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  1. Nothing so far... resigned Oberg and the ridiculous Arenado rumours floating around that would ruin me lol.
  2. Who do most of you Colts fans follow? Since Indiana doesn't have a MLB team. I follow the 76ers in the NBA and Rockies in the MLB.
  3. Anybody who wants Jacoby Brissett as starting QB for the next 10 years is insane. That's a franchise guy for me... the guy you trust to lead your team for a long term period.
  4. I'm happy with him now, at least for the rest of this season, if he can take us to a division title and a competent playoff showing then he gets next year too... at the very least. I'm still into the idea of Trevor though.
  5. Black Panther = Amazing film.

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    2. Nadine


      I liked it too.  In particular I thought it was visually stunning. Not special effects but just everything

    3. Maniac


      Black Panther has been my favourite hero since I was younger so I was really excited for this one.

    4. Nadine


      I never read comics but, I usually like these movies.  Only issue I had was that the bad guy got killed.  He wasn't completely bad and they were responsible for leaving him alone. Also, he's very cute :heart:


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