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  1. Hicks isn't bad...I like him better than the other SB guys (except for TTR...but he's strictly a data guy...and that's not for most people). But those film reviews are just filler for the most part. You can make any player appear to be having a great season with 6-7 good clips. What surprised me is that 5 people voted for Holder. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but yikes.
  2. Yep...the team even still uses him as a tweener...his sack against MIN was from DT. I like AQM...but I am not really counting on either player to replace Autry. I assume there will be some type of investment into the position this offseason...at least I hope there is. You don't trade for and sign Buckner...to not put other really good talent around him.
  3. I know I am going to sound negative...but let's be real...it is way too early for a victory lap here. Some context...his 1.5 sacks have come against basically bottom 5 OLs in MIN and CIN (#6 and #3 in adjusted sack rate per DVOA). More context...the sack in MIN game was against Dru Samia (33.5 PFF grade)...and the (half) sack in CIN game was mostly a coverage sack where he bull-rushed Alex Redmond (who was on the PS three weeks ago). Also, both sacks came from the intentior (on the CIN one...he did an inside stunt)...so it's not because he is playing DE.
  4. I would give up a 3rd round pick in the right context. Probably not a 2nd round though...unless it was for Darnold or a good young player with 2-3 years left on his rookie deal. I just assume that 1st round picks are off the table. What I hope happens is that there are bad teams selling off players now for cheap...because this offseason is going to be flush with teams trying to offload players...and the market won't be there for even later round picks. It's better to get a late round pick (and save some cash) now than play out the string in a bad season...and then have to cut that
  5. To each their own of course...but I think trades are fun...and a great way to get talent you wouldn't otherwise get. And in-season...that could be huge.
  6. Yep...there are a few TEs out there that would be of interest to me. I am probably in the minority...but unless MAC starts getting targets again...I find the current group underwhelming. But mostly...I have little faith that they will all stay healthy...as all three have missed games this year. Not to mention that MAC is really the only dynamic TE on the roster...if we are talking about being a downfield threat. Burton and Doyle are just guys you dump off to...MAC actually stretches the field. Would also be nice to have a younger TE on the roster...who can be here next
  7. Julio - Would love to have him...but I just don't see Ballard going for it. Julio is in the discussion for GOAT...but he's older now and has constant injury issues. JuJu - I can't imagine PIT trading JuJu during the season...especially since they appear to be a Super Bowl contender...and this could be Big Ben's last best chance. But I bet they don't re-sign him...which is an interesting discussion for this offseason. On a side note...PIT's strategy in regards to the WR position is exactly what I have been ranting about for the past few years. Colts should be drafting a
  8. I mean...I would take him for free...and see what he could for a game. It's not like the Colts couldn't use WR depth. But it seems like Marcus Johnson is occupying that deep threat right now...so not sure how Ross would get on the field...except maybe in the Campbell gadget role until he comes back.
  9. They are...but some are definitely more of a projects than others. I was more referring to either being drafted for a position change...a player that is athletic but really raw...and/or a player that played against lesser competition. Like I don't consider Pittman or Taylor to be projects...but the rest largely have fit under the "project" description.
  10. I am sure there were people who had the 49ers beating the LAR. They are (mostly healthy now)...and have their full complement of weapons on offense. The TB/GB game was crazy though. Seems like GB (and Rodgers) lays a stinker or two each season.
  11. The offense was really good after the 1st quarter. Taylor needs more touches...even in a negative game script. Only good drive in the 2nd half was because he picked up 40 yards in two plays and drove them downfield. Need to unleash him in the passing game more. He's averaging almost 4 yards per catch more than Hines. On defense...I thought Buckner played well...but overall...the DL didn't get a ton of pressure. Burrow was only pressured on 9 of his 42 dropbacks. Fortunately...two of those resulted in sacks...but most of the time...he was pretty comfty back there. Stayin
  12. That’s the Ballard special...the 2nd round defensive project picks. Seriously...Rock, Banogu, Turay and Lewis...were all projects for one reason or another. Lots of draft capital there. I was glad to see them get away from that this past year...even if I’m not crazy about Pittman’s ceiling. I think Rock is a decent player...we tend to overreact to both the good and bad plays.
  13. Getaway games are the last game of a series with another team (in baseball typically)...where the team has to then travel to another road series. That’s why MLB games have so many day games.
  14. Garrett clearly turns to go after the ball carrier and moves with the entire pile. He doesn’t even go to the ground...Nelson does. It’s a good rep for both players...but definitely not a pancake. This is what I saw. Garrett just occupying that gap...and then he turns to go after the ball carrier (who should have been met by then). Of course he is pushed back...he’s sideways and Nelson is strong as hell...and the whole pile is moving that way. But he never even goes down somehow.
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