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  1. The Colts will be linked to 4 or 5 big time free agents and will sign none.
  2. Its gonna be a lot of red in that stadium...But seriously, this is gonna be a good one. Idc who wins, next to Saints vs Ravens, this is the matchup I wanted.
  3. I likr Mahomes. I don't mind him. But just the thought of our two division rivals playing in the game to decide the super bowl is sickening. Especially knowing that if we had a QB, we would be just as good if not better then them.
  4. Hell no. I can't hate on what the Titans are doing. But if we get a Texans/Titans AFC title game, I'm going to be sick.
  5. The Titans is putting it on the Ravens. Where the hell did this come from???
  6. Oh man oh man. Why tease me like this?? The Colts will probably have no shot a TL.
  7. I don't think I can believe in the Saints anymore going forward. They just can't break through.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Except I think they go after Ebron and Amari Copper.
  9. Far from over. But if the Saints lose this one. Then you might as well pencil the 49ers in as NFC champs. The Saints are the only team that I can see going to San Francisco and beating them.
  10. Some of you are absolutely losing your minds over the QB situation. For you to even allow Tom Brady to enter your mind as an option.......
  11. There's literally not one single player on their roster that i would want. Like seriously.
  12. Double Tyreke Hill and let Kelce beat us. Kelce is more then capable of doing so. But I rather have him beat us then the one big play ability of Hill. One catch can go for 70-80 yards with him and a TD. All the reason more why the offense has to play ALL four quarters. A 21-0 lead on the Chiefs can evaporate just like that with their big play, quick strike ability. I honestly don't expect neither team's D to play well in this one. I guess its whoever can score the most points. And right now that favors KC.
  13. This! Idc how well the Colts are playing I still find myself doubting them. Or each week I still have bad feelings about every game. The old regime has really traumatized me. Although, I will say, the Dolphins game and the Giants game would have been loses under the old regime. So that's an improvement.
  14. You know what..... ...I'v always liked the Saints! No hard feelings over the super bowl years back.
  15. This is what happens when you HAVE to depend on other teams to win or lose for you to make the playoffs. Whatever happens, the Colts brought it on themselves.
  16. Time of possession is going to be key for this game. Cowboys love those 10-15 play, 8 minute drives. Really wish our run game was better right now.
  17. I'v seen enough from Mack to know he's not a number 1. Bell apparently wants to be here and we need him. Make it happen Ballard.
  18. Well with the way the announcers was beating it into the ground on almost every offensive possession. It was bound to happen. "1st and 10, Luck hasn't been sacked in 5 straight games." "2nd & 5, Luck hasn't been sacked in 5 straight games." "Touchdown Ebron! Luck hasn't been sacked on 5 straight games." "Chipshot by Adam V................Luck hasn't been sacked in 5 straight games." I'm a little superstitious, so I felt like they were jinxing.
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