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  1. Question 1: Hard for Nelson to improve much more...he’s already a top 5 graded OL player. AC has been in the low 80s at peak...so it’s difficult to see him suddenly jump in grade. Similarly...Kelly has been in the low 70s...so it’s hard to see a huge jump...especially considering the top C last year was an 81. That leaves Glow and Smith...and I just think Glow has the better chance (numbers wise) to grow his PFF grade. If he get back to 70...that’s a huge % increase that no one else can match. Question 2: Nelson seems like a good choice...but only because the standard is so high. Ultimately, I went with AC...because while he has been graded that high before...it’s difficult for any aging player to increase or even match their year to year grades. There are exceptions of course...so we will see. Question 3: I went with the first choice...but I would have liked another prediction choice or two that speaks to Pinter not seeing the field this year at all. He was a very raw OT in college...who is now transitioning again to RG. I am not even sure I would rule out the PS for him. I just think...given the standard for this OL...it’s difficult to see a scenario where this 5th round TE-OT convert (out of a football program that has produced like one NFL caliber position player and a P in decades) is going to be out there starting...in any scenario. Very likely this is strictly a developmental year and the Colts will sign some more depth as we approach the season (if it happens).
  2. I think Leonard is going to reset the LB market. Just too unique of a player to be paid like a traditional WILL or even a MIKE. Ballard will gladly pay him...but even with all of the cap space they currently have...it will likely come at the expense of another player or two. But that’s how it works...when you have elite talent. I am very excited to see what the Leonard and Okereke duo can do for the pass defense going forward. The middle of the field has long been a vulnerability of this team. I think having two guys (that are built and move like big WRs) covering the middle of the field is going to be fun to watch.
  3. Just realized the 21+ air yard completions was defaulted to 2017 (damn Sharp). Please neglect that stat.
  4. All of those graphs and stats are from Sharp. The first one is under “Defense” and then “Efficiency/Success” and “Team Defensive Success.” I changed it to IND and just pass plays. I agree that the lack of pass rush really exposed the pass coverage last year. If that improves...I hope to see that completion % decrease...as well as the deep pass plays. But overall, the Ss and MLB have to improve in pass coverage as well. As for S...I think Willis will continue to play closer to the LOS. I think he could become a liability deep. And I like the idea of Blackmon playing SS as well. I think he will get a shot at FS...because Ballard thinks he can play there...but we just don’t know if he can play that type of S. If he can’t...then they still need a rangy FS type...and if that’s not Hooker...I wouldn’t mind seeing Tell get a shot. Good chance though that this player is not on the roster...and another early draft pick will be a S.
  5. I don't want to pay for Adams either. The only S I would consider making a Buckner-esque move (trade and sign) would be Derwin James. He is a transcendent player. But I do agree that S is a position that will need some investments over the next year or two...especially if they let Hooker go. Right now, Blackmon is a question mark...we just don't know if he will return to good form...let alone make the transition to NFL S (after one year in college). It doesn't get talked about a lot...but S was a weakness for this team last year...at least in the passing game. Hooker and (especially) Willis were not good in coverage. This scheme allows for a higher completion percentage...but it needs to be far less accommodating. Teams just attack the middle of the field in the passing game: Not only do teams have a higher percentage of success attacking the middle...but teams are also getting more yards/per play (until they get to the red zone...where the defense fortunately tightens up). Here's another scary stat: - Colts were #1 in completions (29) that traveled 21+ air yards. That equates to 9% of pass completions traveling 21+ yards...also worst in the NFL. This is where sound tackling becomes paramount...but you would prefer to not have completions traveling that far to begin with. The CBs are part of that...namely Desir and Rock...but Hooker has the highest DADOT of any DB on the team...so he is a big culprit. Here's a visualization of passer rating by depth and target zone: Needless to say...teams have a lot of success attacking the middle of the field...as well as the S position. Okereke could be a key next season at MLB...but the S play has to improve big time in the passing game.
  6. I don't think Pittman has VJax's strength or athleticism. VJax is also bigger. Evans is probably a better comp...but Evans has that ridiculous wingspan and he was incredibly explosive in college...whereas Pittman was more of a volume possession WR when he broke out. IF Pittman is as good as either...that's a home run. But even at a tier below those guys...Pittman will be a good WR.
  7. It's not slightly less money though. Look at Mark Ingram...he's had to grind into his 30s to make what Zeke will make in a couple of prime seasons after getting his big deal. I don't think a lower price tag makes you less disposable. Who honestly wants to sign Jordan Howard...or a Jay Ajayi (if he could still play). If anything...it makes you even less desirable over a draft pick. I think Drake will be an interesting case. He is actually one of the better RBs in the NFL (he's just been on really bad teams)...but he doesn't have that bellcow perception...or proven track record. But he's also better/more valuable than than the next tier of guys like Coleman (or yes...even a Marlon Mack)...so he should get paid more. He's exactly the type of guy you are referring to...but what does type of contract look like? Right now...we really don't know. My take...I think we will see more RB duos...as part of an effort to reset the market on RBs. We saw this play out somewhat in this past draft.
  8. Mathis taught me what pass rushing "bend" is...he could almost horizontal to the ground.
  9. So insults and condescension are a proper response to a post that you (in your opinion) deem as arrogant? Seems pretty arrogant to me.
  10. If he is that fast...then it's a real shame his Pro Day was canceled. A 40 like that would have gotten him drafted no doubt. Harris looks real fast...but also really agile...want to see what he can do in PS. Signing with the Colts was a good call though...Reich likes that type of skillset...and there could be a spot in the RB rotation at some point in the future.
  11. Having Kelly and Eason battle it for the backup spot (with the loser taking the QB3 spot) would be great to watch. Would start to accelerate Eason's development AND give them a chance to see Kelly against a higher level of competition. This team preaches competition...so let's see them practice it.
  12. I agree. From Reich's quote...they worked pretty "heavily" with him in the pre-draft process to test how well he can handle the playbook. They were more than satisfied with that aspect...so now it's about live action. Those practice reps are huge.
  13. Ok...but that's actually a lot of steps to get to a discussion...especially when some threads are pages upon pages long. It made sense during the season (like the JB impressions thread)...but in this case...it was brand new content that was about much more than some coaching comments made a month ago. I don't really care...I just thought in this instance...it was a bit too zealous...especially with the lack of NFL news. I did not see the other post...so I apologize for reacting sharply to @Nadine...I had thought the post above was directed at me and was confused at the response.
  14. Mike Adams was solid...but Bethea should have played out his career here. He was a rare breed.
  15. Because Bethea was the man. I don’t know if the Colts have a complete S like that (who can come up and make the play AND track deep) on the roster.
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