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  1. Seeing Chad Kelly pull a Nick Foles and win a Super Bowl would be incredible. First...because my Colts won the Super Bowl...but second...because this place would explode.
  2. Sounds like you just don’t like it when other people have a differing opinion on the topic of Luck. That seems pretty narrow-minded itself. Objectivity =/= appalling disrespect.
  3. But this is 2020...and Wilson is obviously a great QB. He has been an incredibly efficient QB for years now. If Pete Carroll would let him loose to throw 620-650 passes...we would see gaudy numbers...but that's not SEA's brand of football...and Wilson's stats are almost in spite of that. SEA had a top defense and a great run offense when Wilson came into the league...BUT they have been a perennial top 10 passing offense...sometimes even top 5. According to DVOA...here is how SEA's passing offense has ranked with Wilson (chronologically from 2012 to current): 4th, 8th, 10th, 2nd, 14th, 12th, 6th, 4th When Luck played, IND never finished higher than SEA...not even in 2014 or 2018. So, according to DVOA, SEA (with Wilson) has been a better passing offense. I love Luck...and I think he could have done great things...but the Wilson vs. Luck debate has been over for a long time. As for Watson...statistically he has been a better QB than Luck was...at the same age. And even looking at career stats...Watson has been better in many categories. I don't know if he has eclipsed Luck...but he's only 25...and hasn't even reached his prime yet.
  4. I don't think Luck is netting anywhere near that type of return...just too much uncertainty at this point.
  5. I don't know...he does have a surgically-repaired throwing arm...and he's going to be 31. So I don't think it's crazy to take a few QBs over Luck under those circumstances...especially ones that are more than half a decade younger. And he did leave...so that has to be part of the consideration now unfortunately.
  6. I would take a 25 year-old Watson (about to head into his prime) over Luck. But Luck on his current deal will be far cheaper than Watson on his upcoming deal.
  7. I don’t think it’s fixable either. First...because he’s not very accurate...and second...JB’s (on-field) calling card is a very low number of INTs. This is a byproduct of not taking chances. But since he’s not very accurate...if he started taking more chances...he would throw more INTs...and “JB with more INTs” is likely struggling to make an NFL roster as a backup...even with strong leadership qualities. I think he is very self-aware...and it showed on the field last year...when he would just refuse to throw deep (and often not even look at receivers downfield).
  8. He has said favorable things about Eason. But after he hyped up JB and called him “the answer”...I can understand being a bit more conservative about another young QB on the team.
  9. But when Henry accounts for 80% of the RB opportunity share for TEN (RB carries + targets)...he essentially is the RB unit. At that point...you just need a good backup/change of pace RB...and TEN added a very promising one...who was only drafted one round later than Taylor. Similarly with DAL...who drafted a very good backup RB in Pollard...ranking them this low makes no sense...and the fact they were top 5 rush offenses last year gives it even less credence. I like these videos...but I wish there was some type of explanation to how a team like TEN or DAL isn't a top 5 RB unit...instead of just highlights.
  10. Yeah...this list is out there. NYJ with Bell/Gore at #16? NE and Michel/Harris/White at #14? I love Ekeler...but LAC at #8...with Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelley? I almost stopped watching when I saw where MIN was ranked. And then she had DAL at #12 as well...they were #3 in the league in rushing (DVOA) last year. CAR and TEN were right after DAL...haha. If you have a top 5 NFL RB...you have a top 5 RB room...because that player is getting the vast majority of work. I like the hype though...and I am super stoked to see what Taylor can do. But right now I think the Colts have a top 10 RB duo...for it to be the #3 RB room...Taylor has to be a Zeke or Cook type player right away.
  11. Well...sure Watson was only 23 in 2018. Mahomes and Wilson aside...Watson is so much younger than those guys when they became the players we now know. A 27 year-old Watson could be a much scarier opponent...especially if you have a motivated BB coaching him. No guarantees of course...but I am only taking a handful of QBs on my team over Watson right now. And as much as I was onboard with Rivers (even before he signed)...Rivers isn't one of those QBs. The Colts can still win with him though...but the margin for error won't be there.
  12. Watson only played 6 games in his rookie season before going on IR. He was 3-3 over those first 6 starts (interestingly...same as Luck). But if we are talking about playoffs...we can only look at their first two trips to compare (they were both in their age 23 and 24 seasons as well). And in that comparison...they were both 1-2...but Watson had better stats. Watson did have Hopkins the past two years...but he only had a good defense in 2018 (last year's defense was awful...just look at what JB was able to do...or what happened in the Divisional game). The run game (led by Lamar Miller and Carlos Hyde the past two years) was solid because of Watson...who is a threat on the ground and chips in 400-500 yards and half dozen TDs on the ground each year. But I was only using the Luck comparison as one data point...the list of good-great QBs who took a few seasons (or playoff trips) before winning big games in the playoffs...is long...like really long. The fact that Watson hasn't won any big games by age 24...is not unique to him. And I don't think it's a fair standard...because nearly all of these other QBs peaked in the age 27-32 range...and that is when they started winning big games (aside from the clear best two QBs in the NFL right now...Mahomes and Wilson). Watson will only be 25...so I think it's far too early to judge him on his ability to win big games. His stats...both in the regular season and playoffs...show he's a top 10 QB. I would take him in a heartbeat if I could. My real fear is that BB somehow gets his hands on Watson.
  13. It is sad...and not to sound too cynical...but that's where the money is...in treating the symptoms...not the cause. Healthy people typically don't have medical bills or have monthly prescription needs. But that is a whole other rabbit hole to go down.
  14. Yep. Some are allergic or get sick when they take pain pills...they are so very fortunate in that way. Others are not as lucky. And a person with easy access to a consistent supply (like a pro football player for example)...that could get ugly real fast. Not to deter the thread...but what is happening with Purdue Pharma is too little too late...there is no way they can repay the debt for the damage they cause.
  15. Watson is 1-2 in the playoffs...same as Luck after his first two trips...but Watson was much better on the field (8 INT vs 1 INT...for example). It's rare for QBs at that age (outside of Mahomes or Wilson) to immediately perform big and win big in the playoffs...Colts fans should know that...we saw it with both Luck and Peyton. This lack of playoff success (to date) is also an argument that I hear about Dak (and now Lamar) as well...just seems like a bit of a double standard. And looking at Watson's stats in his first two playoff years...it compares favorably to just about anybody not named Mahomes. And he's still a few years from entering that prime age range of 28-32...where most of the great QBs peak and start winning big in the postseason. That's a scary thought...and I would take Watson in a heartbeat. And we are just talking about the playoffs...Watson's regular season production has been fantastic.
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