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  1. True...but I don’t think Willis intended to get blocked out there. Tipped passed are fluky by default. But I really was talking about the decision there. Going to your best target is one thing...but it was a bad play call and unnecessary and unforced risk....especially when he only needed 10 yards. And the Colts were doubling Thielen all game because no one else stepped up. MIN’s offense was out of sync all game...and Cousins was as well. We will know more in a few weeks.
  2. Even the Willis INT was fluky. It bounced right to him...because he was behind the play. Great play by Blackmon to track it and tip it though. But Cousins, for some reason (probably frustration at that point), decided to throw one of those 3rd and long bomb/punt plays into clear double coverage. And he didn't even give Thielen a chance because the pass (like many others) was underthrown. Thielen catches that if Blackmon wasn't there...so thankfully he was.
  3. Yep. People are going to overreact to this game...and that's fine...but it was a bit flukey...given how bad the MIN (and Cousins) played. Cousins had the worst game as a starter (from a passer rating standpoint) of his long career to date. Despite being a very good QB that past 2-3 years...he was objectively terrible in this game...often unforced...like you said...indecisive and inaccurate. All three of the Colts INTs were fluky plays. Two were tipped passes...one on a 3rd and long YOLO throw into double coverage (essentially a punt)...and the other on terrible pass th
  4. It's a terrible way to rank them. DVOA has them at #5...after the MIN game...because it's half the sample. #5 is a massive jump from #28 after the JAC game....and that MIN inflates it. So like you said...great against MIN...bad against JAC. I am stoked about the game...but there is no way to know which game is the outlier right now...we will just have to see what happens.
  5. The NYJ are by far the worst team in the NFL. Just win the game...and get out of it without injuries.
  6. If the Colts have big second half leads...Wilkins will get more carries. But Taylor is going to get monster touches unless he gets hurt.
  7. Hines is a scatback...and not a very efficient runner or receiver. He hasn’t had as many touches as he had Week 1...since Week 5 of 2018. They were easing in Taylor last week...and apparently that’s over. But Hines will have a role going forward. It’s just won’t be the volume RBC role you were sold on.
  8. That sucks for Hooker. Blackmon and Hooker would have made a nice S duo.
  9. Blackmon at SS and a stud FS would be ideal.
  10. Thankfully the Colts won...because I lost several FF players today.
  11. The team that traded for Zach. (That joke doesn’t work because they spell their names differently). But the answer is the team that gets Martin. Ertz is aging and Martin has several years left.
  12. It’s not that they gave him an extension...he’s a fine vet to have around...who catches well and blocks well. But he’s also 30 now and is one year removed from hip surgery...so he would be better used as a TE1b to a young TE1a. But Ballard hasn’t drafted one and the coaching staff hasn’t developed one. And then this offseason...Ebron left and Ballard was only able to get a lotto ticket signing of a (likely broken) Trey Burton to address the position. I hope that doesn’t happen this upcoming offseason. If TE is truly meant to be a staple of the passing game...then the Colts are
  13. Until we see this team put it all together...I don't feel safe predicting any type of stretch like that. This season has a lot of parity...more than I recall seeing in recent years. Of those teams you listed...only the NYJ appear to be a dumpster fire. CIN maybe...but they are still figuring things out with Burrow. I think CHI and DET are decent opponents...and CLE has talent. Going to have to take it one game at a time.
  14. To be fair...and I like Reich...but according to Pro Football Reference...the Colts had the second-easiest schedule the past two years...only behind NE. So in that context...while 18-16 isn’t really bad...I don’t think it’s really good either...even with Luck retiring or WRs being hurt. Pagano went 8-8 in a season where Luck missed more than half the season (and was mostly hurt and bad in the games he did play.). I don’t think anybody considers that season to be a success.
  15. Yeah...Rivers being a statue doesn’t help in that situation...because he can’t roll out...and he’s no threat to keep it. I don’t know who the next Colts QB will be...but I would prefer a guy who is at least somewhat of a threat like that.
  16. I really hope a move can be made at TE.
  17. The title of this thread would actually be a great title for a book about the JB era in Indy. (half joking)
  18. I don't know...spending $15M of an available $24M is a much more difficult decision to make than spending $15M of an available $45M...especially with the looming extensions and the need to roll over cap. But my point wasn't that the Colts couldn't sign a guy like Clowney because of JB...it was more about the difference in perception of those two players.
  19. They had just run Hines the play before the 4th and short...and Hines was also in on the JB play as well. For some reason...there was a very concerted effort to use Hines in the RZ. I bet we won't see that much more.
  20. Hines ran the ball the play before and only got a couple yards because JAC was playing the pass on 3rd and 4. I just don't understand the thought process there.
  21. I am going to assume that DVOA does not share this ranking.
  22. The younger QB you mean? Because if Rivers gets benched for JB...in some desperate effort to meander their way to 7 wins or so...I will have to consider passing on Colts games the rest of the way...which has never happened.
  23. Yeah...Troy Brown did it one season. I thought there was another one as well. I was obviously joking...but in a hypothetical sense...I bet someone like Campbell might actually be able to pull it off.
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