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  1. AR has never made it through a season yet so the media is right to question us. Last year I was loud in saying sit AR for Minshew and I think we'll win and we did. This year we all will find out what AR really is.
  2. Raimann is going to get tested big time this year in the AFC South. Every team has a stud at DE now. So we will see if he is right.
  3. TN had a great offseason no doubt. But their OL was horrendous and is brand new and no one has a clue how they pan out. I like what they did at WR and CB for sure. They are probably top 3 in both spots. I also think Levis is going to be good considering what he did with the garbage they had at WR and the OL last year. I think we are better than Paul thinks. I get the call on Richardson. He has not done a lot to make the case and he is coming off an injury. I think people in Indy forget Minshew was fabulous last year. I think TN losing Autry is huge. Glad he is gone but now in Houston which actually might be worse for us. I think Jax is the worse team in the division. I am not sold on Lawrence at all. They lost a lot this offseason and they collpased last year big time.
  4. I'd trade Paye for another pick. Time to move on from him. He has never reached his potential.
  5. I think KC was the blue print for TN is doing now. They morphed from a pass happy team to a run the ball throw to TE and play great D team. TN went from a power run team with a solid D to a pass happy team who is shoring up their D to play against pass happy teams as the AFC changes their weaponry. FO have to marry the changing environment with the coaches and roster faster than ever before.
  6. Because the market is soft. That is why. Look what Burns was moved for. Carolina turned down two ones for the guy last yr. Timing matters. KC was dumb in how they handled this. They should have signed Sneed and then played hardball with Jones. Jones would have caved to stay in KC. Sneed is a young stud's number-one CB. Jones is an elite DL who is long in the tooth.
  7. TN losing Autry is going to hurt them. I'm not sure why people are surprised TN is having a good offseason. They have draft capital, cap cash, and unloaded aging talent. Houston did it last yr. Jax did it two years ago. They are already falling apart.
  8. I'm Ok with losing Sneed, because I think the season wholly depends on Richardson development. I will say this. Houston is the class of the division now and TN has fixed a lot of holes and they are giving Levis every chance to prove he is the guy. I think Jax has slipped big time and we are in a holding pattern until the draft comes out. All in all, the division is going to be nasty and competitive. The QB play this year will determine who wins the South. Right now, I give Stroud the edge, but I do think Levis and Richardson could break out. I think Lawrence is solid but nothing spectacular, as last year showed. He has had a ton of weapons and still could not bring a title home.
  9. Steven, I agree. But Baldy is in on him too, and I think he knows more than I do. I hope he does but the tape does not lie.
  10. Then you are better than me. I thought Levis would bust. But I have to say I was wrong with him. I thought Stroud was the best of the bunch. I am not sold on Young because he had stud WR at Bama.
  11. TN has always played physically because they are built for it on D. Thankfully, they do not know how to draft OL and WR. The thing I worry about with AR is the shoulder, and it is his throwing shoulder. Newton's career ended because of it, and so did Brees eventually. Brees cannot even throw a football now. Brees did not have the injury his rookie year, but AR did. To me, this limits his longevity. It certainly curtailed Newton. That is my worry.
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