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  1. Wonder why he's falling, thought he was a late second or definite 3rd rounder.
  2. That was fun to watch. I think this year could be very good. Those 2 seem to have a special connection on and off the field. That's important I think especially for a HC/QB.
  3. I think his numbers will be very similar to these. Probably a few more TD's and lower comp% since he maybe taking more deeper shots down field. Hopefully more wins, especially in the playoffs!
  4. I agree with your first point that you're not going to win with just a QB and that actually seems to be what some of the Wentz detractors on here fail to admit when looking at Wentz last season. That Philly team was a disaster not just because of Wentz. As for Stafford I think he's talented for sure but I would say he had some pretty decent teams earlier in his career. When Schwartz was the HC they had some decent defenses and like I said he had Calvin Johnson for many years. Not to mention the NFC north isn't really a great division most years. Yeah GB and MN are usually decent ev
  5. I don't get the love affair with Stafford. The guys played 12 seasons in the league and never won a playoff game. He had the best WR in the league for much of that time too. IMO the rams way overpaid for him.
  6. Who's saying 100%? Wentz has his issues too, nobodies saying he doesn't, just that some of those can also be because of the other 10 guys on the field. FB is the ultimate team sport yet most want to put every W/L on the QB.
  7. He looked awful in the SB when his oline was missing a couple key starters too. Guess the supporting cast might have something to do with QB play too.
  8. Looking at Philly's last 3 years I'd say their entire roster regressed not just Wentz and IMO his regression had more to do with the cast around him. They seemed to have more injuries than a lot of other teams for some reason. His receiving corp and oline took a major toll and he still put up decent numbers until last season. Think they also had a mess of a coaching staff the last couple years too. And again IMO Doug Pederson didn't do him any favors with the play calling making him throw 50+ times a game considering the oline and WR's were such weaknesses. I think we will all be p
  9. So apparently this was more nonsense coming out of Philly since there was indeed Philly media asking questions during the press conference. Now I know why Wentz wanted out of there!
  10. How about Rudolph? I know he's over 30 but he's been effective and available.
  11. Why wouldn't they allow questions from Philly media? just tell them no comment if you don't want to answer the question and move on, just makes it look bad by putting that out there.
  12. I think Philly will release Ertz at some point. He's not happy with his deal and he and Roseman seem to have an issue. Also guessing Roseman thinks he can get more then he's worth in a trade. Ballard will wait him out.
  13. I went back and watched some videos of Carson and when he was at NDSU they had a dominate run game and he excelled with play action. He was also able to carry them with his arm when needed. Watching some of his Philly tape it's clear he has great arm talent and is an intelligent player. It appeared the team around him last year was not very good and he felt the need to take too many chances and try to do too much. If he can get back to taking what's there and letting his teammates help him I think he'll be a great QB again.
  14. Uh I don't think he can do that, he is the QB and the team will do a presser to introduce him at the very least. The HC and starting QB's are always front and center in the media, it's part of the job.
  15. Awesome of Carson to let this kid announce his number! Happy to have Gio wear a colts jersey too!
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