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15 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

Kicking it was the correct play.   Completely different than going for it on 4th down.    There were only 3 seconds on the clock

I definitely agree the FG was the right choice. My issue was that if you go for it on 4th down to convert, your risking getting no points. He should have taken the 3 and not risked the 4th down conversion imho IF he was just going to kick if he made it but didn’t score 6. Going to take that risk, may as well risk it again and try for the 6 to end the half. Just a questionable decision made initially. 

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    • This is how I feel...   From a roster building standpoint, it seems to make most sense. Especially given the talent at skill positions in the draft. This is assuming we are tagging/resigning Pittman, which I believe we do. But a depth piece in free agency there and a day 2 pick might not be a bad thing. It's certainly more of Ballard's way of doing things. I can't imagine we don't pick up Paye's 5th year. Assuming as much, and drafting someone like Verse would time out well with not relying on him too much from the get-go. He would be a good rotational piece early while we evaluate and give Paye another 2 seasons to earn a bigger paycheck. Dayo, to me, is the odd duck in the picture, with him going into the final year of his contract. You are probably correct in the thought that DT is more pressing. If we don't sign/replace Grover, I'm not sure what the plan is. But the clock is ticking on he and Buckner, no matter which way you look at it.  Also, Ballard has repeatedly stated that he and Steichen see eye-to-eye on the concept of building the trenches. So I think there will be continued investment there. 
    • I read something that said the leaked scores were only partial. And now that I'm thinking about it more, I think they were saying the low score that was published was from his first attempt, and he might have retaken the test and done better. It's kind of fuzzy, but that might be the case.    Either way, my point was that I remember notable pushback against the leaked scores, and their importance. So if certain people are now saying that they didn't care about the S2 scores a year ago, that doesn't sound like revisionist history to me. One of those unnamed execs could be Ballard, who was very vocal about not liking how Stroud was talked about. And we know the Colts subscribe to S2...     Some suggestions... basically unsubstantiated rumors that get repeated enough that they begin to be accepted as fact. Who knows what the Panthers were doing last year, but if they let the S2 test decide which QB to draft, they deserve all the dysfunction they've experienced. I don't think even the Panthers are that lost. More likely, Bryce Young was the guy they decided on, and maybe the higher S2 was in his favor, but would have just been one of several factors that they used.      The way it's described, there's potentially value in the S2 testing. But using Stroud as the example, if you watch him play, and then look at a low S2 score, and can't figure out how to reconcile the disparity between the tape and the test score, then you don't know how to evaluate. Overall, I think way too much is being made of the S2 thing, similar to how way too much was made of Wonderlic scores. It's just one piece of info, and probably carries a small amount of importance overall.    But if a team wants to use S2 testing to prepare a development plan, especially for a QB, there's no real reason they can't have him take the test after the draft. If that's really part of the value, and the player declines the test before the draft because he doesn't want to be scrutinized over it, then ask him to take it once you've drafted him.
    • Ask Philip Rivers to give him advice on parenthood, AR should stick around in the NFL for a while then. 😉
    • Yes, I think so too.
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