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2022 Game 5: Colts @ Broncos, Thursday Night Football, 10/6/22


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    • I will state I have never been in Indiana, and I have not attended any NFL game ever.   I've been a consistent Colts fan since 2011, I have an unusual path, moved around a few times in my life, in states without an NFL team after the family left California when I little, did not see a lot of Colts games in the 80's or 90's on TV, I did watch a lot of NFL films superbowl highlights on ESPN  I didn't enjoy SB3 and couldn't stop watching 5 everytime it was on, between the excessive fumbles and great music, that planted the seeds for the future, jumped up and down when Phil Simms stated that Aaron Bailey caught it, was going to see the Colts make the Super Bowl. it was a nice dream for 5 seconds, I did enjoy watching super bowl 41 at a party, a few years later I really cut back on watching sports, months with out watching games or even following the standings, I missed long streches, I skipped more than half the season in 2008, in early 2010 I asked a relative who was in the Super bowl , it was Colts and Saints,of course they make it the year in the season I missed(2009), I did watch Super Bowl 44 and it didn't go well. 2010 season, still wasn't really following sports, did notice the Colts were playing the Cowboys on a Sunday late in the season so did follow the Colts the rest of the season until a loss to the Jets in the wildcard game, it wasn't until 2011 week 3, a late night game against the Steelers, that I finally jumped in, I think I realized I'm really into this and started following them by either internet radio or a rare TV appearence or a sports bar, every single week. In 2013 I moved to metro Phoenix, I wondered if moving to an NFL metro would change that, it didn't, I became a lot more into it, I've picked up a lot of cool Colts memorabilia including  Huddle magazines from the late 60's, media guides, mascot plushes, jerseys, shirts, hats, pennants, cards. I will state my some difficult moments as a Colts fan was late 2022, Up 33-0 on the Vikings, I needed to go to work on a Sunday afternoon for a side hustle second job, it was wear your sports team day, wore my favorite Colts shirt, and on my break found out they blew the biggest lead in NFL history, it made 2023 bittersweet, how they were so close to a playoff spot and a last minute unfortune play ended it, these are the negative moments that really stick with you, just like the amazing turnarounds from 2011-2012 and 2017-2018 stick with you, knowing no matter how bad the team is, things change quickly!
    • Well….  The Dodgers did draft Liatu.  So they clearly wanted more DE talent.     And next season (25) I expect all DE’s back.     Liatu, Ebukam, Dayo, Paye and Lewis.  I’d be disappointed if they’re not.  
    • That's very reasonable. What is the name of the course?
    • I was on the pick up payes option train.  I’ve actually said on this board I’d want Paye back (at the right price).  So we agree there.   In response to what you’ve said, this is what I’m getting at.  I said that Paye was solid against the run and maybe solid is not giving him enough credit, I’ll give you that one.  But what I’m saying is does being just good against the run warrants not giving snaps to other players who have performed better in pass situations?  Despite Payes overall stats improving yearly, his pressure rate has declined in 3 straight years and he played 16 games last year.  Good/solid against the run and above avg against the pass in this scheme is going to standout.     Once again, how good is Paye at the run that we let other defensive ends who have better pressure rates (ie. Lewis) sit on the sideline?  I don’t want this to sound like I’m crapping on qwitty because he’s a solid player.  What I’m saying is that I do think we can use an upgrade and the colts did also.  Now who goes to the sidelines between Ebukam or Paye, that’s for them two to figure out, but my money is on Paye.     So am I saying he’s bad against the run, no.  A bad player, no.  IMO is his run defense good enough to not at least try and see what we have with other DEs who can pass rush better, nope.  
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