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  1. Doesn't the outstanding winning streak also prove that this team can string wins together and be competitive?
  2. If the Pacers can sign D'lo or Tobias and Kawhi goes to LA, the Eastern conference could be Indy's for the taking Milwaukee is still talented, but lost a great player in Brogdon and Giannis needs to learn how to shoot, since we saw the Raptors exploit that last year. Raptors are the defending champs, but depends on what Kawhi does Nets won't have Durant next year and could be beatable Celtics lost a lot this offseason; they'll be good, but beatable Philly remains a good team, but beatable
  3. Jimmy Butler, Kawhi, D'lo, and Tobias Harris are all still available too. I have a hard time seeing Kawhi or Butler in Indy, but D'lo or Tobias would be unreal after what the Pacers have done already
  4. Don't like to see first round picks being traded, but it will likely be a late first round pick (20th or later) and you could easily make the case that Brogdon is worth it. Pritchard is being aggressive and making some moves. This should be a really fun team to watch when Oladipo gets back, especially in the wide open East.
  5. Even if that happens, there are 31 other teams in the NFL and someone will pay big money. If Mahomes wants $40 mil a year and the Chiefs refuse to give it to him, there's no chance he goes unsigned by all other teams. Some team will find a way to pay him the money.
  6. I'm obviously biased, but I would like to see Kawhi re-sign in Toronto and then the Raps make a trade for Anthony Davis. I'd also love to see Anthony Davis in Indy alongside Oladipo, but I can't see that happening.
  7. I've thought about this and I think that's just a consequence of how they built their team. When you have to pay so many stars big money, you don't have the money for a deep roster. The consequence is that you don't have cap room to sign depth. So in the event your players get injured, you don't have the bench to keep up. You see it all the time in all the sports. I don't think the Warriors can use injuries as an excuse. Every team faces injuries at various points during the season; the key to sustained winning is having a deep roster with talent that can step up, which is much more difficult to do with a top-heavy roster like the Warriors have
  8. I don't think there's any chance Draymond gets 17-20 points. I think there's a better chance he gets a technical and gets suspended for game 7 (if it goes that far) than of him getting 17-20. Curry and Klay can go off at any time, but Toronto's defense should be much better. They made a lot of sloppy errors in game 5. The combination of Kawhi, Siakam, Danny Green, Van Vleet, and even Lowry can be enough of a defensive counter to Curry and Klay. Yeah, it's complete speculation on my part. I do blame them for rushing him, though. A popped Achilles could have severe long-lasting effects and could affect him for the rest of his career. The Warriors risked the long term health of one of the greatest players the world has ever seen out of desperation.
  9. I feel like he was pushed into playing. I don't think he was fully cleared, but I think he was kinda pushed into playing by the doctors/coaches/whoever else. They said they weren't concerned about long term injury, but we saw how that turned out.
  10. Disagree with you here. A 6 point lead with less than 3 mins is nothing in today's NBA, especially when you're playing 2 of the greatest shooters of all time. No reason for the Raps to have felt it was in the bag at that point. I have no idea why Nurse called a timeout there and killed their momentum. I don't see the Warriors winning game 6. No KD, so their offense has to come from 2 guys since no one else can score. Boogie can barely jump. Raps also had some uncharacteristically poor performances in game 5 (Siakam and Danny Green were both 0/4 from 3, Kawhi had several turnovers and had a very average game until the 4th quarter), and I don't see those poor performances repeating. The Warriors also had KD to give them a huge boost and he won't be back for game 6, and Iguodala and Draymond were making 3s, which doesn't happen often. Too many things went the right way for the Warriors and the wrong way for the Raps, but the game was still close. It would have been nice to see the Raps win it at home, but I definitely think they can win game 6.
  11. I love everything about this. Another great piece by the Colts media team, who have been on absolute fire in the last few months. As for Cain, I love seeing how hard he works and what kind of attitude he has. They say it takes 18-24 months to fully recover from an ACL tear, so I think we should temper expectations. But with how hard he's working, I'm excited to see him return to the field. Also love how much this Colts organization is like a big family. Trainers and players and coaches all get along so well and everyone has such good chemistry. They've built a really strong culture there.
  12. Agree with you on the guys drafted that year, and even the undrafted rookies, who get caught in the middle. However, let's not lose sight of the big picture. Most of these guys would be making 6 figures a year, even after taxes. That's significantly more than what most people in America make. I feel worse for the stadium employees who get minimum wage than the athletes who make 6 figures a year. These guys need only to manage their money decently and they'll be just fine without football for a year, if it does come to that. Agreed. I just feel like the NFLPA, or specifically DeMaurice Smith, is more determined on refusing anything the league/owners say and is very difficult to work with. I certainly hope it doesn't come to a work stoppage, but I will have 0 sympathy for the players or owners if it does come to that.
  13. Respectfully, I disagree. Mr. Irrelevant's contract last year was $2.48 mil over 4 years with a $69K signing bonus. Even without exceptional financial decisions, that's plenty of money for them if the entire season is lost. At the end of the day, the fans and stadium employees get the short end of the stick. I have 0 sympathy for the league or for the players in this case. I also think that for all the criticism that he gets, Goodell is much more flexible than DeMaurice Smith, who seems very reluctant to compromise on anything. All this must be music to Vince McMahon's ears.
  14. I wonder what that means for Hilton. Will 2020 be his last year in Indy? If Campbell and Cain develop nicely, and a solid WR is drafted next year, that could be the end of Hilton's time here
  15. One of the classiest owners in all of sports. Major kudos to Jim Irsay and the entire Irsay family for all they do in the community
  16. I think this is overrated. Belichick is the more prominent example of giving the media no answers, but there are plenty of people who are more friendly with the media and also have plenty of success. Not saying anything to the media doesn't correlate with success. I think Belichick's distaste for the media has more to do with the media asking stupid questions. Ask him a good question and he'll give you a good answer. Don't forget that Belichick was the first person in NFL history to allow NFL Films to follow him and the Pats around for an entire year, mic'd up at practices and games and everything. At the end of the day, I think film study and preparation have the biggest impact. You notice a team's trends via film study and think of ways to counter them with your own game planning. Maximizing your talent, putting your players in the best positions to win, trying to attack the opponent's weaknesses, taking away the opponent's best weapons, that's the kind of stuff that helps you win. I think talking to the media is such a small piece to the over puzzle of how to win that it's almost negligible.
  17. What I see when I see Dodds, Ballard, Reich, and the rest of the scouting and front office staff in the war room Absolutely loved this series! Great work by the Colts media team!
  18. I disagree with you on this. I think total rush yards won't give you the best predictor of a RB's performance. You want a RB to get 4-5 yards per carry to keep defenses honest, make your play-action potent, etc. Trent Richardson had 950 yards as a rookie, but less than 4 yards per carry. Simply giving a guy enough carries will eventually get him to 1000+ or 1100+ yards. But the guys who get 4-5 yards per carry each time are the ones who really make your offense that much more dangerous.
  19. I hope things are ok. Appreciate having you on our boards
  20. I think it's better to invest in a strong OL than a first round RB. If you look at the top yards per carry RBs last year with at least 100 carries, the top 10 only includes 3 1st round picks and includes just as many undrafted players.
  21. I really don't like what the Raiders did at the top of their draft. Many people say Ferrell was a reach with the 4th overall pick, and they took a RB with a first round pick, which I always say is a bad idea. With that said, we as Colt fans know all about a GM taking a player many consider to be a reach and we know how that turns out. I think they could have added better talent at the top of their draft. As for the Giants, the Jones selection is what this draft was all about. I don't like the pick, and using a high first rounder on a QB that doesn't pan out could set your franchise back a few years. Of course, we have to wait a few years to get a real idea of how these picks turn out
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