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  1. An old Rivers is better than a young Wentz. Colts made a mistake when they put all their chips in for Wentz. Should have rode Rivers for a year or two while developing a young QB.
  2. Wentz reportedly said he has rolled or sprained his ankle over a hundred times. Is that a figure of speech or is he serious? I would think if that's the truth, the ankle may get injured at the drop of a hat. Injuries tend to recur the more times it happens. There was a study involving 65 professional male football players. The recurrence of a secondary ankle sprain following the same initial injury was 50 percent higher than those without a previous ankle sprain.
  3. This is why you don't go into a season without a good backup QB when your starter has an injury history. Also, Wentz had a decent game, but a lot of the pounding he was taking was partially on him. Did you see how many times he tried to extend play/make something out of nothing? Gotta be smarter than that. I thought I was watching Andrew Luck for a minute.
  4. Been saying it for awhile now. Quitting football will be his biggest regret later in life. He will always wonder what could have been.
  5. Off topic a bit: I have been by the Westfield facility quite a few times lately. That is seriously an impressive facility from outside looking in. No comparison to a place like Anderson University. I guess Westfield doing their darndest to try and keep up with Fishers while Noblesville falls farther and farther behind.
  6. Anybody posting laughing emojis just proves my point. He has been politicized. This is Indiana after all. smdh
  7. Kaepernick is better than ALL these backups and everybody knows it. What a shame he got blackballed by the league for doing the right thing and standing up for injustice. Is it an understanding among owners/coaches now that he is off limits? His career got politicized for his American right to protest. NFL even admitted they were wrong, but nobody will touch him. Sad.
  8. So disappointing from Leonard. Most of the people getting hospitalized/dying right now are the unvaccinated. This is a pandemic and the longer people wait, the more variants will pop up and make the vaccines we do have a little less effective. So sad that the vaccine has been politicized.
  9. So many Colts players just don't seem to get it. Getting vaccinated is not only about protecting yourself, but your neighbors/fellow Americans as well. 3 people out of 188 MILLION have died from taking the vaccine. There is NO RISK. America will soon be at 1 million deaths from Covid and countless suffering long term debilitating effects. This is not the flu. Players/coaches need to wise up and set a good example for the public for crying out loud.
  10. What have we got to lose at this point? Aaron Rodgers isn't walking through that door.
  11. At least he doesn't have Covid yet right? Of course he wouldn't tell us. #AntiVax*s #HIPPAViolation
  12. Colts attitude: "Get out there and rock and roll the bones....get busy" Neil Peart Rollin the bones indeed. Hope it pans out!
  13. If somebody gives up two firsts for Carson he may be wearing "Wince" on the back of his jersey.
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