are Colts. Hooker is mediocre at best, in fact only Moore is above average of all our DBs. They make average QBs look good and make great Qbs like Brees break records (29-30 attempts). We need a lot of help rushing the passer for sure, but the DBs are collectively not good. A lot of help needed there too.
  2. I like Brissett's attitude and apparent work ethic, plus he played here in NC in college , so I really pulled for him, but honestly he is average--not bad, but average. You can build a team around him if you don't mind being 7-9 to 9-7, but honestly, the Colts can't build around him. Only Joe Burrow would be the franchise type coming out this year and Trevor Lawrence next year. Neither of which will we get a shot at. But we do need to make a change, unless 7-9 to 9-7 is good enough for the fanbase.
  3. Been watching NFL for 53 seasons now. I have never seen a better O lineman...bar none literally. And I am detailed oriented and watch the O line more than most anyone.
  4. Very good stuff. I've been a Colt fan since '67 but missed Unitas' best years. He still led them to a Super Bowl at 36 and was relieved by a similarly aged Earl Morrall. Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell, Roger Carr and the Sack Pack in the mid '70s was a great thing for a high school guy to look forward to seeing on Sundays. The short Dickerson years were competitive and then the short competive Harbaugh years. Then came Peyton Manning and an awesome run of wins, division championships and a Super Bowl victory. Here's hoping the Luck years will be even better.
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