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  1. Shares of Dwayne Allen post injuries.
  2. I love it. Let's me pay more attention to the 1:00 slate...and given my location...I have a much better shot at getting the 4:00 game because it's only competing with a couple of games...typically WC games. And if it's not on TV...just head to the bar at 4:00 and stay for dinner.
  3. Not trying to derail the thread into FF talk...but Hunt is a RB1 now. I don't know what to do with Zeke either...why can't he score more TDs.
  4. The lack of news on Leonard could be good...or bad. He didn't return in the CHI game after he left in the 1st half...so on the surface...that doesn't bode well...and groin injuries can linger. I hope he can make it...because Hunt, Hooper and Bryant are going to be a challenge.
  5. That's what I hope to see in the future...a big nickel formation with two ballhawking Ss and another one playing closer to the LOS (most likely Willis). I think Tell could have been one of those Ss...but they like him at CB...and he and Blackmon would be an undersized duo. I would love to see them draft a long athletic SS type. There always seems to be good S prospects in the draft and decent ones in FA. I can't see Hooker coming back.
  6. Knock yourself out on that credit. But a poster declaring that a lot of people should be eating crow after 2.5 games worth of snaps...is really not a reasonable take...which was the take I was responding to. In a hypothetical redraft 4 games into a season...there could be some movement for players based on injury and other factors...but probably not much...because teams don't overreact like fans and throw out their months (sometimes years) of scouting for a tiny 4 game sample (2.5 games in this case). Blackmon has looked good...no doubt...as his 65.7 PFF grade would i
  7. I also see a really bad offense with crappy predictable playcalling. Colts did a great job scouting this offense...that's for sure. Montgomery is not the type of RB that can improvise. The Colts defense has been really good...but they have also faced Kubiak, Gase and Nagy offenses...three of (imo) the worst going. I expect it will get much more difficult next week.
  8. It just feels that way at times. Very vanilla. Then again...Reich's offense in the 2nd half of last season was pretty vanilla as well. So who knows. He has lost some players that past two years...and to be fair...both JB and Rivers limit the playbook in their own regards. But the Colts definitely need to get better playcalling and better on offense. Right now...they are middle of the pack in passing and bottom 3rd in running...and that's with an elite OL. Rivers has played pretty well too...so I think it goes back to playcalling.
  9. I will as well...but let's wait until a bit more than 2.5 games of snaps and a couple of tipped back INTs before we are declaring anything.
  10. Yeah...Hines' RZ usage is strange. He has 8 carries in the RZ...including 2 inside the 5 (same as Taylor).
  11. Yeah...it's not really a secret. Can't really do much about injuries to players...but they can definitely make a move for a good option if there is a trade out there.
  12. It sort of seems like Reich has treated this first quarter as an extended form or preseason...as it pertains to the playcalling. That makes sense...given the new QB and quality of opponents. But he's going to need to open it up. Forcing targets to Burton...and giving ~10 touches to Hines and Wilkins...doesn't seem like the way to score a lot of points going forward.
  13. Absolutely. Getting Julio would be a big boy move that could change the entire offense.
  14. IF DAL wanted to give away Gallup...sign me up. I can't imagine they would trade any of their WRs though...they need to score as many points as they possibly can this season. The more likely route would be someone on the NYG...or perhaps MIA. Too bad Keenan Allen signed that extension in LAC...because he would be a perfect trade target IF they wanted to make a splash. I think it just needs to be somebody who can immediately help. Next year's draft is once again loaded with WR talent...so they can address the position there as well. They just need help now.
  15. Looks like Davante Adams might be unhappy in GB...haha. But I definitely think Ballard should be exploring trade options for a WR. Not only to help in the RZ (and short term)...but to also hedge against current injuries...as well as future ones. BUT...it would also put me on pace to have my bold predictions come to fruition. 1. Ballard makes at least one significant in-season trade, involving players/picks/both. We will see...but it makes a lot of sense. 2. Jonathan Taylor will get 40+ targets in the passing game. He and Mack combined...will have
  16. Hines isn’t like those guys though...he doesn’t really make guys miss often or get yards after contact. I know people will disagree with me...but he has never been an efficient player...just look at his yards/touch (today and for his career). He’s a gadget player who can give you a handful of plays each game...and you hope you hit big on one of those plays...but over time his production likely won’t hold up over volume. I think their approach with Hines is partly driven by this. His best attribute is speed...so they run him up the gut because the OL (in theory) is good enough to op
  17. Teams don't want that. But Ballard has also since said he thinks JB is a starter in the league...and will continue to get better. Ballard even publicly defended JB...including against some of the things Ballard himself said. As for the media...JB was front and center before the season when the Colts were telling the media their areas of focus for social justice. Part of me thinks they are very disappointed in how everything has turned out...and there might even be some regrets on how it was played. I am just glad that they realized that this wasn't meant to be the path
  18. It is an odd arrangement for sure. Not in a bad way necessarily...but definitely not the norm. Then again...JB's treatment has really been different from the get go. From refusing to trade him if the situation wasn't right for him...to giving him $28M before he took a snap...to keeping him as a backup after he failed and actually going through with creating silly plays for him. They obviously really just like JB...but I don't think he will be back next year.
  19. I will piggy back on this question as well. Is it the OL? Playcalling or how they are using Taylor? Or is it just Taylor adjusting to the NFL? Here are a few stats for Taylor and how he ranks against other NFL RBs: Yards Before Contact/Attempts - 2.6 yards - 27th Yards After Contact/Attempts - 1.2 yards - 28th Attempts/Broken Tackle - 48.0 - 34th Looking at those stats...it appears that it could be some mix of all three of the OL, playcalling and Taylor.
  20. So was Flacco...and then Foles. That's either the best part about football...players stepping up on the biggest stage...OR it's the worst part (feels almost scripted at times). But I still love watching.
  21. You are probably right...so people should hold off their celebrations for a week or so. On the surface level...cutting Kelly to make room for Krishawn Hogan makes little sense. I would think Kelly has a mobile scout team QB would be more valuable than some guy who has one career NFL catch in three seasons...and has been on IR every season he has played. So we will see.
  22. Too bad he burned his bridge in DEN...he probably at least go there and back up...if not possibly take the starting spot until Lock returns.
  23. I don't blame JB for the outcome that season...but he definitely isn't above criticism for his part in it. It's like we have gotten to the point where neither Ballard or JB get any credit fort the 2017 season...like it didn't even happen. I didn't expect JB to be a world-beater that first year...but it was his second year in the league...and there we almost no progression from the beginning to the end of the season. In fact...he regressed in the second half of the season. He had a very similar regression last year as well...so much so that Ballard and Reich decided he
  24. This is very reasonable. I would put him somewhere in the top 3rd of backup QBs. After that...I would just be nitpicking. But how much value does a "top" backup QB really have vs. other backup QBs? Because there seems to be several backup QBs in the NFL that will give a good team with a good roster a chance to win a game. Just last season...Devin Hodges went 3-3...Mason Rudolph went 5-3...Kyle Allen went 5-7...even Brandon Allen went 1-2. And JB was 7-7. So essentially...a chance to be a .500 team.
  25. I don't know. I think equating inquiry (or even criticism) to hate is pretty strong. I will say this...the Colts' kid gloves treatment for JB is not really the norm in the NFL. So I don't fault anyone for asking questions. But at this point...he's the backup QB...and it is what it is.
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