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  1. luckyBatistuta

    Dallas Clark

    Hope you bought him a pint?
  2. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    If I had a team in the Super Bowl next week, as much as it hurts me to say it, I’d take Brady, purely because he’s been there and done it so many times. Even though i just typed that, I still don’t think Brady is a better QB than Peyton.
  3. luckyBatistuta

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    This is pretty much how I feel. I think Goff will choke on the day. You just know that the Pats won’t though, Brady, Edelman and Michel will have their way. Hopefully I’m talking absolute garbage and it’s the other way around. Hopefully it’s going to be just like last year’s Super Bowl party over here, there will be about 200 people cheering for the Rams and the 3 Pats fans trying to hide in the corner, then trying to slink off out the door while nobody is looking.
  4. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    I know what the Pats have done is amazing, but something about it always niggles away at me. If you are not in it, you can’t win it. The Patriots are in the playoffs every year, partly down to the fact they have the softest division in my opinion. The Bills, Jets and Dolphins, how could you fail. If you are winning your division (winning mentality) and playing playoff football every season, then you are going to benefit big time over the long term, the experience these coaches and players have is a massive advantage over their counterparts.
  5. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    I’m still not sure about Brady and Montana. The game back in Montana’s day was so different. Joe never had the protection from the officials that Brady enjoys. It was also harder for Montana to connect with his receivers, as they also didn’t get the protection that Brady’s receivers do. It’s a close one for me, I’m probably just not wanting to say Tom, because I hate the Pats ship and everybody that sails in it so much.
  6. luckyBatistuta

    Dallas Clark

    Tuned in to Sky Sports here in Scotland to watch the Patriots v Chiefs and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Dallas sitting there on the panel. He was really good, gave some good insights to the game, but boy does he hate the Pats. Every time they went back to the studio, you could just tell he wanted them to lose. At one point, he said that Brady will make a really bad play on the next series (you could just tell he was hoping that was the case) He couldn’t stop smiling when the Chiefs scored, or the Pats turned it over, etc. Just thought I’d share this in case anybody was remotely interested
  7. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    So did I ...but if it hadn’t been for those pesky paid officials
  8. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    I did know that, sometimes people just don’t get my attempt at humour…wife has a go at me all the time about this
  9. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    Get that list sorted, Peyton above Starr. Peyton sitting below his brother is the worst thing I’ve seen on the internet this year.
  10. luckyBatistuta

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    Rams to win this, Patriots to beat the Chiefs, although hoping the Chiefs prove me wrong.
  11. luckyBatistuta

    Inman on the herd

    Yup, hopefully we can and then also hope Cain can continue the promise he showed before his injury.
  12. luckyBatistuta

    Inman on the herd

    Thanks for posting this Chloe, really enjoyable watch. I liked him before, but after watching that, love him now. He comes across as a real level headed guy, a great player to have around the locker room...and on the field. I hope he is up for the fight with us next year and I’ll bet I’m not the only one... Captain Andrew will be writing this to his mother as I type.
  13. luckyBatistuta

    Colts Team MVP

    I chose Luck, because he’s been outstanding, considering this is him coming back from a long period away from the game. He’s just slipped straight back in, almost as if he hasn’t been away. If you take Luck out of this team, we would never have been close to the playoffs, can’t say that about the others. That said, there really has been some outstanding performances this season. The whole team deserves all the praise they have been getting. Hopefully they will all make that next step up next season.
  14. luckyBatistuta

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    I’d like to see this too, the guy has made stupid mistakes, but he’s young and can still turn things around...and he’s a special talent obviously.
  15. luckyBatistuta

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    I can understand Luck going, but I’d love it if he told them to poke it.