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2022 Game 5: Colts @ Broncos, Thursday Night Football, 10/6/22


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Colts have be leading or near the top of the league in number of 3rd and 7 or longer faced.


Hard to do anything offensively if you’re not staying on schedule with down/distance


May be premature, but Ryan looks be getting skittish now and expecting hits/pressure. Last pass looked to be him rushing to get rid of the ball

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33 minutes ago, EastStreet said:


IMO, stupid change vs Chubb. And stupid in a short week. 

Hope it works. Could be ugly.

Love Raimann. Just early. And perhaps careless.

Strausser goes from uber conservative (for years), to uber aggressive (in one night in short week). 

Maybe Uber unemployed too

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2 minutes ago, Rhodelesstraveled said:

Anyone who doesnt think this OL and regime is bad is brain dead.  I think Irsay fires everyone tonight on plane home.  

The Broncos are up there with the Pats, Jags, and Titans as teams that he can’t stand losing to. It would still surprise me, but it’s not impossible at this point

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3rd & 9 at IND 41

(4:26 - 1st) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass incomplete short right to K.Granson. Penalty on IND-B.Raimann, Offensive Holding, declined

2nd & 10 at IND 40

(5:09 - 1st) (Shotgun) D.Jackson left guard to IND 41 for 1 yard (J.Jewell; M.Purcell)

1st & 10 at IND 40

(5:15 - 1st) M.Ryan pass incomplete short right to M.Pittman (C.Sterns)


Short pass + run + short pass


All 3 series.... All RB (Hines/Jackson) + Pitt + Granson...... All of Frank's favs. 


Reich still same... 


Please... toss script and use other progressions and personnel



Nice Thomas!!!

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