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  1. Surprised no one has really mentioned the coaching matchup. Shanahan is a great offensive coach. I would give them a solid advantage there against the Colts defense.
  2. Amen. Posts like the one Hicks made are so intellectually dishonest. Curious about his thoughts Tuesday morning after the BAL game. The Colts have feasted on really bad offenses the past two years. As they should. However, we should also be able to acknowledge that…and how it impacts conclusions about the defense. People will say you can make that case for the offense as well…and they are not entirely wrong. However, a good offense is so much more consistent (as we have even seen the past 3 games). If people think the Colts defense has been adequate…I don’t even know what to say.
  3. Biased considering the recent games. A blowout game against Davis Mills is not indicative of anything. Same with a JB-led MIA. The trick here is the sample size being still small and having games like that to inflate the numbers. Hicks is crazy if he thinks this defense is perfectly adequate.
  4. I am guessing you were a lean, fit runner. Professional athletes are getting bigger, stronger and faster, but the Achilles’ tendon isn’t getting bigger and stronger. They have the same Achilles as you. And because they are bigger, stronger and faster, the pressure they put on that Achilles is immense, even in practice. There’s also a chance that Blackmon is just prone to soft tissue injuries as well. That’s two in two calendar years I believe.
  5. Agreed. People talk about how TEN would be terrible if something happened to Henry. Well, trade Mack and have Taylor get hurt…and a big difference will be there as well.
  6. I always thought the "draft Tell to develop him at CB" move was one of those "smartest guys in the room" moments. Tell played S in college, had great height and wingspan...and insane athleticism (short area quickness, COD, jumping, etc.). The one thing he wasn't great at was straightline speed. Just seemed like he was tailor-made to play S in a zone scheme with his closing speed and athleticism. I guess they thought he would struggle to tackle, but it's not like CBs don't have to tackle either. He will always be one of those "what could have been" players for me. Hopefully he can come back from IR and get some snaps this year.
  7. The move would to be get him here now and have him sign long term if he works out. Much easier to do when they are already on the roster. If he doesn't want to sign, let him walk and collect the comp pick. I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd. but have no idea what they would take. Don't get me wrong, I don't actually see Ballard putting that much investment into S, but I also don't see him getting in a bidding war in FA either. At least this way, they fix the position now and potentially long term.
  8. Curious what the NYJ would be willing to take for Maye. Unfortunately, he has a sprained ankle, but he's on an expiring contract. Could be a longish term move.
  9. It's not going to happen. There is no reason, outside of injury, that wouldn't result in a % storm from benching Wentz to save their pick.
  10. They love Willis because of his leadership. He's going to get another contract.
  11. Just for pass coverage, he would get killed in the running game. I can just imagine Henry dragging him 40 yards down the field.
  12. They shouldn't feel comfortable with Odum, but maybe they are. I really wanted them to address S in FA this offseason. In the NFL, you really should have 3 good Ss to run big nickel. With Moore, they have that though. But even more so, you need depth. They did bring in a few guys, but they were all on the very cheap and none worked out and they went into the season with two SSs and a STer at the position. They have been scrambling since...and it looks like they will do so once again with the cap they just freed up. As for their philosophy at S, getting guys that can't cover is not a good approach. I don't think Willis or Blackmon is any good at it. The metrics back that up and you can clearly see it on tape. So I don't even think this is nearly that big of a loss for the pass defense. Worst case scenario you have one guy getting burnt instead of the other. Best case you get a much-needed improvement.
  13. TY: Well Chris, I think you can go kick rocks. Why is TY only playing 3 games this year? There are 11 games left. If he can average 60 yards/game, he will get there.
  14. Rodgers would make some sense, but he will be a liability in the run game.
  15. Time to put my boy Tell back at S where he has belonged all along. That is if he is healthy. I haven’t heard anything about him. Blackmon made some nice plays in the run game (though with a pretty high missed tackle rate), but his pass coverage was really lacking. This is a bummer for him, but a possible chance to improve the back end pass coverage. Also, it is likely going to force Ballard to bring in an actual FS this offseason. Still a bit surprised at the lack of depth they entered this season with. It’s been full scramble mode since.
  16. Hooker and Blackmon both had prior knee surgeries. Their Colts careers have a lot of parallels it seems.
  17. Based on what? How has Campbell’s performance (when healthy) been worth a 2nd round pick?
  18. He’s in that 12-17 range for most stats now, but he’s actually #1 in INT %.
  19. Interesting that 4 of the top 6 include a guy drafted in the 4th, one in the 5th, one in the 6th and an UDFA. Q is better than all of them (though Teller has really made a case the last year+ to be in that conversation). But paying $22-23M for a LG just seems really high. Going to be interesting to see what the final numbers look like when they do it.
  20. Half of his sacks in Indy have come against HOU (3 games). Hell, he only had 2 sacks heading into Week 13 last year. He’s a great player, but I think people were way too high on his sack potential for this season.
  21. Good game for DL, but that team is JAC from a year ago (won their first game but possibly won’t win more than one). And objectively, you can’t ignore everything else this season because of TOs. His other two TOs came in games where he was not very good overall (SEA and TEN). And I would argue he is paid at his level to do a lot more than a handful of TOs. But I think his level of play is being impacted by injury.
  22. Yeah...the sample size is really small. But much of this fanbase were crowning JB after 5-7 games in 2019...and Wentz is much more talented...so not really surprised by the response I have seen. But Wentz being a top 15-20 guy going forward is not as bad as it could be, but not as good as it needs to be. It's not QB purgatory as much as it's contending purgatory.
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