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  1. It really wasn't that odd if you read the whole thing.
  2. Can you read? I gave my reasoning multiple times. Usually when you jump into an argument, you read what the other person says, mate.
  3. Yeah, fantastic, he can do what he wants. I can also reserve the right to think he's not very smart for it, or for other comments he's made. You'll just have to get over it. By the way, you just reiterated my original point. He's a good player, that's all I care about. You definitely do seem to also care about people not thinking he's the sharpest tool in the shed, though, because you've felt the need to argue with me about it.
  4. Is this a Carson Wentz love-in, or a retrospective Andrew Luck wasn't that great point? I don't get it. Luck wasn't perfect either, but at his best he was better than Wentz. Not that that's relevant, we're in 2021, Carson Wentz is the QB of a 2-4 football team without a 1st round pick and Andrew Luck is probably on a beach somewhere,
  5. It's not strange at all, there's plenty of stuff to back up my opinion. Not to start a vaccination debate, but he's said some dumb things on that subject. And also about the Deshaun Watson stuff. That's all public. Look it up if you want, I'm not gonna explain it further, I've done that in multiple posts. In sum, I think he comes across as a doofus but also, who gives a crap, he's a good football player for the team I root for. I don't have to like the guy personally. By the way, you don't have to defend Darius Leonard all the time on the internet. You seem like a firefly attracted to the bright light that is Darius Leonard criticism. He's got a 100 million dollar contract, he's doing alright,
  6. Uhm, yes, but we're not talking about me here.
  7. I think it's natural to have reservations about a guy who has been very injury prone and who was one of the worst QB's in the league last year. Not to mention, we've not started the season well at all and he's already gotten hurt a couple times. I'd say what we've seen is promising, with a couple caveats. Clearly, you can see the RPO stuff is working well, he's got good zip on the intermediate passes, we're more of a threat to throw it deep, and he's not throwing any interceptions. That's all good. What is also blatant is why he's hurt all the time; he doesn't feel the rush at all, he's oblivious, he takes hard hits, he extends plays to an unrealistic level and he holds on to it too long. Basically in short, he's who we think he is; far better than the trainwreck he was last year, not the joke the majority of the league thinks he is, and someone who is talented enough to build around if you give him the weapons, but there's still a sense his season could end in an instant from taking a ridiculous hit that he would invite on himself.
  8. Not sure why you're assuming what I meant, I never said the reason. No, to clarify, the reason I don't think he's very smart is his terrible social media presence where he feels the need to respond to loads of harmless criticism in a petty and bizarre way and his opinions on vaccination, amongst other things. That's my opinion, but I also think he's objectively a bit dim. But my original point was; literally none of that matters. We drafted him because he's a talented player who works his butt off. He's a dog. We didn't draft him for his brain or his work in the community, or because "he's a great guy you'd want your kid to be like" like Parris Campbell was sold as. That's my point. Because none of that matters on the field.
  9. We're better than most bad teams which is something. Beating up on Houston and the Jags will give us a shot at the division. Not sure we learned much, though.
  10. I literally said "we'll win". Congrats on your little compilation there, though,
  11. Yes, that's what I said and that's great. Does that necessarily make him great in coverage? No.
  12. It's not really "people" saying that, though, it's the numbers and companies like PFF who watch every play. To be fair to Darius, I don't think he's been great this season, but he's still turning the ball over almost every game, so it shows his ability and importance.
  13. Wentz has shown good things but he really is the least aware QB in the league in terms of feeling the pass rush. He has zero clue what's around him.
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