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  1. Mack can get $10-15M? No way he gets that right now. The only way Mack can get that is if he can come back, stay healthy for a season and produces big. I can't see any team committing that type of money to a RB coming off an achilles tear...who has had prior injury issues. Guys like Lendale White, Mikel Leshoure, Kendall Hunter...played for a year and then were pretty much done. Arian Foster was older...but it was basically the end of his career as well. There will be teams that roll the dice on a one-year deal...but not a normal RB FA deal. It really sucks for Mack...
  2. Agree. With or without Luck...the WR moves have been bad. Aiken, Grant, Funchess, Cain, Fountain, Campbell and Pittman. I am not going to write off Campbell and certainly not Pittman...but that is a very meh group...and in 4 offseasons...it is also a concerning trend. Whether it's a deprioritization or just bad talent evaluation (that has led to passing on very good WRs to draft lesser WRs/players)...objectively...it needs to get (much) better. The DE position has been similar...in regards to the draft. Fortunately, Ballard was shrewd in signing both Sheard and Houston. But 3 2nd
  3. I will say...while Luck retiring was a raw deal...how many new GMs actually get to inherit a top tier franchise QB? Most teams make a change in the FO because they don't have that QB (and therefore the team is not good). So while having your QB retire abruptly is uncommon...it is not uncommon for a GM to have to solve the QB problem for a franchise...like Ballard will have to do. I would also say that Ballard got a chance few GMs get. The 2017 team was a disaster...and it gave the Colts the #3 pick in a QB-heavy draft. Already having a QB on the roster (at the time)...Ballard was a
  4. I like Ballard...and I think he's a very good GM. He seems to be very strong in some areas...and not as strong in other. I do think he's overrated by some as well. He's certainly not infallible...as some (especially on the Colts sub reddit) would have you believe. But overall...a big step up from the previous GM. But while the Colts have built a pretty good team...it's all going to hinge on how QB is addressed long-term.
  5. Would be great to have a legitimately mobile QB again. And he's 24. I personally like it...but I can understand why some would be hesitant.
  6. Depending on Turay seems like a dubious proposition. He has to get healthy...AND stay healthy. The most recent news I heard was that he could be activated off PUP but would still be a few weeks away.
  7. He was wide open in that MIN game...at least 2-3 times. But with his size and massive hands...I am not even sure it matters if he is separating well. Doyle and Burton are both running 2x as many routes as him per game. Part of that is due to snap discrepancy...but even when he's on the field...it seems like he is blocking more than running routes. The only thing I can think of is that he got banged up at some point after that MIN game...and his usage decreased. Otherwise...it's pretty questionable. He is much more efficient than Doyle and (especially) Burton. And he's an RFA after
  8. Samuel seems pretty similar to Campbell in a lot of ways. I am leery of OSU players though.
  9. The sudden shift in snaps and (more importantly) targets from MAC was surprising. They definitely started forcing Burton into the game plan. I don't know if Reich was ever even asked about...I guess with MAC hurt...it doesn't really matter. Burton had a nice game last week...but he's a dump off guy. CIN is (arguably) the worst team against TEs...pass coverage is optional for their Ss. I wish MAC could have played...would have been fun to watch. Hopefully he gets back soon.
  10. His mobility would actually serve him (and DAL) well. No idea about the rest of his game though.
  11. Oh man...if Kelly goes to DAL and has some Tony Romo type emergence and leads to them to playoffs...this place might explode. That would be fantastic to watch.
  12. He's collecting game checks...so you would like to think this is more of a common thing for players. I can't relate...and I am not a psychiatrist...but I would think sticking to your daily routine (as much as possible) might be really helpful during a traumatic event...especially one that might jeopardize your immediate future and keep you from playing the game you love. Except instead of weights (or whatever his regimen was)...he does rehab work...and instead of taking reps in practice or at games...he's on the sidelines watching and helping.
  13. No way DAL gives up Gallup for JB. But if they did...Ballard should be all over it...from an asset standpoint. Gallup is just a much more valuable player at this point...because he still has a year left on his rookie deal. If Gallup is off the table...then I would also take a 3rd round pick back instead for JB. But for the reasons that DAL is making this trade...is probably why Ballard wouldn't.
  14. I think people were talking more about the money aspect. Given the strange circumstances of this offseason...I always thought Rivers and Foles were the two logical choices...though I was (and still am) intrigued by Winston.
  15. No thanks. Ertz wants a new deal and Alshon is always hurt. There are younger TEs that I would be targeting via trade.
  16. A team could skip a year here and there...and of course it’s dependent on the draft class as well (especially for which round a WR is taken). But in the course of a 5-year stretch...it should take 4 early WRs picks to build a truly strong corps...unless the first 3 are all HRs...and then you decide to pay them. But that’s pretty unlikely. Even PIT...who has a great trio...missed on a few. But by drafting so many WRs...they can potentially move on from JuJu...which will save a lot of cap space. Of course there are also trades for established talent...so that would just repl
  17. Ballards just needs to continue drafting a WR in rounds 2-4 every year. I think that's really how you build a good young WR corps. The attrition rate is really high to begin with...and there are so many variables you can control...so accept that some might miss...but there needs to be a constant flow of talent. Ballard has approached other positions this way...but it's especially critical with WR...where most of the talent goes early in the draft (typically gone by the end of Day 2...sometimes early into Day 3). Unfortunately, that process only began last year...and the two they ha
  18. I would say it's a dubious proposition at best...given some of the issues he had in college. But he certainly has the arm...and Day 3 QBs have become starters before. I just find it hard to believe he is currently Plan A for this team. They need a long-term QB solution...and they liked the guy so much that they waited until the middle of 4th round to draft him? Either Ballard has a crystal ball OR Eason was more of an opportunistic pick that someone they had to have. And per his own words (paraphrasing)...Ballard gets (probably) one shot at this. He has to be really sure about Eas
  19. I think JB will get a shot to compete somewhere...having Ballard and Reich as a reference certainly doesn't hurt his chances. But I don't know how realistic that chance will be. I could see him in a Tyrod Taylor situation. I can't imagine any team signing him to be the guy...ala Teddy. ..especially since the market will have other options available and will likely be depressed because of the cap decrease. It's hard to imagine a scenario where he is back in Indy...despite how much they like him. It just doesn't make a lot of sense for any party...unless Rivers is gone an
  20. Hicks isn't bad...I like him better than the other SB guys (except for TTR...but he's strictly a data guy...and that's not for most people). But those film reviews are just filler for the most part. You can make any player appear to be having a great season with 6-7 good clips. What surprised me is that 5 people voted for Holder. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but yikes.
  21. Yep...the team even still uses him as a tweener...his sack against MIN was from DT. I like AQM...but I am not really counting on either player to replace Autry. I assume there will be some type of investment into the position this offseason...at least I hope there is. You don't trade for and sign Buckner...to not put other really good talent around him.
  22. I know I am going to sound negative...but let's be real...it is way too early for a victory lap here. Some context...his 1.5 sacks have come against basically bottom 5 OLs in MIN and CIN (#6 and #3 in adjusted sack rate per DVOA). More context...the sack in MIN game was against Dru Samia (33.5 PFF grade)...and the (half) sack in CIN game was mostly a coverage sack where he bull-rushed Alex Redmond (who was on the PS three weeks ago). Also, both sacks came from the intentior (on the CIN one...he did an inside stunt)...so it's not because he is playing DE.
  23. I would give up a 3rd round pick in the right context. Probably not a 2nd round though...unless it was for Darnold or a good young player with 2-3 years left on his rookie deal. I just assume that 1st round picks are off the table. What I hope happens is that there are bad teams selling off players now for cheap...because this offseason is going to be flush with teams trying to offload players...and the market won't be there for even later round picks. It's better to get a late round pick (and save some cash) now than play out the string in a bad season...and then have to cut that
  24. To each their own of course...but I think trades are fun...and a great way to get talent you wouldn't otherwise get. And in-season...that could be huge.
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