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  1. 4?? Adam is still on the team isn't he?
  2. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and say he wasn't expecting any Colts related questions. Sounds like he was not prepared.
  3. I still think they're gonna br pretty good. I'm not sleeping......Unless Deshaun gets fed up.
  4. I have the same good feeling about this pick as I did with the Darius Leonard pick, at the time. I trust Reich to get the best out this kid when it's time.
  5. Being critique and being harrassed is two different things. I don't think anyone is blowing up JB's Twitter taking personal shots at him like they are with Ebron. And again, IDK if Ebron randomly starting spouting off about the Colts on his own. Or if he was being harrassed and decided to respond. In which, he has every right to.
  6. IDK who started it. But, he has every right to defend himself if people are still harassing him on Twitter. Regardless how you feel about him, he doesn't deserve to be harrassed. He's not a Colt anymore so leave him alone.
  7. Just received my pharmacy tech certificate! God is good! 

  8. Wow, RIP lil cuz, Indianapolis is really getting crazy smh.

  9. Did every away team where their home jersey's in week one??

    1. CR91


      its to take advantage of hot weather, colors heat up faster then white

  10. I HATE preseason..... It should not be a whole month long

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    2. Jules


      Yep thats all I check up on after and during games now.

    3. crazycolt1


      Pre season is meant to look at the bubble payers so it a part of the process.

    4. Jim H.

      Jim H.

      1st World concern?

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