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  1. Oh ok. Make it funny next time so I know for sure.
  2. The Jags part, no one has talked about, but I'm not so sure why you'd poo poo us being bad. That is a distinct possibility if Wentz has to miss around 6 weeks and in the short term, it's a better one than finishing at a near 500 record. I'd personally rather be terrible this year then be average.
  3. By the way, what the hell is that timetable? 5-12 weeks? lol. That's wider than a 20 lane highway.
  4. This is a horrendous situation. Unless he can legit be back for week 1, there's a million ways this can destroy the season. And even if he somehow got the favorable end of the timetable at 5 weeks, he likely won't be sharp at all for a while. I think this kills our chance to be a playoff team and to be honest I'd almost rather tank at this point and take our time with him so we keep our 1st round pick, but what will probably happen is even with Eason we'll paper over the cracks and stay alive while he's out. Then he'll come back and we'll end up in 8-9 7-10 9-8 purgatory.
  5. I think there is a fair argument to not being happy with the unvaccinated. What exactly are they doing the get us out of this mess? The answer is nothing. I get it is a bit scary and you have vaccines that are experimental and not fully approved, but to quote unquote wait for facts or just plain not get it ever while everybody else takes the jump to protect themselves and their communities is a little morally reprehensible, I'm sorry. It is a personal choice, so be it. It also affects people around them , though.
  6. You didnt even read my post correctly. I was asked why we would be worried about the unvaccinated and I gave scenarios as to what could happen if people didnt get vaccinated. The data we see now is with more than half of populations in numerous countries vaccinated.
  7. Umm, that the pandemic continues to rage on at an uncontrollable rate, maybe? Continuation of lockdowns for the foreseeable future with new variants popping up with no conceivable solution until the virus maybe burns out? Or maybe it wouldnt. Those are very valid concerns. Vaccines are a tangible solution to ending the pandemic for all of us, if you take it. If you dont, with few exceptions willing, you are essentially doing nothing to help, no matter how you want to justify your choice. I know you think youre making a smart point here, but I dont think you get it, so Ill stop there.
  8. I didnt say that, I said the paragraph was nonsense. I literally cannot decipher it.
  9. What the hell does that first paragraph even mean? Complete, complete drivel.
  10. The whole "it's a personal choice" argument falls apart in a global pandemic when it's the case that people getting a vaccine contribute to the end of the pandemic and the people who don't do nothing to improve the situation. People conveniently leave that part out. So yes, it's a personal choice, but your personal choice affects your community. Like, I get the "the vaccine is experimental" thing and it's all a little scary but not getting a vaccine is selfish. It just is. The people on the colts not getting a vaccine are selfish. That's all there is to it.
  11. There's a far greater argument that the receiving core is overrated, really. The whole thing is based on unproven assumptions because our only steady, predictable guy is Pascal. Everything else, we're all assuming TY isn't washed, Campbell will stay healthy and Pittman will take another step. Those things might be true, but we don't know that at all.
  12. Uhm, no. Good thing that's not what I said, then.
  13. The Titans are favorites for the division. There's too much projection needed for the Colts. Receiving core unproven, QB needing a bounce back, young players on the DLine and Secondary have to step up. Not that most of those things couldn't go our way, but there are too many question marks. The Titans have questions on defense but the offense is close to a sure thing.
  14. Us continuing to be a playoff team next season requires a massive amount of projection and assuming that young guys in multiple position groups will step up, there's no doubt about it. I just can't get with people forgetting that about us but then criticizing the Titans for getting a proven top receiver. It's just not logical.
  15. I take it from this post that every player has an exactly similar career. Good to know.
  16. I'm not pooing on the organization here because it was quite obvious this wasn't really a possible move for us, but this is the type of gutsy move you do if you want to give yourself a chance to win. Even as unrealistic as getting Julio was, I almost wanted it to happen just so the people ridiculously putting this move down as not "Ballard-like" would have to do an about face and call it his most genius move ever. Let's not do the thing where this is a bad move because the Titans made it, it's not. Julio at 32 years old is still a very fine player. Also, people talking about the T
  17. Who cares, man, honestly. It's been known Leonard isn't really an analytics darling, likely because he's a little shakier in coverage at times. PFF does their thing and you can agree or disagree with their process and opinions when it suits. Same for the Jonathan Taylor thing. They're just a resource.
  18. This may not be realistic due to lack of trade ammo and salary reasons, but can we stop pretending we couldn't use a receiver of Julio Jones' talent? Come on now.
  19. Financially and in terms of the capital we have to offer Atlanta, the Julio to Indy thing makes no sense whatsoever. If we could do it, I'd have no problem with it because he's a piece that could help us put us over the top, but there's no way this will materialize.
  20. Sure. I suppose what I was saying was; is that really worth our time? That's what we have to figure out. The best players in the league do get the gameplan built around them and get the ball often in advantageous situations. I don't know if Parris is that kind of guy.
  21. I gotta say, we're 3 and a half months out from the season and I'm already tired of the Wentz narrative. Reich must be sick to his stomach of having to talk about the decision all the time. All things considered, Wentz wasn't even really a risky move. Would it have been better to get a mediocre veteran QB like Dalton and have our ceiling be 8-9 wins? Would it have been better to trade a bunch of 1st's for Stafford or to trade up 10 spots for a rookie we had no idea could potentially still be there?
  22. I'll be honest, I still don't know who this guy is in the NFL. You look at the Ohio St. stuff and it's them just getting him the ball in space as much as they can. Unless you're Tyreek Hill, NFL teams just don't really do that. Like, can he run routes and play on the outside? I literally don't know, we've seen so little of it. It seems like before he got injured he was in the slot most of the time. We'll see if that's still a plan. To me, anything he'll do is really a bonus with all the injuries he's had, I don't expect much. I think the FO and staff still love him but this is gonn
  23. I'm a little uncomfortable with it. We all love having a really good offensive line, but realistically how valuable is having Braden Smith or Ryan Kelly over an average NFL right tackle and center? Personally, outside of the left tackle position because they're hard to find, I wouldn't love paying just good offensive linemen big money. And obviously I like Braden and Ryan but they are just good. Nelson is obviously exceptional and you have to pay him. That's kind of how I'd look at it with the O-Line. Pay the outlier guys who are special the big bucks and the rest I feel like you'
  24. Graham's been fantastic for a decade in terms of consistently pressuring the QB and being a complete, 3 down end. Nothing wrong with that. It's not all about sacks.
  25. Leno has demonstrably been fine and is durable. That's really all we would have needed for a season or two before we actually fix the left tackle problem long term. We've taken the bigger risk on Fisher, which is fine because he's a good player, but it is the bigger risk, undoubtedly.
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