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  1. Hmm... I wonder if there is any relationship between the appearance of this robot, and QN's "Run the D*** Ball" hat? Okay, I'll go to my room now...
  2. Rounds 2 & 3 wish list: Ford, Murphy, Campbell and Winovich. Thoughts?
  3. I'll go out on a limb and say that CB goes Lawrence with #26, and then SImmons with #34... Then a safety with #59, and we're on a solid base for the rest of the draft (WR, OL, Edge, and CB will round out the rest of the picks...)
  4. I really find this an interesting take. I think I prefer Lawrence to Tillery, and Simmons seems like a potential steal... Does anyone see Lawrence as pick 26, and Simmons lasting to 34? Then a safety (Thornhill was proposed) at 59 seems like a really solid start to the draft. WR, CB, OL and Edge can be added in later rounds...
  5. I am pulling for all these numbers/players: but I am hoping #3 is our dark horse at training camp, and makes the 53 man roster. Come on, Steve!
  6. I agree as well. As much as I appreciate the contribution that Al Woods provided on our "challenged" DLine, I am sorry to say that it looks like he's about to be replaced with either an improved Grover, or a first/second round draft pick. Aren't these exciting times for Colts fans!
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