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  1. I'll reserve judgment on trading once i see what the players picked between now and our next pick do, and then how our traded for picks pan out. That being said. It sucks staying up 2 hours past your normal bedtime to see us trade out.
  2. wait.... is this cookie hypothetical or actual?
  3. can't wait to see Houston in the blue and white
  4. Let's Go BRONCOS! Win it for dad!

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    2. Nadine


      Sorry about your dad SH, I lost my dad in the Spring.  He wasn't so much of a fan of any given team so much as he was always a coach.  Played football in HS and college and loved everything associated with coaching.  miss him

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Sorry about your dad, losing a parent is terrible RIP. Definitely go Peyton!

    4. SilentHill


      This win was for you Dad.... R.I.P.


  6. Is Vontae preparing for Tom Brady this week?

    1. BrentMc11


      Hilarious...will never forget that.

  7. Words cannot describe the dissapointment I have in this team.

    1. 12isthenew18
    2. crestmount


      well, don't say anything then

  8. Anyone else not really excited about the game tonight?

    1. MTC


      Win or lose, I still get excited for every Colts game.

  9. This needs to be trending on twitter #FirePep

  10. Who is opening the chat?!?

  11. 2 days until football, 5 days until Colts! WOOO

    1. southwest1


      It's so awesome isn't it? I read ya man. I read ya SH.

  12. Elite League Draft happening now!

  13. Just got trapped into drafting Andre Johnson on my fantasy team... lol

  14. Brady ruling expected today, woooo!

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    2. chad72


      I meant, there will be a subpoena of Brady's phone records should this go to court.

    3. The Fish

      The Fish

      And "dorito doink" can tell us what the "deflator" was up to.

    4. southwest1


      I with Chad on this 1, the suspension is cut in half, Brady fights it, & then the new judge tells Brady that he was treated fairly, the 2 game suspension stands, & Brady is told to stop wasting the magistrate's time with petty bickering & nonsense.

  15. Free Agency! Wooo! I wont get any work done from 4:00p until I leave at 5:30p lol

  16. Can you believe free agency is only 37 days away?

    1. COLTS449


      I haven't thought about it, but I just got excited when I read this!!! Cant Wait!!!


    1. southwest1


      I was hoping for this outcome too SH. SB or bust next year I guess.

  18. Colts Defense is allowing only 11.6 pts per game this post season. Next Best? Seattle at 17.0

    1. Jules


      But, we suck....remember?

      And Seattle hosted a freaking 7-9 and a half team.

  19. Early Weather Report.... The game at Foxboro looks to be similar in weather conditions to the Broncos game.

  20. It amazes me that the good fellows on the Broncos foru are looking past us to the AFC championship game. I bet they did the same to the Ravens in 2012.

    1. Nadine


      any given sunday

    2. southwest1


      Good point Nadine & SH. It's dangerous to look to far ahead or take any NFL opponent for granted.

  21. Phase 2 completed. Go Ravens!

  22. Step 1 to hosting the AFC Championship Game... Go Ravens!

    1. ColtsBTM12


      A bit of a stretch, but I'm with you.

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