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  1. They are... Ballard loves a project.
  2. Great. Wentz is gonna freak out again.
  3. This dude will be handy against the Titans and Jacksonville, who now have two good young running backs.
  4. AC gone. Nothing at LT. Worse QB. I know Wentz was apparently good 4 years ago, last year he was Tolzien bad at times. TY might be gone, none of the current guys are better than him yet. I'll say no for now.
  5. I'll give them a 3rd for Ertz. They can keep Wentz. He's regressed badly, expensive and reportedly has a * poor attitude... keep our draft picks. Eagles fans think they're getting Darius off us. Lol
  6. Team goes from 7-9 to 11-5 and playoffs and you give them a C. Damn.
  7. None of these teams could win a game of Madden on Rookie.
  8. Imagine going 11-5 and missing out while some mong of a team in the NFC gets in with 7 or even 6 wins. nonsense.
  9. Nothing so far... resigned Oberg and the ridiculous Arenado rumours floating around that would ruin me lol.
  10. Who do most of you Colts fans follow? Since Indiana doesn't have a MLB team. I follow the 76ers in the NBA and Rockies in the MLB.
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