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  1. Last time I checked QB was the most important position on the field. SMH
  2. Lots of things have blown my mind in the last 3 years or so. SMH Like I said before, I will burn my Colts stuff if this happens. Some things are more important than wins/losses.
  3. If the Astros cheated to win the WS, then there is no doubt in my mind that the Patriots cheated their way to some of those SB's as well. Look who the Patriots management supports and that will tell you all you need to know.
  4. Thank God I don't have to burn all my Colts stuff and I have tons.
  5. So you would embrace Tom Brady? Better you than me. I bet over half the Colts fan base would disagree with you.
  6. If the Colts bring in Tom Brady, I am disowning the team. What is wrong with you people? Some things are more important than wins. That * is the enemy and always will be. On AND off the field. That's all I can say without getting in trouble:)
  7. Not going to happen this season. They won't abandon Brissett at this point. Do we ever see exactly what we have in Kelly?
  8. It all starts with the QB. This QB is the definition of mediocre. I said it since the very beginning of the season. Game manager QB. Look at our record. The definition of mediocre. Time for the Colts brass to make some big decisions soon. The future is not Brissett.
  9. I'm having flashbacks of late 80's Colts era QB's. Haha!
  10. He will be released before the next game. I'll be shocked if he isn't.
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