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2022 Game 5: Colts @ Broncos, Thursday Night Football, 10/6/22


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Just now, EastStreet said:

IMO, should have put Pinter or D Kelly at RG, and left Pryor at LT. Or even let Raimann try RG.

But do a reshuffle in a short week... 


Raimann is a developmental player, honestly I don’t think he should be playing at all except as the 6th OL on plays and in case of emergency. We all knew he needed a season to make a switch from central Michigan to the NFL

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1 minute ago, Happy2BeHere said:

I remember when the majority of the board was calling on Ballard to get rid of AC because he was sucking bad. That was short lived. Miss a good LT for sure. 

He was past his prime when people were saying this. It was valid in my opinion. He was sucking and Q had to push him into position. 

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