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Colts Vs. Lions Game Day Thread


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Just now, snkdy said:

Can't even be mad at the defense. We expected this. The offense is what's really disappointing so far.


Yeah I would understand the D, but the offense is just flat out pathetic...  This offense has no room for error and they come out looking like the worst offense in the league.

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Just now, James said:

Are are getting demolished, and Pagano and Grigson wil keep their job. Can't believe they got to stay. 


Team looking worse than ever, including Luck who is nowhere near a top QB in this league.

I didn't mind giving Pagano another shot.  I wouldn't have even been that mad to give Grigson one more year to prove himself, which he had left on his contract.  But to extend them both?

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The apologists can make excuses all they want to, but the fact is as long as Grigson and Pagano are in charge, we are at best...AT BEST a 500 team.  Luck is a shell of his former self.  Yet the highest paid player in  the nfl?


We are getting crushed by Caldwell.


Think about that for a minute.

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Just now, Valpo2004 said:

So after this pathetic season can we get rid of Pagano and Grigson?


This is the freaking Detroit freaking Lions and they are spanking the crap out of us at home. 

Chances of firing them both after extending them both this past year is very low.  Unless we win 4 or less games this year, I don't see it happening

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