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Colts @ Cardinals, 12/25/21, 8:15 PM ET


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This is a great example of how Carson is not in the game tonight. I’m not third down he saw the blitz coming it was all coming from the west to the right. If he would’ve kept that ball he could’ve ran for the first down so easily to his left and then he had time on fourth down and threw a horrible pass. I want this guy to succeed for selfish reasons but sometimes he looks just lost

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I listen to various GMs, and although Wenzt has played well, they say he plays small when the pressure is on. He is looking horrible tonight and really hadn't looked good in weeks. His passes are not acceptable for an NFL qb. He acts like he has no desire to win this game. Even if they win by some chance. They will not win a championship with him at qb If this is the best he had. I am really underwhelmed by him. Frank should have kicked the ball. Wentz is playing scared.

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