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  1. I think Kelly could win against teams like Miami if we had TY, Funchess, Campbell etc...
  2. I would rather a 50% Peterman than this scrub.
  3. When you can’t score against a 1-7 team that’s tanking...
  4. They were playing the Jets, who are completely inept. Plus they were playing their old coach, something to play for.
  5. I'm not fine with people saying we should have traded a 2nd for Sanu, since that is what it would have taken.
  6. I looked at this season without Luck and thought probably an 8-8 season, then got my hopes up a little and now with Jacoby hurt and likely missing games, feel like it's back to an 8-8 season. The positive is we'll have 2 picks in the top 35 again, most likely.
  7. I feel like Kerrigan would cost a 2nd and I wouldn't pay that.
  8. I'm happy with him now, at least for the rest of this season, if he can take us to a division title and a competent playoff showing then he gets next year too... at the very least. I'm still into the idea of Trevor though.
  9. So a rookie has had bright spots and struggles? Hard to believe...
  10. So we can go into KC and beat the Chiefs but are probably gonna life to a team with Flacco at QB. Guess we will lose the next 4 and resume winning when we play good teams again.
  11. Offense need to take a long hard look at themselves today
  12. Julio Jones Miles Garrett Aaron Donald Christian McCaffery Jalen Ramsay.
  13. A 4th round pick is too much for either HD those guys.
  14. I’d look at Beasley for a 6th. No interest in Agholor on my end.
  15. I think we’ll will both games against the Jags but can see us dropping the Saints game and a couple more along the way - still expecting 11-5.
  16. I’m worried about New Orleans, Carolina and the away games against Jacksonville and Houston.
  17. Yes. Go ahead and do it. I doubt you were good enough at it to have the money Luck has though.
  18. I guess he might luck out if Wilkins or Williams aren't right by week 1, not even sure what's going on with Wilkins.
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