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Colts Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread


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2 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:

PSA... NFL games are 4 Qtrs folks. Not every win is pretty. Saying a game is over in the 1st Qtr is just farcical. 


From some of the posts in the first half, one would think that a football game lasted less than 2 quarters.

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5 minutes ago, Cynjin said:


From some of the posts in the first half, one would think that a football game lasted less than 2 quarters.

I agree. It’s why I don’t post much during the game in here. I follow along every game in here. I’ve gotten myself to not post due to the swings in temperament in here

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    • This is my favorite mock I've done.  Realistic?  No.  But if we got even close to this draft, I think most fans would be happy.
    • After the guy had barely returned from the concussion, yeah reckless and stupid. I know it’s way too early for some people to criticize a new coach but this team needs a healthy qb to play upwards of 20 games each year. Do you think running qb sweeps in the middle of the field is likely to further that outcome? Recent history says otherwise.  
    • IMO - the team needs an absolute offensive game-changer at 1-15.  Is Bowers that?  If so, Ballard needs to go get him.  No more “value pick” trading back.  It’s blue chip time.  JMO, of course.
    • I am not saying you are wrong, it is after all just your opinion/philosophy on how you view team building.   My outlook on it is to draft ( first 3-4 rounds) the skill, big $$ contract players ( WR, CB, Edge, QB, LT) generally. There are exceptions early in every draft, like this year, Bowers (TE), Kinchens (S), Edgerrin Cooper(LB),Sweat (DT), if they, or similar, are available when the Colts turn comes each round. Having 4-5 year rookie contracts, if they become major contributors, builds a year over year solid, Cap manageable team. Lower rounds would be looking for depth, and high potential picks for current players high contract expirations or retirement in the not too distant future.    FA can be ideal for that absolute need position as a starter for the right deal, and player, like Gilmore signing was. It also is a method to fill the LB, Safety, RB, DL/OL quality back-ups, TE positions. It depends on the current team status if you splurge on 1-2 skill guys, or 3-5,$6-$10 mil guys.    JMO, know others have different thoughts, that's cool with me, just want to see a winning team. 
    • Know it’s only a mock, but I hope the draft doesn’t play like this because we’d be out on both bowers and Arnold.  I still think we should go for WR if it’s Brian Thomas.  If it’s anyone else, I’m for trading back unless any of the pass rushers left are bonafide difference makers (which idk).   if we want bowers or Arnold, we’ll probably have to trade up, which we probably won’t do, so my bet is we trade back.   i will say, 2 of these picks could go either way, the cardinals and titans.  Both could use receivers but also OL.  If one or both of them go OL, we could get bowers or Arnold.      
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