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  1. The RZ with Ebron and Funchess is going to be really hard to stop for other teams, especially with Luck throwing the ball.
  2. Rodgers can't be fumbling those... not that it mattered, but his job is hardly guaranteed.
  3. Moving better than I ever could... looked pretty limber in those drills!
  4. First time being able to watch the Colts live this season.
  5. I think he'll play but at less that 100%. Not saying he should do that or they should play him like that... just my prediction for what happens.
  6. So who do we go after? Lawrence or Tua?
  7. People can say Bortles is average but he always seem to play well against the Colts.
  8. I can't see Ballard cutting Wilkins for Ware. Either we go with 4 or Ware will probably be released.
  9. One of the most overrated players in the league. No. We have young guys and we added Houston and still have Sheard, why trade picks and young players for him? The Texans would flex us too.
  10. Who will take over as PR if Chester isn't making the roster?
  11. 1. Chargers 12-4 2. Colts 11-5 3. Patriots 10-6 4. Steelers 10-6 5. Chiefs 11-5 6. Browns 9-6-1 (couldn't decide on 9 or 10 wins) 1. Rams 12-4 2. Saints 12-4 3. Eagles 10-6 4. Packers 10-6 5. Bears 10-6 6. Cowboys 9-7
  12. Didn't Ballard also turn that pick into another 5th rounder by trading down again with the Browns?
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