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  1. Nothing so far... resigned Oberg and the ridiculous Arenado rumours floating around that would ruin me lol.
  2. Who do most of you Colts fans follow? Since Indiana doesn't have a MLB team. I follow the 76ers in the NBA and Rockies in the MLB.
  3. Jacoby is a perfectly fine bridge QB and a great back-up. He's the best you'll get for now, but I want to draft a QB and have him sit for a year and learn.
  4. Probably the best mock I've seen. I'm warming up to the idea of taking Love... certainly prefer him to Herbert/Eason/Fromm etc.
  5. I don't think we'll be drafting high enough to grab him...
  6. I’ve seen sone weak as * losses in my time but this takes the cake
  7. Gonna blow another double digit lead
  8. Oh. It’s hard to tell on the phone... thought we got a td on the first drive.
  9. And they get the ball to start the second half...
  10. Unless we shut down Tampa completely I see a loss. 27-14.
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