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  1. Colts 12 Chiefs 6 0 TD's
  2. SilentHill

    you 18-19 playoff bracket prediction

    Colts - Chiefs Chargers - Patriots Cowboys - Rams Eagles - Saints Colts - Chargers Rams - Saints Colts - Saints
  3. SilentHill

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    My favorite part:
  4. SilentHill

    Post your Colts Christmas Swag

    sorry just seeing this! Just signed. Can you hold up a sign with your username and the date so we can confirm?
  5. SilentHill

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    god, I'm gonna be so * if we really do end up 9-7....
  6. SilentHill

    Post your Colts Christmas Swag

    Hey All! Just wondering what Colts swag everyone got for Christmas this year? I'll kick it off:
  7. To hell with Leveon Bell. We need to get our hands on Kareem Hunt. He will likely come super cheap. Elite back. Sure what he did was bad, but Joe Mixon cold cocked some girl and knocked her out and he plays in the NFL. What Kareem did wasn't even 1/2 as bad as that.
  8. SilentHill

    The 2017 Draft.

    I mean in hindsight, Darious Leonard is a top 5 pick in last years draft. Hindsight is always 20/20 Can't dwell on the past, best to just look forward.
  9. SilentHill

    Likes and dislikes from the Miami game

    I think it's a little too early to make that assessment. I just watched Denver beat Pittsburgh, who are unanimously in the "upper brass". Even good teams have bad games, and we were bad yesterday, but we also won. If we can win games when we are off our game, then that should put the rest of the league on notice.
  10. SilentHill

    Brissett Value to the NFL

    There were reports we turned down a 2nd rounder for him. That being said, he's a FA after 2019, and he surely won't re-sign with us as a backup when he could be starting somewhere.
  11. I expected them to win all of the except the game VS the patriots. We lead in the 4th quarter or overtime in each of those games, so I'm not too mad, there are growing pains and learning curves. I really think that we will come on strong in the 2nd half of the season and be a contender for next year.
  12. SilentHill

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    "statistically comparable" meh, Lions had Calvin Johnson. If I had to compare their intangibles, Luck would be rated around 95 and Stafford would be around 10. So there is a huge edge there.
  13. SilentHill

    Vontae Davis ... retires?

    lol, Vontae is too much.