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  1. Colts dominated as they should (this NYJ is as bad as I have seen). Will look great on the stat sheet...but this game had sort of a preseason feel to it. Now it’s time to take this show on the road...literally.
  2. A LT will most certainly be chosen early and very soon. It’s the only sustainable way to keep the big 3 of the OL intact. Right now, the Colts are 3rd in cap spending on OL...and neither Smith or Nelson has been paid yet. Yes...AC will come off the books in a year or so...but Kelly, Nelson and Smith will cost $45-50M on their own...and that’s only if Nelson signs a somewhat reasonable deal. After that...you have LT, RG and depth to pay. The OL could easily take up 1/3 or more of the cap space spent each year. Not saying that is a bad thing...but if the Colts are going to spend what i
  3. I will disagree...at least that it’s been a full effort over the long haul...instead of a more recent effort. At WR...those two 2nd round picks were in years 3-4 of his roster building. He drafted SEVEN other players/positions in the 2nd round (alone) before he used one on a pass catcher...SEVEN...when this team had nobody beyond Hilton at WR. He even passed on AJ Brown and Deebo Samuel to draft some project DE who is currently buried on the depth chart. Before he drafted Campbell, his first attempt was to draft two late-round lotto ticket WRs to develop...a very lo
  4. If I had multiple leg injuries...I might be looking to play on natural grass after as often as possible. Just saying.
  5. I was golfing on Saturday...and an older man in the group in front of us was teeing off and just went straight down after swinging. Like you said...very often a non-contact injury.
  6. That is a pass that typically goes to Diggs...though he will throw deep to Thielen on occasion. I really like some of the individual talent in that receiving core (Thielen, Jefferson, Irv Smith)...but outside of Thielen on that 1st drive...they were invisible...and Cousins was just lost. Reich said that game is the blueprint for this season. I am not sure how you can duplicate it though.
  7. I said the same thing at the time. I don't practice medicine...but it just did not look like your typical ACL tear. It's sad that I have seen enough of those to know the difference.
  8. They whacked him...they ****** whacked him.
  9. Agree. Since we are talking about this play...I think he should have had it too. He just jumped a bit too early...which allowed Thielen to be able to get his hand on the ball. Fortunately...it tipped right to Willis and he was able to snag it. It was one of those punt/bomb plays on 3rd and long. I think Cousins was either super frustrated at that point or was looking to create some momentum for his dead * team. Cousins had a Will Grier type game. This game reminded me a lot of the CAR game from late last year. Really hard to know what to make of it...especially when it
  10. I typically don't look at PFF grades for skill positions...because there are so many other stats out there that we can use to measure those types of players. But I do agree that PFF is directional data by nature. It's just one piece of data...much like Blackmon being credited with a PD on the tip play. And I don't mean to downplay the Blackmon play. We can say that was a good play...but also acknowledge that it's a play we see NFL Ss typically make...especially if they are playing in a deep Cover 2. And for all we know...that play was scouted and Blackmon's assignment w
  11. It's been out there since last season. Cousins was a special type of awful to have that low of a completion percentage and passer rating. Shades of Will Grier late last season. That game was techinically 4 games ago...so maybe the Colts are becoming a defense that either play lights out or bad...with little in between.
  12. Not sure what to make of MAC's really low avg separation. On his biggest catch...he was all alone for 10 yards on a blown coverage. And on another big play...he was all alone on a dump off pass for probably 10 yards as well. But his average separation was the lowest on the team. To offset those two plays and end up such a low average...he must have been draped the rest of the game. Might not matter with his size...and Rivers' propensity to throw it up to a big pass catcher...but I was just surprised by that number.
  13. I think they wanted a scheme versatile S (can play man and zone...and can tackle) with ball skills...and that was Blackmon. Tell is in the same mold...except he is a bit more athletic...so they wanted to put him at CB.
  14. 34 snaps in a game where the starting QB had the worst game of his career no less. The PD that led to the tipped INT was nice though...but that also was a YOLO throw into double coverage. PFF graded as a 67.8 for that game...which is a good start...but too early to label him as the real deal.
  15. This offseason...there might be a few TEs available in FA...and it's a strong draft class as well. MAC is an RFA...so he will likely get a tender of some sort. But he will be 28. Doyle will be back...but injuries and age could be catching up. He will be 30-31. There should absolutely be a significant investment into a younger player at the TE position this offseason.
  16. The stats indicate he is playing well too. He threw a couple of INTs...but other than that...he has looked good. I don't think anybody thought we were getting a prime Rivers. His passer rating is trending to what we should expect...and the TD % will regress to his career mean...and I don't expect him to continue throwing bad INTs all year. The difference between Rivers and JB is night and day.
  17. I think it was still a big priority...even before the season...because of TY's age and contract status...and the questions around Campbell. Since then...Hilton has not looked like his normal self and Campbell is out indef. with yet another injury. I think Pittman will be a very good WR2 type...but they will need to add another playmaker there. Same with TE. MAC looked good...but he will be 28 next season. Will need to add a young TE to develop.
  18. Gase is so bad...I don't fault any player that wanted out of that organization while he is still there. It's incredible that a team hired him after MIA.
  19. Regardless...WR is going to be a priority next offseason as well...and it's a loaded draft class again. Scouting WRs is probably my favorite part of the pre-draft process.
  20. He’s been efficient his whole career. But for some reason...they don’t like him in a volume role.
  21. It’s also a TWO game sample. If we look at efficiency...DVOA had them at #28 after the JAC game...and this MIN game jumped them up to #5. So you basically have two different ends of the spectrum...and we don’t know yet what is the more likely defense. Typically it’s somewhere in the middle.
  22. Wilkins played one game...in garbage time. He will get more touches...but I am it putting much stock into PFF grades for RBs.
  23. No way...they trounced the NYJ on TNF or MNF a few years ago. Dwayne Allen had 2-3 TDs.
  24. Right...if the NYJ are able to move the ball and score...that will be bad news. I just can’t see that happening with the weapons (or lack there of) that they have.
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