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  1. He was one of the judges for the dunk contest and intentionally gave Aaron Gordon a 9 when he clearly deserved a 10 so that Derrick Jones Jr would win the dunk contest. He was blatantly biased and shouldn't have been a judge. My previous hate for him is just his attitude. I always found him to be very entitled and bratty. Way too much ego for my liking
  2. Bummer Sabonis couldn't win the skills competition, but he did really well and he looked like he was having such a great time. Super happy for him. Also, I've always hated Dwyane Wade and last night just cemented that
  3. I agree. The only way I'd be a little warm to the idea would be if we also draft a QB early so Rivers can show him the ropes, like Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes. Otherwise, I don't think bringing in a 38 year old QB for 1 season on a team with multiple holes is a good idea. Build with the future and long-term success in mind
  4. NBA I'd say LeBron. I'm heavily in the Manning group for NFL, though there should be a distinction between greatest of all time and greatest QB of all time. For example, is Manning a better QB than Jerry Rice was a WR? Hockey is difficult because the game has changed so much. In today's game, Gretz wouldn't come anywhere near as many points as he currently has. If you watch highlights from the 80s and 90s, the goalies were absolutely horrible. Gretz eclipsed 150 points in a season multiple times, and even hit the 200+ point mark multiple times, which is absolutely unheard of anymore. That's like a RB rushing for 3000 yards He had Jimmy Graham at TE for several years, Reggie Bush in the backfield, Devery Henderson. He also consistently has Pro Bowl level players on his OL.
  5. Done more with less for Brees? For the last 10+ years, he's played in a dome and had a great offensively-minded head coach and has had a pretty good OL in front of him. On the other hand, Peyton had to deal with a poor OL for a lot of his career and head coaches that I think are overrated
  6. Shouldn't even be the head coach anymore after that horrid playoff display against the Chiefs, but as a Colts fan, this works for me.
  7. They could realistically push for the #2 seed. In the East, the seeds from #2 to #6 are all within 2.5 games of each other, so the #2 seed is definitely possible.
  8. You can't even compare the two. The stud DL the 49ers have had significant contributions from picks taken before Lynch and Shanahan even got there. Armstead and Buckner were both drafted before the Lynch/Shanahan era, whereas Ballard inherited a roster made by a guy who drafted/traded for players like Trent Richardson and Bjorn Werner. Not only that, but the 49ers lost their starting QB last year and went 4-12 whereas the Colts lost their starting QB and went 7-9. The major difference is that the 49ers got their expected starter back whereas the Colts are now searching for a franchise QB. I understand the frustration, but the situations are totally different. While no GM is perfect, Ballard has made some very good decisions and certainly deserves patience to continue building the roster as he and Reich want.
  9. Why? At the time of his signing, the Colts were considered a threat in the AFC with Super Bowl aspirations and an MVP candidate at QB.
  10. That goes double for Lamar Jackson. I like Lamar, but everyone is talking about how amazing he is and how he's changing the game with his running, but they're ignoring all the hits he takes. If Lamar doesn't change his style and continues running the way he does, I think his career will be very short. Mahomes seems to run more out of necessity whereas Jackson runs as a primary weapon.
  11. If I recall correctly, Super Bowls where the top offense and top defense play each other are extremely skewed in favour of the defense. Two very recent examples would be the Manning Broncos being beaten by the Seahawks, and the Falcons losing to New England. I want to see KC win it, but I think San Fran wins. KC's OL hasn't done anything to impress me and KC's best running threat is Mahomes. That's not a formula for success against a team with an elite defense and such a stout DL in San Fran. Andy Reid is very smart and will come up with some good schemes to help, but I expect to see Mahomes running for his life on nearly every dropback. I also feel bad for Justin Houston, leaving KC for a team he thought would be a Super Bowl contender, only to have the QB of that team retire and watch his former team make the Super Bowl. Maybe they give him an honourary ring if they win.
  12. I don't think Luck's retirement is what caused it. That's been the trend for several years now. Patrick Willis and Anthony Davis both retired from San Fran when they were quite young. Chris Borland followed that up by retiring early as well.
  13. At what point does the media start treating Brees and the Saints like they did Peyton and the Colts? Prolific offenses, great regular season success, 1 Super Bowl to show for it.
  14. I believe Willis did make their top 50 rookies list though
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