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Colts @ Buccaneers Game Day thread


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2 minutes ago, Happy2BeHere said:

Even with the slow start he still is the leader on that defense so when he doesn’t show up on the stats sheet like he usually does week in and week out he is still so valuable

Just being the best guy and a leader on your team doesn’t always qualify you for a league award. Now I believe he will make it if for no other reason is he now has league name recognition and was an All PTO last year but didn’t make the pro bowl, which was odd 

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Disappointing end to the first half for sure, but I also don’t think he got that last first down but regardless they probably would have gone for it on 4th and inches and likely would’ve got it 

Just now, Maniac said:

And they get the ball to start the second half...


They as in the Colts

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