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  1. I was just about to say the same thing about Shawn Davis. I was kind of surprised people in this thread were saying how impressive he was. He missed badly on several tackles, and got straight up embarrassed by their RB one time (I think the guy who was a converted safety) edit - forgot to mention that he also dropped the pick that was gift wrapped to him, although this doesn't bother me as much, because you don't usually expect your safety to have great hands, you expect him to be able to tackle though
  2. Yeah my point wasn't necessarily that there were concerns about his lack of touch or anything, just that you don't really hear about it much considering he's more known for having a big arm. It was nice to see some of the throws he can make. Although I definitely get your point, his arm talent has never really been the concern
  3. Given our current QB situation, I went back and looked at a little more tape from Eason in college. Granted they were mostly highlights, so they probably didn't really show his issues. But I noticed he has more touch than he's usually given credit for. Sure, he has a cannon, and lots of the plays were deep shots, but there were quite a few nice throws that required some finesse too. The play posted above with the throw to Pittman is really exciting, not only because we finally (hopefully) have the big WR who can make plays that we've lacked for a long time, but because it shows some of the types of throws that Eason is capable of making Edit - also wanted to thank Wentzszn for the constant updates, much appreciated!
  4. Agree with your take here. Obviously there are concerns about Rock, but I don't think you can blame him too much on that play. A perfect throw and catch by a guy Pittman's size is almost impossible to defend. Just a great offensive play
  5. Thought so, well that's certainly encouraging. Seems we posted very similar comments up above, you wizarded me by a few seconds though lol. Great minds and all
  6. Wow, great throw on that one. Look how early he let the ball go, perfect back shoulder throw. Was that Eason? Nice body control by Pittman too
  7. For sure, definitely not trying to say he won't contribute or improve. My reason for asking is because I'm not super familiar with him, my exposure has basically been a few highlight films on youtube and the odd scouting/draft report. Hopefully somebody more familiar with his game can tell me if this is a recurring issue for him. And as long as he is willing to put in the work, it should be a fixable issue, just hope we don't see too many drops on game days
  8. He does look pretty nice after the catch, but does it concern anyone that even on his highlight film he seems to have a lot of bobbled catches? There were lots of examples where he doesn't cleanly catch the ball, it hits him in the hands and bounces off and he has to recover to catch it. I did hear there were some concerns about his hands. Seems like Reich and the team likes him though, and obviously they know better than I do. Hopefully it doesn't become an issue
  9. He was injured and left the game early lol
  10. Yeah this is unfortunately true. Just bookmark some of the good sites and go directly there and look for the game, if reddit streams get shut down. I won't say any more because apparently streaming stuff is taken very seriously here and I'd rather not get banned. Hope everyone not in market can find somewhere to watch!
  11. 99% sure it will be streamed, I have some streaming sites that work but I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to post links here. On a completely unrelated note, reddit is a pretty cool website.
  12. Exactly right. I love hearing these guys talk about the team, you can just feel the energy, confidence, and camaraderie. Seeing the o-line play like this is a thing of beauty
  13. Not hard to see why with how Mack was pounding the ball and Luck didn't get sacked
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