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  1. Brissett is a "game manager" type QB. He's not the long term answer by any stretch. You can win some games with this type QB, but unlikely a Super Bowl. Hope he makes me eat my words, but usually my gut instincts are spot on.
  2. Every time there is hype that Colts defense took a huge step forward, it's always back to "meh" once the season starts. I stopped getting my hopes up. As Canadian rock legends Rush say......"show me don't tell me".
  3. I say we cut this GIF loose instead. Haha!
  4. The bouncer would have been arrested if he made a false report of possible terror attack.
  5. Relief in what way? How did JMV explain it or your take? Relief from always having to worry about injuries?
  6. He also threatened to spray an entire bar with an assault rifle and fought with Police when they came. That is a terrorist threat. As serious as it gets. Sounds like one of those guys that shouldn't be drinking alcohol at all.
  7. You have lived in America over the last 4 years right?
  8. I'm fine with Luck returning to the NFL if he has a change of heart and recharges his batteries. Just not here with the Colts. He made his decision and Colts/fans need to move on and build the team/franchise/future based on Luck not being here. Time to find another franchise QB or develop one.
  9. Luck and Manning's playoff performances BOTH left a little to be desired. Not saying this to bash them, just stating the truth. You could even see it in their body language to some degree.
  10. Jeff George is probably STILL working out. Just sayin......
  11. I'm not rooting against Brissett either, but the fact that we ARE playing with house money now makes me want to see what all the buzz is with Kelly. Most people think he has more physical tools than Brissett. Brissett needs to be given a fair shot though. I have no doubt he will, but I'm dying to know how Kelly would perform in real games against 1st stringers. I have my doubts about Brissett based on what I have seen in the past.
  12. How long from now will it take for Andrew to sit down for an interview? Any guesses?
  13. Brought up this possibility a couple days ago. When Luck mentioned "dark days" multiple times, it's one of the first things I thought of. We may never know the complete truth, but it makes sense. Most NFL players probably feel like they couldn't even use depression as an excuse to step away either. The stigma would make them look weak. Coming up with an injury would be a way out. Not saying that's what happened here, but makes one wonder. Nobody knows what Luck is dealing with other than the man himself. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  14. So you are saying Andrew Luck should have been Kelly's back up?
  15. Might take awhile before Kelly gets his shot. Colts are going to give JB every opportunity to prove himself. I also was not real impressed with games JB has played for the Colts. Wishing him all the best though.
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