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  1. I think there are absolutely homers who do the grading, as well as individuals with biases toward or against players/teams. Like you said, it's human nature. It's also human nature to craft narratives...and they do that as well. But some of the writers there have been grading these players for years, so preconceived notions are bound to happen.
  2. They loved Paye in the preseason though. Gave him a 94.2 grade, which I think was a record for a DL player or something like that.
  3. Highest graded and best are not synonymous. Pretty arrogant of PFF to describe their grades as such.
  4. Just glad that MIA took a huge step back...and that JAC is still, well, JAC. The Colts scheduling the NFCW was bad timing, but getting the AFCE sort of balances it out with MIA and the NYJ. And then they also get to play JAC and HOU for 4 games. Add in MIA and the NYJ...and that's 6 easy AFC games, which will come in handy because conference record is the second tiebreaker (after H2H) for two WC teams, though it gets pretty convoluted when you have 3 or more WC teams. I thought the schedule was going to be much tougher, but in reality, the Colts schedule will probably be in the mid 20s by end of season.
  5. It's to be expected. Rookie TEs always have a steep learning curve. And in Granson's case, he not only has to learn the offense but also be a capable blocker. I did think he would get used a bit more, given the role that Burton had. But they clearly don't trust him in that role yet...and that's not surprising.
  6. KC will be a playoff team IMO. But regardless of their inconsistent play so far, they are still a top 5 offense. And TEN shut them down. Also, Mahomes got hurt in the 2nd half when they were already down 27-3.
  7. Gave up 124 to HOU as well, but a lot of that was garbage time. They were great against MIA...and did a great job containing Lamar and the LAR run game. And then not so great in the other 3 games (excluding HOU). So it's been a bit inconsistent from game to game. Overall, still a very solid run defense. DVOA actually has them as the #1 run defense, which is hard to believe when teams like TB and NO shut down the run game pretty regularly and have allowed 250+ less rushing yards. But I think part of that is due to only allowing 2 rushing TDs on the season (while the pass defense has allowed 16 passing TDs).
  8. Yeah, that type of combined rushing total for both teams would not bode well for the Colts. That would mean Henry likely has at least 110+ yards. And in games where he has had that total against the Colts, TEN is 3-0 since 2019. Since the Reich era began, it seems like the Colts have one game where they run all over TEN and one where they don't. If that holds true, they would be due for a big one. 2018 - 102 yds; 158 yds 2019 - 167 yds; 82 yds 2020 - 133 yds; 56 yds 2021 - 87 yds; TBD
  9. That would be a demoralizing beatdown, much like the rematch from last year. But had it not been for a couple of very fortuitous TOs in the first game (Rogers dropping a pass into Kenny's hands at the 21-yard line or their rookie WR fumbling at the 5-yard line), the final score could have likely been close to your prediction. I guess it comes down to how much has that gap shrunk since then? Hard to say with both teams playing good football.
  10. I think that's how they come up with lines. Just have a couple of fans from each team throw out random blowout win scores for their team...and then average them out.
  11. It's not luck when you beat two of the best AFC teams...one of which is a dominating win. Even if BUF kicks a FG to tie, TEN still had a great chance to win it in OT since BUF had not stopped their offense since 1Q. That was a track meet...and they just made more plays. That wasn't extremely lucky. And in the KC game, they scored on every 1st half possession, while shutting out KC (who is a top 5 offense, even with that dud game). So going back to the BUF game, that was 11 straight meaningful drives that they scored on. We definitely can't underestimate the TEN offense now that Brown, Julio and even Firkser are all healthy (especially since they weren't in the last game against IND). IMO, Tannehill has been the better QB since coming to TEN (and he's starting to play like he did last year), but I think he and Wentz have a similar chance for great games here. But Taylor isn't on par with Henry yet. It's actually been Hines who does the damage against TEN. So I expect we will see him used in this game, unless IND can get out to a commanding lead.
  12. Things have changed since the last game against TEN. But they have changed for both teams. Both teams have convincingly won some games and are playing better. Wentz is healthy and playing better, but Brown and Julio are also healthy (after missing most of the first game between both teams), which adds a different dynamic to their offense. In the win against SF, the Colts scored 21/30 points off really short fields, two of which that were followed by DPIs that made it 1st and goal. But when they played TEN, they won the TO battle 3-0 against TEN...and lost by 9. So they are going to need some of that same mojo. I don't think TEN will have as much trouble moving the ball as SF did. And we really haven't seen IND in a track meet yet...or at least we haven't seen them win one yet. But winning a pivotal, high-scoring game against a team like TEN is the type of game they need to be able to win. My prediction would be TEN 31 - 24, but I think they have a decent chance.
  13. I think it was just written in a confusing way. They called out the 4th and 4 in parentheses as an aside...and then went back to talking about the 4th and 1.
  14. Not sure if it's a mystery. Seems like a different offense with a healthy, mobile Carson Wentz. And perhaps one that doesn't rely on an APB in the passing game, much like Rivers did. Prior to this past game, Hines had really only been involved in TWO games...the SEA games (Wentz coming off the foot surgery) and the TEN game (a few days after he sprained his ankle). So basically the two games where Wentz had limited mobility. Rivers was great at using RBs in the passing game as check down options to pick up chunk yardage. That's not Wentz's game. But in the two games where he couldn't move as well (and the OL was bad), the Colts had to defer to that short passing game. And to be fair, it's not like he should be taking snaps from Taylor. I think the real mystery is why they paid him, if the past few games is the vision for this offense.
  15. They did go for it on the example above though. They just referenced the other time, but didn’t list the win probability difference. I assume it was a much smaller delta than the time they did go for it. I actually would be interested to know how that 4th and 4 was a good time to go for it because getting 4 yards in that weather was tough.
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