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  1. It’s the length of the deal that got me too. It if it helps either Jacoby or Chad, or both progress in any way, then could be money well spent, just hope he never plays really.
  2. Love your optimism and hope you’re right, but right at this moment, I’m not feeling it
  3. That is a good shout really, especially seeing as he is 3rd right now in the poll and I’m one of the many who didn’t choose him
  4. Will be in the States shortly on holiday and will definitely be wearing my Luck jersey, no doubt about that. If I do buy a new one as a holiday purchase, I might go for Cain.
  5. I found both funny, especially McAfee. There was no malice in it, nobody was injured, just a good little bit of raillery. Some folk get upset too easily about nothing these days. If that had been a Titans player doing that to us, I would still have found it funny. Life’s too short to get upset at little things such as this.
  6. Think we will take a WR in the 2nd round, but definitely not with our pick at 34, hope we can get Butler
  7. Cheers for the lol, knew I’d get one Wasn’t talking about that one game in particular, just think it’s easier to pick out a white outfit than darker colours. It has been an issue in soccer over here in the past, certain strips stand out more.
  8. Liked them, but want to return to the white please. I’ll probably get laughed at for this, but I think changing to that all blue for a game could possibly have a very slight impact on performance in certain situations. In the heat of the moment once the ball is snapped, it is far easier to pick out a white uniform in a millisecond and Luck is also used to looking for that white. Back to white and everything is going be alright.
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