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  1. DrWhom

    OL gave Luck time and made room for Mack

    At 1-5, I like the way you think!
  2. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Good to hear... maybe we can all come to a general consensus? Just kidding. I may be a relatively new poster, but I've been a forum reader for years. I know how things work here (or not!) HA-HA!
  3. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    These are fair points. I'm not trying to second-guess the coaches. IN fact, I probably should have added a coaching score to my breakout of team resources! Thanks for that reminder. My point is this: Pascal really showed very little this past game. Are Fountain and Ishmael REALLY that far behind what he demonstrated in the NE game? If so, then you're right, and CB's next call should be to Rishard Matthews' reps!
  4. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    I can agree on this. OL is tough to evaluate, as is RB, given the injuries, so that would account for our 1 point difference in scoring these areas. But WR and CB seem to me to be pretty glaring gaps. Hence, I am really keen on seeing what Fountain and Ishmael bring to the table, as opposed to keeping Pascal in the rotation at WR...
  5. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Okay, good feedback! So, what you're implying is that we have greater needs at RB, WR and CB than at S or OL?
  6. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Given the wide variation in talent on this team, I think that it only makes sense to sub-divide the scoring into a more detailed breakdown. For example: QB: 4 RB: 1.5 WR: 1.5 TE: 3.5 OL: 1.5 DL: 2.5 DE: 2.5 LB: 2.5 CB: 1.5 S: 1.5 ST: 3.5 I held back on explanations, but I think you get what I mean. This allows us not only to grade the team overall, but also to identify where we need help (IMO, that's RB, WR, OL, CB and S). Anything under 2.5 say, and we need to address this position... What do you think?
  7. DrWhom

    Colts need a WR!!

    Agree wholeheartedly! Many posters are assuming that we have a need for a WR, or that the rookies, by their nature, will have drops... BUT what if these two are different? Let's do some real-time, real-game testing of our draft picks! They're just sitting there, while others (e.g. Pascal) are showing us no special talent. Otherwise, get on the phone and start making calls for Bell, Matthews, and even an OT...
  8. DrWhom

    Colts need a WR!!

    If, as many posters on the forum state, this is a developmental season, this suggestion makes good sense. Let's get these two rookies some game day experience, and see what they have to show us... At the very least, it would make planning against our offense a bit more difficult for a couple of games!
  9. DrWhom

    Le’Raven Clark is awful

    THIS! I looked at that "tackle" of our QB and immediately my eyes went to the helmet-to-helmet contact! And, given some of the bogus PI calls this season, I wondered how this was NOT a roughing the passer infraction... I'm just sayin"...
  10. DrWhom

    Joe Haeg to IR; Jeremy prompted to 53

    Sounds a bit like they're hedging bets on Mack coming back this week, by activating McNichols. I actually like this move: let's see what he brings to our running game! REALLY surprised by the Skai Moore move: hope he makes it back to the PS!
  11. DrWhom

    Breakout Candidate for Week 4

    Okay, I'll take a different tack on this thread: I think Grover Stewart will come in and make a large (literally!) impact on the game. Here's my thinking: if the Texans have been game-planning, they'll be scheming on Turay and Hunt, leaving Sheard and the inside DT to wreck havoc on the inside OL of HOU. Since Sheard isn't a surprise impact player (he's Mr. Steady-as-she-goes, though!), well Al Woods and/or Grover Stewart should have themselves some QB breakfast bars!
  12. DrWhom

    Texans predictions

    I can relate to this! My humble prediction is similar: a heart-breaker of a loss for IND, they lose to HOU 23-17. AL throws for 2 TDs and 1 INT, resulting in a HOU TD. And he or one of our RBs gets tackled in the end-zone for a safety... Gosh, I'm getting depressed thinking about this...
  13. DrWhom

    How fun has this season been!

    Does anyone else love what they're seeing in Quentin Nelson? I noticed several times against PHI in game 3 that the DB covering TY Hilton was pushing/jawing at him. And the FIRST man to arrive at the scene of the "crime" was no one else than QN! Now THAT'S the kind of teammate that this offense needs. Now, just develop/draft/sign more T depth, and get AC back, and the offense should flourish. Cuz Luck + time in the pocket = Offense! I've GOT to get help with my fixation on the OL though... I hear there's meds for this!
  14. DrWhom

    Colts release RB Christine Michael

    This! But what do I know, either...
  15. DrWhom

    Colts release RB Christine Michael

    Hmmm: Without an explanation, probably shouldn't speculate. However, the fact that they chose not to use him to any appreciable extent really defies logic. Must be some other explanation for this move?