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2022 Game 5: Colts @ Broncos, Thursday Night Football, 10/6/22


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3 minutes ago, BeanDiasucci said:

They're desperate and they should be. This is a bad offense, one of the worst in the NFL. 


LT, LG, and RT were all acceptable. Not saying great, but very acceptable.


Our biggest issues were RG and C. 


And we change both Ts... to fix one G....


And we have other O issues too. Like coaching... 

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1 minute ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

Yes yes kirk. This is Andrews fault. His right to retire. But he killed us

It’s been what, five years? Ballard should have fixed it by now. We should have traded up for Herbert years ago. We shouldn’t be rolling through a new QB every year, that’s on Ballard.

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