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  1. Our defensive tackle stallworth got a face full of stiff arm. Looked like a DB getting handled like that
  2. Horrible first drive for colts defense. Why is Taylor stallworth on this team?!
  3. I don’t recognize this offensive line. They are playing horribly
  4. Does anyone not realize that he has to do this against elite teams and not bottom feeders?
  5. It was one game against the bengals. Here we go with overhyping again
  6. Bengals have one of the least talented offensive lines and we can’t get any pressure or sacks. Even with Buckner and Houston. Defensive line sucks
  7. If we can’t get Chris Jones, then we need a defensive tackle more so then ANOTHER edge rusher
  8. See what happens when you invest in your defensive line. All the 1st and 2nd round picks on that d line. We have the OLine(however it’s a problem if castonzo retires) now we need a defensive line
  9. Outside of Houston. Defensive line was horrible. Hopefully next coach teaches em to get to the QB
  10. Our “number one“ corner got burned by a BACKUP QB
  11. Ummm we have no recievers outside of Hilton, we need two new defensive tackles,a edge rusher, and an elite corner. He’s failed to address that area
  12. 3 defenders bounce of a small reciever?! Ya soft defense
  13. He still isn’t elite. He’s a number 2 at best
  14. Desir is definitely not a number one/elite corner. We have to many glaring weaknesses
  15. The amount of times we ran. Goes to show you that reich doesn’t trust brissett. We definitely need another QB next year
  16. Number one corner,elite defensive tackle,and a true number one reciever. Can’t do anything without them
  17. We lost to the dolphins. Season ended that day
  18. Safe to say Jacoby Brissett is not our QB for the future
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