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  1. Couldn't agree more. I was actually going to bring up Steven A. At least Pat has some level of sports knowledge. Steven A is just a loud mouth poser.
  2. McAfee is the same way as an analyst. I know he's an extrovert, but I still personally think he takes it way too far where it borders on attention * category. Just my opinion.
  3. Did you see Tucker out there being all cocky and strutting his stuff? Love the fact that he got shown up by Gay. There is a new sheriff in town. lol
  4. I was on the Stroud bandwagon on draft night. Anybody here that would take Stroud over Richardson at this point? My mind has been changed. AR better than I thought and so entertaining to watch.
  5. What QB has the strongest arm in history? this quarterback arguably. has the greatest arm in the history of football. his name is Jeff George, and he was a generational talent.Feb 2, 2023 from Google
  6. Didn't ask that. Is Richardson in best arms of all time discussion eventually? He threw 60 yards on flat footed on that tape. Remember seeing George at training camping throwing 60 yards like it was effortless too.
  7. Anthony Richardson's arm strength compared to Jeff George? After seeing that Twitter video yesterday, I wonder. haha!
  8. Who starts the season at QB for the Colts? Your guess?
  9. Guess all those "Colts are sold on Levis" rumors were false huh? lol
  10. Colts winning the division was still in play before this loss correct? Makes this collapse even more embarrassing.
  11. ...and he is still a much better option than current Matt Ryan.
  12. Can you imagine being Nick Foles ego at this point? SB winning QB that can't get in the game with THIS kind of offensive performance?
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