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  1. Not unexpected, but I am really disappointed that Ishmael didn't work out better for us. Have been cheering for him to do well... Best of luck to both players!
  2. DrWhom

    how long

    Does Buckner meet your criteria?
  3. So here's a theoretical: if the Bengals, in the course of the off-season, walk away from Andy Dalton, would the Colts be interested in spending some cash on a "hired gun" like him? Could be an interesting move, especially if the Colts also drafted a young QB to be mentored by Dalton/Brissett...
  4. This is a reasonable, well-thought-out approach. Improve the OL, WR, TE and RB positions by draft/FA, and look to upgrade our defensive weaknesses, especially DT, CB and safety positions. And add a developmental QB and a kicker "to boot"!
  5. I am a huge Hooker fan, but I have to agree with this assessment. He was nowhere to be found last night, and I'm pretty certain that he was picked on/confused quite often. On big game nights like last night, he needs to show up!
  6. Agree with this. Also, I was ASTOUNDED at the first down running attempts! I think that you have to be thinking it's four-down territory. THIRD down call was weak, and made fourth down yardage (seven?) longer than it needed to be. We had been using Hynes/Williams effectively in delays/underneath crossing route. Wondering why they didn't use them in that situation. Overall a very disappointing effort by the coaching staff. Really thought we'd open things up and the opposite was true...
  7. EE: Mr. Comes up short! Please run a deeper pattern for the first down...
  8. I've also been astounded by the trend of the "talking heads" to either: 1. Ignore the atrocious refereeing in the game on Sunday completely; or 2. Use several other examples of poor calls, but ignore this flagrant, illegal use of the hands by Heyward on Quentin Nelson's face mask. Some have even criticized QN for his "collapse", when even a cursory look at the tape shows Heyward's left hand pushes directly up on Quentin's jaw. Yes, he was bull-rushed, but he probably could have re-established position (in fact, he never lost position, just leverage) except for t
  9. I agree with the comments on us needing DL/DT help, as well as CB help. But I am surprised that no one (so far?) has mentioned OLine depth. When we are "one injury away" from DLine mediocrity, couldn't the same be said about our OLine? They looked pretty ordinary against Denver this weekend, to my eyes at least...
  10. Smart play calling plus execution should go without saying here... but I'm saying it.
  11. Can we say DEFENSE? Time to step up and make them go 3 and out! I can dream, right?!
  12. 50 yard punt, muffed by Rogers... not much good happening in any of the three phases of game for IND today!
  13. Hmm... I wonder if there is any relationship between the appearance of this robot, and QN's "Run the D*** Ball" hat? Okay, I'll go to my room now...
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