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  1. Ballard was not put in a great position by Luck retiring...however he can't be afraid to take a risk on the position. He said he won't force it...but what it means...he won't take a risk. Drafting a 4th round lottery ticket has no downside. You either look like a genius OR it's just yet another 4th round QB that wasn't really expected to do much. I don't think Herbert was a realistic option...especially with LAC on him all draft season. And of course Tua and Burrow weren't either. But I do think Jordan Love was...and until I see Jordan Love fail at the NFL level...I am
  2. I don't know...Tannehill sure looks like a franchise QB in the middle of his prime. He's been playing at an All-Pro level since he took over for Mariota last year. It won't last 6+ years...but it does seem like they have that box checked for a few years. TEN (smartly) got Tannehill away from Gase and were able to buy low. I hope Ballard takes a cue...and gets the NYJ to trade him Darnold. The difference between Darnold and Tannehill is that Darnold is about a decade younger.
  3. Could be the case...but I am willing to roll the dice on him...especially if it only cost a 2nd round pick or something like that. Darnold is only 23...and I think he would flourish behind an OL that gave him time. Plus...he is fairly mobile.
  4. He just restructured his contract in March...so I am not sure how much more restructuring he could (or would) do. The signing and restructure bonuses would accelerate in a trade regardless...so I guess it would depend on whether ATL is willing to stomach eating all of that at once...or eating the remaining part of it after next season. Because they are blowing it up...it will be interesting to see who they hire at GM and HC. That would give us some clue into whether they are going to try to make a 3-4 year run with Ryan...or start over and rebuild. If they get one of
  5. JB was not an option...so the decision to bring in a vet replacement for JB was a necessary one...and Rivers and Foles were the most logical choices...given their familiarity with Reich. So the logic was sound. I agree...regarding not having the skill position players. But that is a larger issue overall...that might include talent evaluation.
  6. Regarding the OL...I wouldn't call them the most overrated unit...but perhaps a bit overrated at times. All OLs hold...and the Colts are no different. In 2018...the Colts were #1 in OL holding penalties. But they were also #2 in Adjusted Sack Rate and #4 in Adjusted Line Yards for RBs...which would imply they were likely holding much more than that. But overall...their overall performance outweighed the penalties. Then last year...they were bottom 5...with 13 less holding penalties (Colts were last in all penalties against). I don't know if it was a concerted effort by
  7. Have to get after the QB as well. Both INTs were direct results of QB pressure. On the first one, Baker was pressured and made a terrible choice to throw to Hopper who was surrounded by Colts...and he had little on the throw...and Okereke did the rest. And then Houston hit Baker as he was throwing...causing the pass to go to Walker.
  8. #1 defenses don’t get gashed on the final drive when they need a stop. The 3rd and 9 run with Baker clearly favoring his arm was bad. Okereke was solid...Walker definitely missed some tackles.
  9. Darnold is absolutely the play. You can still develop Eason...having two good young QBs is not a bad thing.
  10. shasta519


    Darnold, Sam. Ballard cashes in that favor with Hogan.
  11. Yeah when you say it out loud...it sounds insane. However...it might be fun for a bit.
  12. Exposed is too strong... but the defense was decent. Made two big plays in the Okereke pick and Houston forcing the second one. But they also got away with a DPI on 3rd down and Landry dropped a 3rd down pass that would have been a 1st down. I don’t know...I would say the defense was better than the offense...but it was a team loss.
  13. Yeah...it's a dream for sure. But there are circumstances that could lead it to being a reality...especially if the NYJ are as bad as they appear. They will almost have to take Lawrence in that scenario...especially since they will be searching for a new HC. And I doubt he's a guy who is going to sit for a year...so Darnold will have to go somewhere to play that year. But I am interested to see what Eason can do. No QB performs "well" under pressure...but it can easily what does a QB in. This is the area where Eason will be most challenged...even with a strong pass blocking OL.
  14. All jokes aside...there will be older QB options out there...so that is an option that will be there. But personally, I want Darnold. He’s really young and has the tools...he just has had a terrible HC and a poor environment to develop in. I think the NYJ will easily get a top 2-3 pick (likely #1) and they will have no choice but to use it on a top QB...given how strong the top 2-3 are next year. This will also improve their HC options...as that HC would get to pick/have his new young QB...instead of an embattled starter on a bad team. And it would allow the organization
  15. ATL is in trouble. They probably should trade Ryan this offseason and move on to a young QB to rebuild...but they can’t. PHI at least has a potential replacement on the roster...but they can’t rid of Wentz. However, Wentz could agree to restructure IF he liked the destination. And reuniting with his former OC could be just that destination. It really makes a lot of sense from that perspective. Personally...I would have cautious optimism about Wentz coming here. Certainly I would feel better about him than Eason...because he has shown he can do it...but he has been rea
  16. I don’t know about firesale...but it might result in some really good young players not signing with their respective teams.
  17. I think counting on Campbell to be anything but a depth WR/gadget player going forward is the prudent mindset at this point. If he's more...then that's great. The more weapons...the better. I do agree that IF TY is extended after this year...moving him to the slot position is probably best...where is route running and awareness will serve the Colts well. Of course if they do that...then they are really banking on Pittman to be that X WR. Probably not going to find that WR1 during the season though...which is why I think this upcoming offseason will be the best shot at
  18. I don't know which WR proposal you are referring to...but if it's the Julio trade...then I tend to agree. Plus I don't really want to deal with his injury issues either. But I would still definitely classify WR as a hole on this roster. Of those three you listed...two are out indefinitely (Campbell missing huge time for the 2nd year in a row) and are both unproven...and the other is an aging WR who will be a FA after this year who has not really looked like the same player. If that situation improves dramatically this year...then that having too many WRs would be a good
  19. TY's contract is up after this year...and he will turn 32 during next season. I don't think it's a guarantee he is back...but we will see. The Colts realistically need 2 more WRs imo. One to replace Hilton as a WR1...and one to hedge against Campbell.
  20. KC also drafted Hardman in the 2nd round as well (imagine if they had drafted Metcalf haha). But I agree 100%. Contention windows open and close very fast in the NFL...especially with an old QB...and Ballard should be looking to maximize it...especially with how the defense has looked. That doesn’t mean he has to mortgage the future...but a little aggressiveness wouldn’t hurt. Pittman and Campbell sure don’t seem like enough. And I think the concerns about Hilton potentially being done as an impact WR are valid as well. If you stack the Colts pass catchers up against se
  21. ARob isn’t going to be signing a one-year deal...unless teams just refuse to spend this offseason. He’s on pace for 1,200 yards this season...and was great the season before. He’s also only going to be 28. I think he will get a nice 3-4 year deal...probably similar to the Kupp or Woods deal...maybe a slightly higher AAV if he hits the open market.
  22. This will be a good test. If we are to throw out Week 1 for the Colts...then we should probably do the same for CLE (especially against BAL). So we are basically looking at the past 3 weeks...and it's high-octane offense vs. stout defense. If the defense can hold up...the Colts will be able to stick to their gameplan. But if CLE gets a few scores...we could see the Colts in uncharted waters...playing in a shootout.
  23. It's not a quarter...but I think after game 10 will be the spot. Colts will just have faced GB/TEN/BAL...and will be looking at 4 AFCS games left (including 2 against HOU). PIT is also in there as well.
  24. I think it all depends on one’s expectations with Pittman. I saw a big dependable possession type...and he was certainly filling that role. When he comes back...hopefully the offense has opened up a bit more...and maybe we can some splash play attempts.
  25. Well Pittman and Campbell going didn’t help either. They really need another pass catcher.
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