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  1. Blake Bortles after trading Jacoby.
  2. 32 years old next season and won't even play... why?
  3. I'd offer the compensatory 4th rounder at most... Ballard going to draft his guys.
  4. If we can actually get a second for Brissett, which I doubt, then I'd jump at the chance. Personally think we need to attach a pick on to get a 2nd.
  5. Turay will be a bit surprise in the next couple of seasons. He was raw when he was drafted, think he's going to be a stud.
  6. The comeback wins against Miami and New York.
  7. Adam Humphries in FA. DK or Harmon if we're drafting one (my personal preference, especially with the GM we have)
  8. I love your draft. Would be ecstatic with this.
  9. Maniac

    CR91 FA mock

    Ballard will pay Desir.
  10. Maniac

    Matt Slauson 2019?

    On a 1 year, minimum deal then yes. Good locker room guy.
  11. Maniac

    Looking Ahead

    Would the 2 2nd round picks get us into the first round if we traded our first for AB? Just musing...
  12. Maniac

    We'll be back

    Genuinely think we ran out of gas this week... 3 games in a row on the road and coming into KC who had a week off. Love the way this team is building.
  13. Maniac

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    Show me some DK Metcalf.