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  1. 21isSuperman

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    A lot of EA's games have been really bad. NHL and Madden are among the worst. They don't have competition, so they don't care to improve their games. You're really just paying for a $60 roster update year after year.
  2. There's no promise that Boogie comes back as the old Boogie. He could be very slow, unathletic, unexplosive, etc. With that said, I don't think he'll have trouble fitting in with the team. He knows a lot of the players from his Team USA time and I think his character is much better when he's surrounded by talented players. A lot of what we saw in Sacramento was frustration by having to do everything for the team. I'm sure he also understands and respects the structure the Warriors have and knows he needs them more than they need him. Did the Warriors do this because they're scared of LeBron in LA? Or were they simply just trying to improve regardless of what else is going on?
  3. It's certainly possible. You never know how a guy will respond in a new situation with a new team. That's what happened to Oladipo, even though a lot of people were writing him off. Not saying it'll happen for sure, but for a young guy like him, he could certainly show some growth to his game
  4. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    Tavares signs with the Leafs, 7 years, $77 mil. The Leafs are gonna have some real cap trouble in a few years
  5. I don't know much about Holiday, but this seems like a good pick to me. Seems to me like a better Joe Young. I like the pick
  6. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    Eagles win their first Super Bowl Caps win their first Stanley Cup Astros win their first World Series What's next?
  7. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    @NorthernBlue That photo says it all!!!
  8. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    @NorthernBlue Is tonight the night?!?!
  9. 21isSuperman

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    A smart, responsible, and properly thinking President wouldn't have an entire team decline his invitation in the first place. No other President in history has had this issue, regardless of their political views. The amount of inaccurate statements and flat out lies in this post is mind-boggling. Conservatives are more accepting of those who think differently...he says as he calls those who think differently loud and intolerant. Also, if your beliefs are things that are reasonable and rational, you would have no reason to worry about backlash. There are plenty of views on the left and the right that are sound and rational and there are plenty of views on the left and right that are absurd and unrealistic.
  10. 21isSuperman

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    Maybe there's a reason 10 or less of them would go?
  11. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    THIS IS THE YEAR!!! As fun as it would be to see them win on home ice, win game 5 and let Ovie hoist the cup
  12. This guy proposes the following trade: Pacers receive: Kemba Walker, Tyler Zeller Hornets receive: Al Jefferson, Darren Collison, Domantas Sabonis, 23rd pick This could give the Pacers a trio of Oladipo/Walker/Turner, all of whom are still under 30 years old. I don't love losing Sabonis, but if the Pacers can get Walker to re-sign to a long term deal, it could be a really good trade
  13. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    Holtby is a God among men. That was arguably the biggest save in Caps franchise history. That 3rd period was giving me heart palpitations. But I'm really glad the Caps stole home ice from Vegas. Hopefully Kuzy can come back healthy and they can reel off 2 wins in DC
  14. 21isSuperman

    Hockey fans?

    2005 Colts were stacked and heavy favourites, just like last year's Capitals 2006 Colts go into the playoffs pretty quietly and under the radar, just like this year's Caps 2006 Colts had some issues defensively entering the playoffs (stopping the run), just like this year's Caps (Holtby's play towards the end of the regular season) 2006 Colts turned that defensive weakness into a strength (run defenses stopped some of the league's best RBs), just like this year's Caps (Holtby has had some hiccups, but he's been exceptional overall, especially recently) 2006 Colts were facing questions about their head coach (Dungy is too soft), just like this year's Caps (Trotz can't win in the playoffs) The franchise players in the championship for the Colts/Caps is an offensive legend (Manning/Ovie) facing off against a defensive beast (Urlacher/Fleury) 2006 Colts had to beat their number one nemesis to get to the championship, just like this year's Caps
  15. 21isSuperman

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    The coinciding timing doesn't mean it's a cause-and-effect relationship between him being benched and him kneeling