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  1. Bad throw there by Wentz, made it too hard for Mo. Leads him there it's probably a first down.
  2. Oline is allowing those deep shots, they are blocking well on those play action plays. Need to run the ball better though.
  3. Great play design, he was wide open and Carson with the perfect pass!
  4. Very nice game by the offense after a shaky first quarter. Defense gave up some big plays down the stretch but were pretty good when not in prevent mode. Special teams were just ok IMO. Nice to finally get a win and get the goose egg off that column.
  5. Are these guys even working on redzone plays in practice? Man we are terrible inside the 10.
  6. Why is it taking so damn long to get the plays in? Frank needs to give up the play calling already.
  7. Gotta run that route past the sticks, come on Pitt!
  8. Finally scoring TD's instead of FG's I like it. I like it a lot!
  9. Pittman was wide open, Wentz should have been able to get the ball to him. At least throw the damn thing away. Stupid sack there is on him.
  10. The injuries are just getting ridiculous at this point. Not sure why JT disappeared when it was still a one possession game. Frank got too pass happy too early IMO.
  11. Welp I guess we just might start 0-5 afterall.......
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