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  1. DrWhom

    Matt Slauson 2019?

    I wonder if CB is looking for a C/G draftee (or two?) in the spring. If so, this could make the OL a VERY deep group. Talk about an abundance of riches, having players like Slauson and Glow as depth! I'm just saying'... I expect the same for the DL: drafting an interior (?3T or monster truck NT!) and EDGE rusher from a deep draft class: that would make the current DL a depth machine as well. CB has always been about building the team from the trenches, so I won't be surprised to see us trade down a bit, and look to strengthen the OL and DL. Already looking forward to the draft. And I thought I would have started this process weeks ago! GO COLTS!
  2. DrWhom

    Rookie Rankings

    What about Derwin James?
  3. Are you accusing the Colts of re-gifting? If so, I like it! Let's hand the NYG some of that "zero" stuff as well!
  4. THIS! If Inman and/or TY is out, we have to assume that HOU will be chomping at the bit. If either/both of these rookies can stretch the field/create mis-matches for their DBs, then NOW is the time to find this out.
  5. DrWhom

    Next Up The Texans

    Well-played, ColtsVA, well played!
  6. DrWhom

    Next Up The Texans

    Some creative/off-the-beaten-track thoughts for consideration this Sunday vs. HOU: Waive Ryan Grant now, and move Jalen Collins to active roster: start the latter! Start Jonathan Williams and Nyheim Hynes in a 2RB set, and run the ball >50% of the time! Whenever EE is on the field, let him block, not run routes (could use any TE to catch passes except EE): no one will expect this! Bring in Jacoby for the 4th and short scenarios: then have him inhale helium before moving onto the field, for a change in cadence/count that REALLY catches the opponent off-sides! Use Grover Stewart as a FB on 4th and short, with Williams running behind him! Okay: I'll look for my pill box now...
  7. DrWhom

    Matt Slauson, unsung hero behind O-line dominance

    NewColtsFan has it right: Matt Slauson, in whatever capacity he can safely participate, NEEDS to be a part of the Colts organization going forward. In much the same way as Robert Mathis, he is "built" to coach up the O-line, and will be an awesome coach down the road. In the same way as we groom players to assume their place on the roster, we can place these players with special gifts for teaching/leading at their positions into special assistant or assistant coaching roles going forward. I am SO stoked about the future of the franchise, and it's in no small way because of changes like the Matt Slauson effect described by the OP. GREAT post!
  8. THIS is why I love this forum!
  9. Off our meds, are we? (Just kidding, love the optimism!)
  10. DrWhom

    OL gave Luck time and made room for Mack

    At 1-5, I like the way you think!
  11. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Good to hear... maybe we can all come to a general consensus? Just kidding. I may be a relatively new poster, but I've been a forum reader for years. I know how things work here (or not!) HA-HA!
  12. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    These are fair points. I'm not trying to second-guess the coaches. IN fact, I probably should have added a coaching score to my breakout of team resources! Thanks for that reminder. My point is this: Pascal really showed very little this past game. Are Fountain and Ishmael REALLY that far behind what he demonstrated in the NE game? If so, then you're right, and CB's next call should be to Rishard Matthews' reps!
  13. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    I can agree on this. OL is tough to evaluate, as is RB, given the injuries, so that would account for our 1 point difference in scoring these areas. But WR and CB seem to me to be pretty glaring gaps. Hence, I am really keen on seeing what Fountain and Ishmael bring to the table, as opposed to keeping Pascal in the rotation at WR...
  14. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Okay, good feedback! So, what you're implying is that we have greater needs at RB, WR and CB than at S or OL?
  15. DrWhom

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Given the wide variation in talent on this team, I think that it only makes sense to sub-divide the scoring into a more detailed breakdown. For example: QB: 4 RB: 1.5 WR: 1.5 TE: 3.5 OL: 1.5 DL: 2.5 DE: 2.5 LB: 2.5 CB: 1.5 S: 1.5 ST: 3.5 I held back on explanations, but I think you get what I mean. This allows us not only to grade the team overall, but also to identify where we need help (IMO, that's RB, WR, OL, CB and S). Anything under 2.5 say, and we need to address this position... What do you think?