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  1. Colts have won one playoff game in 6 seasons. Some more losing seasons and this team is no longer even in the top half of NFL franchises. They would be mostly irrelevant. I can’t imagine Irsay going for that. Ballard is definitely safe...but this is year 5 and I am assuming there is a bit more urgency than just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.
  2. Supplement with draft picks. Ballard has had a few rookies playing significant snaps every year...so we could assume the same this year. Plus...you have some younger players who could take a step forward next season. Also...there’s player for player swaps that can be explored. I think you could easily replace everyone on that list except Houston and Rhodes. And I would keep MAC as a cheap TE2. A big FA contract will put a strain on the cap...which is why a rookie QB would be huge. But I also think this is their chance to spend on a premium non-QB position or t
  3. Some team will gamble on Hooker. He will only be 25 and he’s a former lottery pick with huge talent. A $7M AAV would put him just inside the top 15...just ahead of guys like Ricardo Allen, Vonn Bell and Tre Boston. I think a team would look to lock in a second year team option of sorts...but maybe not. Either way...he should have suitors and will have an opportunity to at least get a good one-year deal to rebuild value. Edit: Obviously this is assuming Hooker has recovered and can pass a physical. If not, then he probably gets half that and possibly might not even be signed until during the
  4. For me...the competitive window is relative to the QB position...both in talent and cost. Darnold helps with the cost and the upside could be there to take this team to the next level...like Tannehill did in TEN. How likely is that? Probably not very likely...which is why I want a rookie now...but it’s at least a shot at a young franchise QB. And if it doesn’t work out...at least you will be better positioned to get your franchise QB. Yes, it would suck to waste a year of this roster...but that’s the reality all teams face when trying to address QB. I just don’t
  5. TY Hilton (13M in 2020): 1/$9M (signs with another team) Marlon Mack (0.63M): 1/$2M w/incentives (signs with another team) Justin Houston (9M): 2/$17M Denico Autry (5.7M): 2/$15M (signs with another team) Xavier Rhodes (3.25M): 2/$24M Anthony Walker Jr. (2.1M): 3/$16M (signs with another team) Malik Hooker (3.1M): 2/$14M (signs with another team) Jacoby Brissett (21.3M): 2/$10M (signs with another team) Zach Pascal (0.75M): original round tender (2.1M) that turns into a 2/$12M (signs with another team) Mo-Alie Cox (0.75M): 2/S9M Only
  6. Because he's a Day 4 pick? You assume that all QB prospects are created equally. Here's another way to look at it: Eason is Nathan Peterman (2017 5th round pick for BUF) and a guy like Wilson is Josh Allen (2018 1st round pick for BUF). Or even better...Eason is Kevin Hogan (2016 5th round pick for KC) and a guy like Wilson is Mahomes (2017 1st round pick after trade up).
  7. There is absolutely no way JB is the starter next season...so don't even give it a thought.
  8. It really is. This team really needs to have a cheap QB...even if it requires extra future draft capital. That's the downside to paying elite non-QBs (especially at positions like C, G and WILL)...there has to be balance. I look at this way...the Colts can spend $25-30M on a QB (probably along with some draft capital)...with little left to address other needs. OR they can spend ~$6M/year on an early 1st round QB (giving up a lot more draft capital) but still have cap space to address positions of need via other means. Not to mention draft picks have cap space attached t
  9. JuJu was the one who had the most success with Darnold...but I don't want JuJu anywhere near this team.
  10. I am not either. I think Darnold is very talented and makes perfect sense from an age and contract standpoint. Either he breaks out and you have your young QB (but you will have to pay him)...OR he continues to bust and you have to go all in on the draft the following year. But at least you will be in better position to do so. I don't really see a downside...given the alternatives. But preferably, I would just bite the bullet and move up in the draft and get it over with.
  11. Trade a package of future picks + players (perhaps a change of scenery guy like Banogu)...and move up to draft Wilson. Prior to that, get the extensions in place for Nelson/Smith/Leonard, sign ARob, sign Williams/Okung/Beachum to a short-term deal, re-sign Rhodes and Houston to 1-2 year deals, sign some EDGE depth, draft an LT in the 2nd round to develop, draft a TE in the 3rd round. Not even sure if they could swing that...so it's going to be incredibly difficult to address needs on this team with a QB making $30M+.
  12. I think the only reclamation would be Darnold. There is an alternative universe where they trade for Stafford and he mentors Eason...who is a similarly big-armed QB. But I think they want a more mobile QB.
  13. My sources are telling me that Ballard already has a trade in place to move up. Not really...but it's definitely within the range of outcomes now...as is trading for someone like Wentz and Darnold. But given the other needs on this team...it makes a lot of sense to do what is necessary to get a cheap young QB and then use those cap savings ($40M or so) in FA to supplement LT/WR/EDGE/CB. Fling open the SB competitive window.
  14. Great season from Phil...and I appreciate his time as a Colt. He was a godsend to a set of bad circumstances. However, I can't help but be excited at the possibilities now...we should all be.
  15. First...here are the regular season DVOA rankings that I have been citing this whole time. The defense was ranked well above the offense all season...even peaking top 3 at one point. Total DVOA: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/team-efficiency/2020 Offense DVOA: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/team-offense/2020 Defense DVOA: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/team-defense/2020 Based on this date, their schedule on defense was actually top 15...while the offense was #32. We can argue which efficiency stats have more
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